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  1. Solar News

    Good to see some sense.
  2. Trading Solars

    Sour reaction to great reports is not a good omen. I remember second half of 2010 and some analysts said "things can't get much better than this" when things looked brighter than ever and next year showed massive shipment growth while PPS faded before falling off a cliff. Mr Market is sensing this party is peaking and moving on..?
  3. Solar News

    Right now my strategy is changed so no matter how cheap these stocks get or how well the companies are doing I can't take them in. In the future I might miss the action and make room for some mad money that can be used for solar stocks. I agree that it seems to be a great short-term buying oppotunity. These seemingly great short-term buying opportunities are on the other hand a classic trap for us longs that have followed the sector this whole decade. JKS is still my absolute favorite solar stock.
  4. Solar News

    It seems highly unlikely that such broad and deep industry move was cause by stupidity based either "it would be fun to eclipse the solar stocks at the same time" or "oh, I hadn't considered potential grid stability issues at solar eclipse, better dump/short solar stocks at the eclipse". The latter of the actually seems the less likely. It's just a freaky coincidence. The sun always comes back up and so does solar stocks. On a personal note my timing of exiting the solar names after 8 years commitment to be long the industry seems lucky today.
  5. Solar News

    Ok. If the same cell import tariffs apply in US and Canada then there is no problem with naturalization, since tariff is already applied.
  6. Solar News

    Suniva's stance to not respect law is ridiculous. At least SolarWorld have the decency to be consistent in their view of applying law. The law is the law and has to be accepted and cannot be questioned by one case. I'm just saying that if this law that was constructed during Bill Clinton's administration works this way then I can understand that it is criticized from a more general perspective. A Chinese component is a Chinese component whether it transited and was assembled in Mexico or not on its way to US.
  7. Solar News

    The issue with component naturalization can't be with just with solar. But when we talk about solar why didn't the Chinese convert their Chinese cells to Canadian or Mexican before? They missed the loophole?
  8. Solar News

    This would be fantastic for Canada and Mexico but would undermine all tariff purpose of US if tariffed goods can be imported tariff free (after assembly/process) via other NAFTA countries. I never heard this about the 2011 tariffs. Is it special for section 201? For no other country it applies that the cells convert to that country of origin when assembled into modules there. This would kill the US panel makers who have to pay a very hefty tariff for their cells while their Mexican competitors don't. How can the president sign an order with such consequence? It seems strange to me to make a free trade zone work without an accompaning customs uninon, meaning these goods should be tariffed when imported into any NAFTA country and then free of tariff when shipped inside NAFTA. It would be good to understand more about this. I'm almost starting to understand Trump although I'm all for free trade. If this free trade agreement has such flawed construction that it leaves US trade protection measures completely mute through NAFTA proxy, it has a problem that internal freedome don't combine with an external protection function. One trade zone with multiple customs rules is like one currency region with multiple central banks. It should not work. On the other hand nations want to give up some, but not all, influence for economic boosts. I can understand those who say that free trade agreements are complex to construct and thus a big loss of effort when cancelled. Can we assume the guy writing the letter has his facts right? Or is there bias risk? I mean if this is accurate it could suggest major positioning ahead of petition decision, so information accuracy about design of law is important. Why would he if representing Canadian solar companies try to make the commission aware that an affirmative decision would infact hurt US cell and panel makers for the benefit of Canadian panel makers and Asian cell makers? This raises so many questions. I hope it is true. Either it will lead to rejection or just harm to US cell and panel makers and not serious harm to the whole US solar market.
  9. Solar News

    My guess has been that modules imported from other NAFTA countries will not be subject to minimum import price, but if they contain non-NAFTA cells those cells will be subject to the import tariff. Not sure though. It seems strange to have a trade zone that don't apply the same tariffs.
  10. Solar News

    I agree, the recruitment is the best intel we have to go on. Obviously there is action for the Ontario module plant, but it might be for EU. SOL style, without outsourcing.
  11. Solar News

    Yes, as I said, interesting, not surprising. Note that he did not say anything about cell capacity being built in other NAFTA countries. Regarding lying. If saying what he believes to be true does not serve his purpose I don't think he would say the opposite to serve his purpose. I think he would just refrain from the bringing it up in that case. So I'm still assuming he doesn't think there will be much industry interest in building cell capacity in the US (other NAFTA countries not mentioned).
  12. Solar News

    Interesting comment about no indication of tariff free cell capacity to be built in US.
  13. Solar News

    Interesting comment about no indication of tariff free cell capacity to be built in US.
  14. Trading Solars

    It will be intersting to see how the ruling and reactions fall out. For once I'll be watching from the sidelines.
  15. Trading Solars

    Thanks. No mention of that in 20-F so I missed it. Yes they do things covertly but, it is speculative who is covertly taking smartest actions. My guess is that many won't bother. Building cell factories in South East Asia is not dependent on one market being rigged in a certain way. Building them in NAFTA land might come with risk. To me it seems that instead building TF capacity in China Is the strategy to supply US solar market. .