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  2. I would believe that Mustang and Brazil was factored into guidance. Their guidance is likely around 7500MW for revenues. That would place project sales and EPC work at around $1.5-1.6B. Brazil is a pre- construction sale. That makes very little money up front. It is the services and sales where they make the money. The Construction is supposed to start later this year. That would likely push the bulk of revenues from module sale out to 2020/2021 and a majority of the EPC services out then as well.
  3. I'll let somebody else answer because I have a horrible feeling regarding this company. I think some said earlier the largest revenue chunk of Brazil was likely going to come in when these projects are built, i.e. 2020/21.
  4. Might they raise FY guidance in light of Mustang and Brazil? Not saying it'll be a huge raise, but do you numbers junkies think its possible? Or perhaps that was all factored in.
  5. USD/CNY 6.9131 as of now... steadily moving to $7
  6. CANADIAN SOLAR SCHEDULES FIRST QUARTER 2019 EARNINGS CONFERENCE CALL FOR MAY 30 http://investors.canadiansolar.com/news-releases/news-release-details/canadian-solar-schedules-first-quarter-2019-earnings-conference
  7. Here's GCL forecasting 25GW for China in H2: https://www.pv-tech.org/news/gcl-si-expects-china-to-install-25gw-in-h2-2019 That would put yearly installs at 5+5+25GW=35GW I'm getting a vibe that people are slooowly starting to scale back expectations for this year. Anybody else getting the vibe as well? Also I don't see prices rising yet, though you may think that they should be rising if people were stocking up for a blockbuster Q3. You know wham sayn?
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  9. pg6solar

    Solar News

    Looks like Hobo is back. Does it mean leftover CN solars investable again?
  10. This particular Mustang plant was in operation since Q3/2016. Probably recovered some portion of its cost with electricity sells by now. But stock is simply dead! Volume is ridiculous... Nobody sells & nobody buys...
  11. CANADIAN SOLAR SUBSIDIARY RECURRENT ENERGY COMPLETES SALE OF MUSTANG SOLAR PROJECT TO GOLDMAN SACHS https://investors.canadiansolar.com/news-releases/news-release-details/canadian-solar-subsidiary-recurrent-energy-completes-sale
  12. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-solar-market-growing-exponentially-predicted-to-double-within-4-years-300851421.html
  13. Mark

    Solar News

    So Schroder Investment Management Group was doing some serious buying in Q1 eh? Bought 3,121,442 shares of Jinko. (New position) And 2,761,958 of CSIQ. (New position) FSLR got some love with an additional 345,318 to give them a total of 516,571 there.
  14. Hmmmm, ok then. Flush tomorrow? Odd. Someone has their back or someone is ready to yank the rug in a big way.
  15. Only down 3% at the moment on nearly 3M shares is strange indeed. When's the flush coming?
  16. Let just say that secondary was telegraphed from the other side of the sun. The line of questioning from the con call regarding funds needed for expansion, then the back to back PR's to try and push positive news was a dead giveaway. What is interesting is that the stock is not down 10% yet when they are diluting some 15%. Are they looking at getting this placement done before the ER? If so that is real shady to me and would suggest that the full year earnings will not be great.
  17. Oh, just realized I'm out of cash. Wait here while I hit the ATM.
  18. MVA

    JinkoSolar (JKS)

    JinkoSolar Announces Proposed Follow-on Offering of 3,750,000 American Depositary Shares... https://finance.yahoo.com/news/jinkosolar-announces-proposed-offering-3-202900817.html
  19. Schroder Investment Management opened a new position in CSIQ in Q1. 2,761,958 shares or 4.762% of the company, the 4th largest shareholder.
  20. I don't hold any CSIQ over 20.70, so no long term losses for me. I'm strictly on a 2019 schedule and I'm still up quite a bit for 2019. I'm trying to balance selling for loss vs. putting solar on my roof for that credit vs. waiting a few quarters to see if they can turn this around in 2020 as they expect. I've shaved half my CSIQ trading over the last week, but still hold more than I'd like. But I feel like this 18-18.67 area is no-man's land. Just not sure how much farther down it goes. I also don't see a big upside move anytime soon, but I was really hoping to get somewhere in the mid 19s to just dump the rest. Alas, not today!
  21. CNY continue to fall: 6.87/USD as of now. Step by step increasing margin for Canadian solar!
  22. explo

    Trading Strategy

    Here's the ugly picture of the week:
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  24. They should rename everything to losses instead of earnings. Losses release, losses con call, losses per share, etc. Complete crap. Used to be mad at the Chinese for keeping the dead alive (YGE) but turns out the westerners are not a bit better. Guess we're all human LOL.
  25. The question I have is If you have gains in some purchases and loses in others, if there is a good bounce, why would you not sell the LT losses to offset gains in other stocks? From a tax purpose you zero out your gains and save the 15-20% taxes you would otherwise pay. That in essence reduces you loss exposure by 15-20% in the stock you have losses in. You put more cash in your pockets and you look to re-enter with that cash at lower prices. These solars are so cyclical that you are guaranteed to get a new buy at 25% or more lower than today within 3-6 months. From a cash perspective if you freed up say $20,000 and took a $10,000 loss. You could save yourself $2,000 in short term taxes on gains. If you wait for a 25% drop or more, then you buy back in to solars at $20,000 and you can maximize your gains. Instead of holding say 1,000 share at $20 or $20,000. You re-enter at $15 and hold 1333 shares. If the stock moves back to $20, you have made $6667 dollars vs just holding your other shares. In essence you saved $2,000 in taxes from the loss offsetting gains and you add $6667 in profits from the re-entering. That is $8677 and you have almost recovered your $10,000 in losses by exiting and re-entering. Doing this you are only down $1,223 and not the $10,000 underwater plus the taxes needed to pain your other gains. Just curious? There are reasons to take losses on what looks to be stuff that is underwater from a long time ago.
  26. Right there with you, felt like I've been in the groove all year so far. Until this week, ha. Thankfully I've got enough profits to absorb this (sold 1/3 of my CSIQ today) and still be up on the year. But this would be even easier if this trade nonsense would come to an end. It's hard to trade on tweets and lies.
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