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  1. Beyond Solar

    How about that SQ... unloaded everything at 44.75. Looking to reload on weakness
  2. Beyond Solar

    SQ just keeps on making Record highs. Still have all my money parked in this one and now has eclipsed my 2013 solar gains of which I gave a chunk back. There is currently 23 Million shorts underwater by a large amount so she could run for awhile. Parabolic growth along with rising margins. Check it out!
  3. Beyond Solar

    SQ made a new record high today. Huge growth with rising margins. All my money still parked on this one. Is use SQ everyday and I see it's a game changer. Think it hits $30 very soon. Still have solars on my watchlist but haven't pulled the trigger. Hope you guys are doing well over here!
  4. Trading Solars

    What's going on with CSIQ... on fire the last 2 days
  5. Beyond Solar

    Reloaded in full just under $24. Every intraday dip gets bought up with huge blocks. Holding this stock reminds me of the solar run in 2013. GL to all you guys in your trades. Still have all solars on my watchlist... just watching
  6. Beyond Solar

    SQ just won't stop, absolutely incredible. Sold my stake at 24.30 today hoping to get back in lower.
  7. Beyond Solar

    Been a crazy ride. Sold half my stake this morning @22.75. RSI is pretty rich right here. Looking to get back in around $22 level. I highly recommend SQ on any pullback. I see their platforms and operating systems taking over at not only mom and pop shops but larger scale business. My company switched last year and that's when I loaded up on stock because their software is a game changer. They just recently had their first investor day and it was very bullish. I think it needs a minor pullback from these levels but would be buying any dip.
  8. Trading Strategy

    FSLR making a nice move on new tariff rumors. It's really been volatile lately. Slapping tariffs on everything imported could really shake things up for those who want to supply and build in US.
  9. Beyond Solar

    Another great Q for SQ last night. Not sure if anyone else has a piece of this but it's been an incredible ride from 11.50 level. Hope everyone here is doing well! Haven't been on here a long time or invested in solar so I have a lot of catching up to do on sector developments!
  10. Beyond Solar

    Another great Q for SQ, stock up big in AH. Anyways hope everyone here is doing well. Haven't been on board for awhile and need to catch up. Watching solars but not pulling trigger on anything. I continue to stay heavily invested in SQ.
  11. Beyond Solar

    Nice move in SQ lately. Anyone else holding a piece of this one?
  12. Trading Solars

    in my head I'm trying to spin somehow how solars can rebound from democrats taking both houses and presidency. Couple this with over capacity situation and it's almost impossible to make a long argument for sector. Anyone else seeing something I'm not on positive side?
  13. Trading Solars

    Market presented a great opportunity to go short when Dow went green.
  14. Trading Solars

    This action is absolutely crazy...
  15. Trading Solars

    Almost feel as I got lucky getting out this morning above 12 in CSIQ. We might get that once in a lifetime buying opportunity again soon.