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  1. My opinion (a pure speculation) on 201: there's zero chance Trump will sign anything agains China, even if ITC will recommend so (also unlikely IMO). If there will be a big PPS drop in August after very good Q2 reported for all, with uncertainty for Q3 and further, due to yet unresolved 201 = big buying opportunity (as was August of 2015).
  2. 1. Per JASO, music is not stopping but will slow down in H2. 2. They refused (when asked) to provide GMs for China and India, but stated that China's current GMs are much higher. 3. ASPs late Q4 and early Q1 next year are high .20s(!!!) in India and (some countries of) South America. With internal costs of maybe high .20s by year end, if they ship anything to those regions - all will be for losses. 4. Q2 will be good (for all I assume) mostly due to China, after which time China will drop. 5. Kept full year guidance. 6. No stock buybacks. No capital market raises. Nothing new on privatization. In short, a typical JA report.
  3. Yes, something is up with JKS - almost double of average trading volume in less than a half day. Is impossible possible after all?
  4. China is not the US. There's no way JKS will be allowed to be acquired. (SOLF's was a different situation at a different time, so that was "allowed" as it was many, many, many folds smaller).
  5. WTF? Are there enough buyers for all potential on the market yieldcos? Is CSIQ's RE to suffer? Is CSIQ much delayed Q1 ER related?
  6. Q1 ended on March 31st. Anything they might wait for to announce is meaningless for Q1 ER and can be (and normally is) done in a separate PR (in 2015 there were a number of major announcements not done with quarterly ERs).
  7. Canadian reports Q1 on June 6th. They announced it today (May 9th) four weeks before ER date. I never ever remember them giving a four weeks "notice" nor announcing Q1 so late (this is the week they would normally announce). Something is not right here.
  8. Thanks for update Explo, but your 6% investment allocation to solars to me means a solar no confidence vote. (And I thought I was a lightweight at just over 20%).
  9. Yes, but that was in CSIQ's favor.
  10. GJ now has $18 PT on CSIQ? Is it a buy or a sell signal?
  11. Yes, but will they recognize in in Q1? What does this mean from the PR: "The transaction was closed in March 2017 and the Company expects to recognize revenue from the sale of the plants when all revenue recognition criteria have been met. "?
  12. JASO is trading like TSL did before privatization became official. IMHO that is market's expectation. 40% from current PPS. Will try to get back in it and hold instead of keep on trading in and out.
  13. Ravalos, could you please provide details?
  14. Oh No! All my FSLR is in tax free account (the only holding there) from $57 (when it lost 25% last year from $75) and here's zero benefit for me to sell for a loss in that account. If I transfer securities from tax free IRA account to a regular taxable account I can take realized loss but would have to pay tax plus penalty on distribution (US tax code is a bit too complex in this specific case for non-US person. and even for most Americans as well). After they scraped series 5, I would never buy them until $25 the most.
  15. Sure CSIQ is more expensive than JKS. Canadian being a true "Canadian" incorporated company with stock shares instead of ADRs on the US exchanges has to count for some thing. FSLR is still significantly more expensive than CN3 combined (even after being booted from S&P), with a lot of risk associated with series 6.