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  1. Anyone playing VRX? I made a few bucks recently after the recent surge/pull back. CEO is well respected, hired a new CFO today. Lots of lawsuits, but thats why the stock is down 90%. I believe with some improvement in their operations, plus a general bull market in healthcare (see IBB), it could potentially go up to fill the gap around at 60. For safer plays, I think IBB is about to move higher after basing down here a while. The oil stocks I was not very lucky with. Sold at bottom, then the market had a massive reversal. Not going to chase right now. Wish I had taken my own advice re CLR. You can see the power of a good, well liked CEO like Harold Hamm. I still think oil goes up over time, but you have to have the stomach for large moves in stocks like OAS, WLL and CHK. Anyone else playing in the oil patch?
  2. I think your strategy is prudent, given current industry outlook. As I suspected, market bid up CSIQ after results because of technicals,but its been selling since. I believe the long term beneficiaries here are the utilities, who will buy cheaper and cheaper solar, but not pass along savings to customers. No wonder their stocks have done so well. The solar manufacturers on the other hand are caught in a classic commodity trap. You need to make more and more stuff at cheaper prices, just to stay in one place.
  3. Long term charts show some support/congestion right here at 10 to 12 bucks, so CSIQ could easily bounce from here, given the extreme bearish news. I'm still on the sidelines till there is greater clarity on supply/demand balance. Good luck to all tomorrow.
  4. Pops, what have you been trading outside solar? In the long run, all I see is that all solar related stocks are suffering from a depressing commodity solar price. Panels, inverters, installers etc. Kind of what happened / is happening to oil stocks. Is there any company that makes money on larger volume of solar installs, even at lower and lower prices? The only thing I can think of is utilities/ electricity producers. Who's the best in that space?
  5. What trend channels are you using bodhi? For example, on RIG? I like the company, and I think its a great long term play. Could be a multi bagger if/when oil comes back to 80+
  6. I would think this will light some fire under other solars as well, although you can never tell in solar land. Been dead money for a while.
  7. TSLA offer to buy SCTY !!! Pretty amazing stuff. http://www.wsj.com/articles/tesla-offers-to-acquire-solarcity-1466545551?mod=yahoo_hs
  8. Delistings on Hold as CSRC Slams a Back Door http://english.caixin.com/2016-05-17/100944531.html Could be reason for TSL and JASO drops...
  9. kknd, what is your buy target for fslr? 5 year 200dma is right here..
  10. Looks like the opportunity didnt last long! Stock down just a bit now.
  11. Why are you guys selling GLBL now? Shouldnt this be the time to buy? They are not going to go bankrupt. Explo, Odyd, what do you guys think?
  12. found out. 67.50 / 4/15 ie next week. 890 contracts purchased. Its in the money already, but doesn't really look like high volume to me. 100k shares out of 2M avg daily volume?
  13. what strike/expiration were the puts for?
  14. I'm all ears ! let me know the gameplan :-)
  15. FSLR being shorted with abandon. Crooks on WS pretty much do whatever they want. Oil down, solars down because oil. Oil up, market up, solars down because ....well, because they can @#$@#. These stocks are just playthings it seems.
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