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  1. REITs

    Correct, but I am not planning to sell after dividend date. I'm planing to flip these two stocks before next x-div date (which is about two months apart) while waiting for PPS to appreciate. I will do it only if correlation between these two stays as it was since I started watching them in January and both are at 5%+ yield. This will allow, while waiting for PPS appreciation in one or both, to get six or maybe even seven dividends instead of four per year. Will do it only if delta between VTR and HCN(WELL) stays at between $3.50 to $4.50 per share, so if HCN(WELL) is $5 more than VTR, I will not flip from VTR to HCN(WELL). Of course if both appreciate to less than 5% yield, I will not flip and may sell out.
  2. REITs

    I'm OK with holding quality dividend companies (HCN and VTR) as well as more speculative (SBRA and UNIT). I will not re-invest dividend and will take cash instead. I also hold a large position in PEGI (though "only" a half of what it used to be, sold half after qualifying for dividend). My greatest holding is JKS, but I know you do not care about this one. It looks like both HCN and VTR are moving up and down at the same level together and both are similar companies (will wait to confirm this next week when HCN reports), so my plan is to flip between them prior to their x-dividend date - since HCN will pay next week and VTR only in April, I plan to move all HCN (WELL) to VTR prior to March 29th, then all VTR to WELL prior to WELL's x-dividend date and so on. Of course my preference is for equity appreciation and taking a gain, but until that takes place, its dividend play. I do not want to touch anything oil, however am comfortable only with super majors, specifically BP (huge dividend, relative to peers).
  3. REITs

    Someone issued a command to buy REITs yesterday and looks like it is still ongoing with less "desirable" in health space (i.e. SBRA, OHI) outperforming the ones we hold. UNIT is on fire the last 2 days - up over 10% off the lows of 3 days ago and on good volume.
  4. REITs

    VTR is 3% up off its a week ago lows. JKS, in PM now, is a whooping 22% up vs. last Friday's lows.
  5. REITs

    Agree as I also entered both $5 ago and am adding to both as they're falling. The "problem" with both if bought for dividend is that one has to wait 2 months for VTR and 3 months for HCN with very little visibility into equity recovery, so its unlikely a quick (JKS like) trade and more like a hold for dividend as part of a portfolio (with good possibility of future equity appreciation). Also when HCN reports in a week, if result are in line with VTR and OHI, unfortunately all will go even lower.
  6. REITs

    I suggest listening to today's OHI call first before buying. They're much more exposed to SNF than VTR/HCN. VTR/HCN are both S&P500 companies and much more diversified in their coverage than OHI. (I think OHI is hoping that health care reform will not be addressed this year). I would wait till next week when both SBRA and HCN report to get others view.
  7. REITs

    Makes sense thanks. Speaking of jumping out the windows, someone sold (and bought) at $49.50s AH (yes a tiny position, but still), I assume on OHI spillover effect.
  8. REITs

    Confusing Ventas. It looks like they sold 2028 4% notes for $650M and will pay out of that $600M for 2019 4% notes. I did not see it in morning's release, but see it in after hours' one.
  9. REITs

    Citi's PT to $52 from $66.
  10. REITs

    Odyd, Ventas offers to buy $600M in notes. Good move on their part? If yes, why stock is down? Citi downgrade?
  11. Solar News

    I would not get so euphoric yet. Stock is "up" on only 90 shares. 90 not 87K! 84K of 87K AH volume was at exactly closing price. Total volume above closing price was less than 2K shares.
  12. Trading Solars

    JKS is a third less expensive than three weeks ago. Why is it toxic now and not then? CSIQ relatively holds only because of the offer (would be under $13 without). Hope Qu will not take advantage and pulls a Jaso.
  13. REITs

    There're many companies selling close to lows but drop from highs is not enough plus UPS' yield is not what I'm looking for. If oil continues the slide and BP gets back to $34 (7%) yield and under, I will get back in it again.
  14. REITs

    Excellent CC. Very different from CN s...t we used to.
  15. REITs

    Beat on EPS and in-line on revenues, but FY18 guidance is to the downside. Traded all OHI (already qualified for Omega dividend) for more VTR before the close. Looks like was an other wrong move this week.