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  1. i'm thinking about entering EIX and/or PCG, as they often overshoot in cases like this, but with a longer timeframe like 1-2+ Years.
  2. got 100% share and no cash as elected: 2017-10-12, 19:45:00 TERP(US88104R1005) Tendered to US88STKR9024 1 FOR 1 (TERP, TERRAFORM POWER INC - A, 88104R100) 2017-10-12, 19:45:00 TERP(US88104R1005) Tendered to US88STKR9024 1 FOR 1 (TERP.STK, TERRAFORM POWER INC - A - TENDER FOR STOCK, 88STKR902)
  3. Maybe hope, that new class A shares will be worth more?
  4. From my IB-Account-management - so all common get this option. Brookfield Asset Management Inc. and Terraform Power Inc. have entered into a merger agreement in which Brookfield Asset Management Inc. will acquire all of the outstanding common stock of Terraform Power Inc.Shareholders are being provided the option to elect to receive either cash or stock consideration in exchange for their shares.The terms of the offer are as follows (subject to proration):Option 1 - Take no actionOption 2 - Tender shares for cash election: 9.52 USD per share tendered and acceptedOption 3 - Tender shares for stock election: Receive 1 share of Terraform Power Inc. Class A Common Stock per share tendered and acceptedProration: It is anticipated that 49% of the Terraform Power Inc. Stock will be exchanged for Class A Common Stock shares and 51% will be exchanged for Cash. Guaranteed Delivery: NoLast day to purchase and be eligible to tender: 2017-10-04The deadline to tender shares to the offer will be 2017-10-06 @ 13:00 (America/New_York).In the absence of an election, no action will be taken and holders will receive the default consideration.
  5. I think Class A are common and Class B the ones owned by SUNEQ, which will be converted to Class A in this transaction.
  6. here the details: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/brookfield-acquire-controlling-stake-assume-115500444.html
  7. Brookfield will buy 51% of TERP, but, as SUNEQ has less than that, part of common will also be converted to cash.
  8. I still own some bought at 8,6 average, an will keep them as they fit nice into my portfolio for diversification. But the price is above the brookfield offer of 12, so i would not buy them now.
  9. Why is your interest that high? In my account (USD) margin-interest is about 2,1% / year now and has been about 1,5% some time ago. Or are you using yor "net asset value" as base for your calculation?
  10. Yes, but CAFD pays a dividend an has a model of paying it for a long time, with CSIQ there is always some fear of a downturn with them loosing money and maybe going out of buisness. They might also gain much more, but this only counts in times when people like it.
  11. Solarworld is insolvent and will file for bankruptcy soon. shares down 80%
  12. Pete, I think there is some delay between the reported market prices and the time when this prices show up on the balance sheet, as most panels are not sold on the spot market by the big manufacturers but contracts are signed some time in advance. So the real drop has not effected earnings this time..
  13. Yes, but they still have far to much cash, which they have to pay interest for. If they would pay back some dept, or buy some projects with it, they would look better.
  14. Yes, I think it could be about (48m+91m)*0,64*11,5/91m=11,24. I hope it will get a bit more.
  15. I think class A will only get 75% of the total price payed, which would be only about (113m+61m)*0,75*4,25/113m=4,90.
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