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  1. Trading Solars

    Somehow CSIQ trading is linked to FSLR. Too bad the capitalization does not reflect even half of it. What can be said that would justify even greater price do FSLR? I am concerned First solar under delivers and CSIQ will pay for it.
  2. Trading Solars

    JKS trading as it used to. Nice to see.
  3. Trading Solars

    SPWR is gaining daily, why? They are going to lose money. They have larger capitalization than CSIQ but their share price is too close now.
  4. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    CSIQ to report on Monday the 14th,
  5. CSIQ Q2 2017 Results

    CSIQ Q2 2017 Results
  6. From the conference call as per PV-Tech "Not surprisingly, NextEra Energy Partners management were asked by financial analysts as to the impact the latest ITC case would have on its PV pipeline. Management noted that PV module manufacturers did not want to give up on the US solar market and therefore would figure out ways to support the US market. Management also noted that any actions by module suppliers would of course take a little time to be implement but NextEra was not worried about the long-term implications of any ITC case. The inference from NextEra management response is that PV module manufacturers such as JinkoSolar and Hanwha Q CELLS, both having been major module suppliers to NextEra would be considering the location of manufacturing operations in the US to circumvent any new import rulings that would raise module prices. " https://www.pv-tech.org/news/nextera-energy-and-fpl-keep-adding-to-solar-project-pipeline-in-us-despite
  7. NEP has turned into a great stock and I sold it at $34, recommended it at $30.
  8. How to do things in the forum.......

    In place of the Tapatalk, the forum has an own interface. So it should fine access on your mobile devices.
  9. How to do things in the forum.......

    Apology to users of Tapatalk but I have decided to uninstall this product. Thanks
  10. Trading Solars

    Just upgraded to new version, sorry for the downtime CSIQ is dropping now.
  11. Solar News

    . stable prices http://pv.energytrend.com/pricequotes.html
  12. Solar News

    the price cannot go up or it will kill projects. Chinese response https://www.pv-tech.org/news/china-warns-against-indian-abuse-of-trade-remedy-measures-on-solar
  13. NEP reported a profit, dividend increase. Everything what doctor ordered. http://www.investor.nexteraenergypartners.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=253465&p=earningsRelease
  14. Solar News

    I am looking at this for a couple of days now. I doubt anything will come out of it. 10% of capacity domestically against the objectives do not support tariffs. The government here wants solar, but it is caught with the responsibility to reply to complaints. Modules already are going up as the price declines have stalled. A year later the investigation will show that India is better off with Chinese modules. Quality checks may be implemented to ensure that garbage is not being sent in, but then Indian modules would probably be counted out as well.
  15. PEGI Q2 2017 Results

    PEGI Q2 2017 Results