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  1. I don't think JASO would consider US operations as solution to Hemlock contract, but they may very well be the CN3 most inclined to set up cell manufacturing in US to exploit the cell import "ban" there as cell is their thing. They are number one in the world on cells. This part they own and don't like to source and thus need to diversify manufacturing themselves. And I think they have been considering setting up US operation before for such cell manufacturing footprint diversification to reduce risk of their cells not having access to major PV markets. Importing wafers from their Vietnamese wafer factory, importing Hemlock poly from US, to a US cell factory should be at less risk in future than importing GCL wafers from China to a US cell factory. So there might still be some Hemlock related rationale for deciding on US cell manufacturing for JASO.
  2. Thanks. I agree, but I'm thinking if the news came on a green day instead of after a big red global markets day on political uncertainty there could have been a bigger stampede to chase shares. That's what I meant about unlucky PR timing.
  3. If this run was on the Saudi news it was unlucky timing of the PR as the run was delayed.
  4. Thanks. That's a nice report.
  5. I agree that it is risky to expect JASO stock to outperform from here after a very rare outperform to the upside YTD. JASO although criticized as value trap has been able to outperform for years, but mainly by having more support than others when sector caved (JKS and CSIQ for example tended to overshoot much more). Now something has changed in JASO first overshooting to the downside and then disconnecting the other on an up move. They have line up a very smooth annual EPS growth the past years which I think put the stock in a new view for those just running cursory EPS statistics to find "quality" stocks. High growth with low volatility is the holy grale of wealth building. This is why I'm sort of in the hold and ride mode on it now.
  6. Thanks. That's good news. Hopefully they should announce the date any day now
  7. Not really. Announce ER this week and report end of this month would be normal. But they're not leading here like they did with their 20-F filing.
  8. Welcome back and thanks for the information. Maybe this "strategic" meeting with the Saudis have allocated too much of managments time..
  9. It was about increasing the cash position in the portfolio. It really didn't have much to do with JKS (e.g. it was not about that it held up better than FSLR since the big move of half FSLR to JKS and moving back some to FSLR). I needed to sell some stocks in order to allocate more cash and JKS was best off since last re-balance and thus automatically chosen by the rules. Poor intra-day timing, but it was triggered at close of markets here in Europe. And once something triggers I don't wait to gamble on price moving in desired direction before executing the trade. It's part of the rules to compromise risk management and gain potential.