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8point3 Energy Partners LP (CAFD)

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While interesting,  getting caught up in the details can just confuse things. The fundamental question is if the cash available for distribution numbers they provided then retracted included ITC credits, or if this tax credit will be retained by CSIQ as a huge windfall. Obviously at 30% equity financing, the tax credit is  of equal magnitude and Cabot be overlooked. If the tax credit is retained by CSIQ and the guided CAFD is independent, I find it hard to believe they would have clearly indicated as much. This isn't really a topic I fully understand so if anyone has more clarity, please share. 

BIPV, but the devil is in the details. When you read recent article on SA about CSIQ, you wish someone have done their homework as generalization can only be of value if it is brilliant and able change a paradigm at will. Those type a statements are only entitlement of few folk. "Solar is the future" when spoken by CEO of Shell has that imapct. When SA wanna be says "70% fossil fuels support electricity in the US, hence solar is dead" sounds  only stupid. This is why for the rest of us no-names details drive understanding of value.

How many times CSIQ said that they have a nondisclosure in place? They have said some CAFD, for some of the projects.  There is s much more that eye cannot see.  I am not surprised that most people walk away from CSIQ today saying I am seeing no profit like I used to. The simplest things are the best to invest in, EPS is one of them.

However writers of so many articles who do not know details of tax accounting, corporate accounting, cost structures of sophisticated infrastructure as yield, tax equity investment should not conclude that $3B in sales organizational full of professionals in every single discipline I described, had purchased, invested and executes its business in the environment of loss and it is "worthless". How does this even make sense?




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CAFD looks like it is trying to form a base around 13.  Hopefully we are past the "sky is falling" nonsense of late Sept. 

I notice that both yahoo finance and etrade are "struggling" (but failing) to accurately calculate the yield, showing 4.87% and 1.22% instead of the 6.6+% I get by dividing $0.88 by the share price.

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My impression is that the yieldco sector have seen a solid recovery lately. Hopefully it will continue. Worth noting is that it is mainly the US listed yieldcos that move. The Canadian ones didn't move down and are not moving up much now either.


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9 hours ago, Pop2mollys said:

Goldman Sachs Upgrades 8point3 Energy Partners to Buy, Raises to $17.00

12/2/15, 6:37 AM

If this works as good, as the csiq upgrade right before the fall from 40, they are welcome :-)

sorry, i mixed some posts! tought i was posting something about the terp-downgrade..

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