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  1. To be fair (and don't take this the wrong way) your track record is chit. I've lost count the times you've popped up moaning only to see the solar sector rally. Still you can sit back today and revel in your trading superiority
  2. "I'm hard pressed to envision a likely chain of news events that would cause a material rise in the share price of solar companies". Really? Just because Xi didn't blurt out anything about solar negotiations on his first day stateside does not mean something's going on in the background. The chain of events in no particular order which could cause the SP to rise in solar ITC pushed out, US penalty negotiated favourably and CN FIT back log sorted. The market is the FUBAR at the mo, we're basically trading like the indexes. If it rolls we've had it, then you'll get your 15 CSIQ. The good thing is BIPV when you shout the loudest it's often the time we are near or at the bottom.
  3. Pray tell why you took a position yesterday when knowing all the above.
  4. We've started to come back a bit since inventories but nothing to write home about. The market is hardly up and oil is clinging on for dear life.
  5. Oil inventories down, oil up 40 cents on announcement
  6. Well played on your JASO switch explo, back in the range again I see
  7. I have no idea, all I know it's the US who have rumbled VW. I think its something to do with the software controlling emissions in each VW diesel. Maybe a test mode is used on board when checking for emissions, simulating different power ranges but all the time giving a bias reading. The thing is, this is known by the company, so all this crap about diesel being cleaner is a total lie. If 21,000 die in the UK from emissions what would the figure be like in the states? Electric vehicles are going to be here a lot sooner than most people think
  8. OT Just watching a program on the VW debacle. Apparently 21,000 deaths a year in the UK are attributed to car emissions! They couldn't figure out why emissions weren't falling when cars were becoming cleaner. Now they know. More car manufacturers are going to be dragged into this and diesel is going to come under pressure. Outcome? more pressure on oil as electric becomes the safer option. Of course solars will follow oil down. VW has had it
  9. Yes Sac, the break was clean. I lightened up a bit but not enough. We're sitting on intermediate daily resistance, fk knows if that will hold
  10. See if the retest holds for something more promising
  11. JKS really needs to get back in that channel
  12. JASO's trading range, sheesh Look for a break above 8.20 for signs of a proper breakout
  13. Another 200 point swing in the Dow, PM this time. Ridiculous, can't see any news out there except European car manufacturers selling off Volkswagen starting to look like SUNE did.
  14. http://247wallst.com/energy-business/2015/09/21/chinese-solar-stocks-set-to-rise-with-eyes-on-us-settlement/ Chinese Solar Stocks Set to Rise With Eyes on US Settlement Credit Suisse addressing recent concerns (ITC, FIT, ASP's) with Chinese solar at conference in California. Interesting read
  15. Ha, your not the only one. The volatility is exceptional, was so pissed off last Friday, watching the weeks gains disappear in a day. Just felt like a complete waste of time. None of the indexes are safe yet, so if they're not safe we're not safe. The only reason I'm in is because there might be a development in the offing concerning tariffs and FIT's. If that wasn't around I'd wait until some sort of normalisation to return to the market.
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