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  2. Daqo (DQ)

    I saw a pop above $55 this morning. I hope you sold it with some profit. Good luck.
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  4. ReneSola (SOL)

    SOL is not worth the time to discuss since the CEO swindled the investors into paying him to take the manufacturing assets from the company. They are now a small time project developer.
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  6. ReneSola (SOL)

    SOL is late. They are just now reporting 4th qtr and year end 2017, not 1st quarter.
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  8. How to do things in the forum.......

    Before solar, I was invested in biotech. I have bought recently a number of biotech companies. As one running a forum on solar, of course, immediately I thought about running one for biotech. Anyone here interested in biotech, and would you have an interest in such a forum? I looked around did not see a lot. SA and Yahoo have people posting. Feedback anyone?
  9. Solar News

    Is this thing real? Whose panels would be used?
  10. Solar News

    Hi all - Isn't there a chance that JKS or CSIQ made bids? Given that with tariffs this is now pretty much a guaranteed money maker? I asked SPWR bulls, why is the stock going up. A lot of them view this deal the sweetener added to get Sunpower excluded from the tariffs. So if Sunpower, as crazy as it sounds, is excluded from tariffs... then suddenly they would be a viable solar player, right? Best of both worlds! Manufacture in the Philippines & benefit from tariffs.. just as FSLR does. Curious how others here see this playing out. Thanks- Matt
  11. ReneSola (SOL)

    Yingli is also reporting in the FSLR zone. That morning. So what, FSLR is gonna buy up both SOL and YGE?
  12. Daqo (DQ)

    Hard to say. As you say, this is DQ. Before the placement announcement, the stock had serious momentum, moving from the mid-40s to the low 60s. Volume was average, though, so it sounds like someone wanted in and did so slowly and steadily over a period of days. If that buyer hadn't finished building his position yet and is still out there, we could resume our climb fairly shortly. But if they're done, I think we hover here, between 50-55, until earnings. If they earn another 3 bucks a share this quarter (and remember they said last quarter this year is already largely booked out, so this is quite possible), I think we go to 70. If it's only 2 bucks, we stay in the 40-60 range, subject to the vagaries of whatever news drives the markets on any given day.
  13. ReneSola (SOL)

    Anyone think there's anything to SOL reporting first this quarter? Are the books just that much easier now that they've spun off, that instead of going in June they're going first, in April? And front-running FSLR earnings?
  14. Daqo (DQ)

    I'm thinking 55 for a while... but this is DQ. What say you?
  15. Daqo (DQ)

    Yes, and the price is near the offering price. The question is, can we recapture that earlier momentum that was taking is up over 60? Or are we going to be capped at 55 for a while?
  16. Daqo (DQ)

    Seems like they should have completed the secondary offering today.
  17. Trading Strategy

    I share the same strategy. When selling, I set it at xx.98. When buying, I set it at xx.02, or xx.52, etc...
  18. Trading Strategy

    I often find round numbers can act as resistance, with the price pulling up just short before pulling back. I usually set my sell price at x dollars 98 cents, not y dollars even. Just an idea....
  19. Trading Strategy

    Thanks. Yeah, they must be reading the board and knew to pull up a penny short to keep me around. I think there's more room to run anyway looking at those higher volume buys, so kinda glad my order didn't execute. (Famous last words).
  20. Trading Strategy

    Great job! I just saw dq almost touched $55, missing by a penny. Great read.
  21. Solar News

    Note the article doesn't say what the price is. Given Solar World's financial status, SPWR is likely paying pennies for the dollar. So even given SPWR's weak finances, I doubt they're adding much debt.
  22. Trading Strategy

    Ok, got my last bit of DQ here... I can't confess the same confidence that i had in FSLR, but do think we'll get back to 55 soon.
  23. Solar News

    One dying company buying a dead company. How does this news attract people to the tune of 11% increase in stock price?
  24. Solar News

    And now.. how does SPWR pay for this? Secondary seems like it wouldn't make any sense... convertible debt?
  25. Trading Strategy

    The FSLR message board on Yahoo says there's a Bank of America upgrade out, with a new target of $83.
  26. Solar News

    Nice conclusion.
  27. Trading Strategy

    Fslr rockets this morning. Any news out besides spwr buying SolarWorld? Spwr is also up a lot. I don’t understand the logic for this stock move.
  28. Solar News

    Great news, goodbye Solar World, glad to see you finally go!
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