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  1. Trading Strategy

    Still holding PEGI?
  2. JinkoSolar (JKS)

    The key take away from the CC, they are not planning to go private...yet. However, they gave away China's policy of encouraging quality companies to bring their listing back to CN. Once JA's and CSI's moves are complete, I have no doubt they will follow. And even though they said no more equity raises, I think they will tap market again before going home.
  3. Solar News

    DQ is at $44, not $72.
  4. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    5 weeks ago, JKS sold 4M shares at $18.15. So $18.47 for CSIQ looks good.
  5. I do, but am trying to keep at only around 5% of the portfolio. When it deeps, I increase exposure to 10%, then when rips reduce back to 5%.
  6. I bought more PEGI yesterday (now its about 20% of the portfolio, so I'm done buying it). Today (after buying initial position on er/cc plunge) I was buying more DQ. I still have cash available, but started lightning up on heavy JKS position to raise more cash, but will replenish JKS if it gets back to low $17s. If things continue to fall, I will free funds from CSIQ since its upside is capped. DQ is becoming an excellent trading stock and so is JKS.
  7. I think PEGI is at levels where some loss on REITs may be warranted.
  8. Daqo (DQ)

    I think that er call was completely unprofessional. By comparison, Qu's calls ("masterpiece" in their own rights) are many steps above of DQ's. That says a lot on how "good"(terrible) DQ's verbal communications on the call were. No wonder stock tanked after disastrous Q&A. Great for those who missed it before. IMHO, CEO said nothing business related to cause this, except the fact that he was "speaking" complete nonsense. Above probably makes no sense, but I could not stop laughing while reading the Q&A.
  9. Beyond Solar

    All three received downgrades, but SBRA (based on $22 to $21) has the biggest upside. Having said that, how important are the PTs? FSLR was upgraded to $75. Are we rushing to buy it now at $63? No, we're not.
  10. First Solar (FSLR)

    So FSLR missed revenues by a whopping 33%. If CSIQ would miss by that much, they would be down 20+%.
  11. Beyond Solar

    SBRA's call was long but very detailed and informative. I'm novice to this sector, but am left with most positive vibes of the four calls (VTR, OHI, HCN and SBRA) and will add only to SBRA if market presents an opportunity under $16 again (btw, imo they're a great value already).
  12. Beyond Solar

    I think based on 2018 mid point guidance of $4 FFO for both, VTR's I think 78% while HCN's at 87%. SBRA is only 76.5% based on 2018 mid point FFO $2.35 and currently yields 5% more.
  13. Beyond Solar

    SBRA's FFO dividend coverage is actually better than VTR's and HCN's.
  14. Beyond Solar

    Correct, but I am not planning to sell after dividend date. I'm planing to flip these two stocks before next x-div date (which is about two months apart) while waiting for PPS to appreciate. I will do it only if correlation between these two stays as it was since I started watching them in January and both are at 5%+ yield. This will allow, while waiting for PPS appreciation in one or both, to get six or maybe even seven dividends instead of four per year. Will do it only if delta between VTR and HCN(WELL) stays at between $3.50 to $4.50 per share, so if HCN(WELL) is $5 more than VTR, I will not flip from VTR to HCN(WELL). Of course if both appreciate to less than 5% yield, I will not flip and may sell out.
  15. Beyond Solar

    I'm OK with holding quality dividend companies (HCN and VTR) as well as more speculative (SBRA and UNIT). I will not re-invest dividend and will take cash instead. I also hold a large position in PEGI (though "only" a half of what it used to be, sold half after qualifying for dividend). My greatest holding is JKS, but I know you do not care about this one. It looks like both HCN and VTR are moving up and down at the same level together and both are similar companies (will wait to confirm this next week when HCN reports), so my plan is to flip between them prior to their x-dividend date - since HCN will pay next week and VTR only in April, I plan to move all HCN (WELL) to VTR prior to March 29th, then all VTR to WELL prior to WELL's x-dividend date and so on. Of course my preference is for equity appreciation and taking a gain, but until that takes place, its dividend play. I do not want to touch anything oil, however am comfortable only with super majors, specifically BP (huge dividend, relative to peers).