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  1. disdaniel

    Solar News

    did JASO buyout just get approved?
  2. disdaniel

    First Solar (FSLR)

    My OpenInvest portfolio (~$5,500 in S&P 500 type firms--but minus all fossil fuel, large mining, tobacco, chemical, utility and big banks) just purchased 1 share of FSLR on Friday. Normally solar stocks plummet 25-75% after I first purchase . Fair warning!
  3. disdaniel

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    At some point along this cost curve demand explodes. By "explode" I mean demand curve goes non-linear compared to history. Already solar is eating nat-gas peaker and coal's lunch. Knock another 20-25% off the cost of solar (lowering total installed cost by 10%)--as china is now doing--and you eat nuclear, and regular nat gas's lunch too. I see storage as the final key to balancing the supply/demand equation in solar's favor. I think the cost of storage will drop by 50% (maybe 65%) over the coming decade. We may be within a decade of the last fossil fuel plant being built. All that said, the next 6 months could be very painful for module makers.
  4. disdaniel

    Solar News

    My thoughts on solar currently I have always been surprised/skeptical of big market reactions to US policy changes (US is only 5-10% of market) China is over 50% of the market so I am not surprised by the big market reaction. I think it may be warranted. One thing solar investors learn is to sell quick and ask questions later. There is plenty of time to buy solar companies at a cheap price. In my experience there has always been another shoe to drop. Longer term, the China news brings us a step closer to solar power becoming the default for power generation world wide. Solar will be a TW/yr industry in the 2020s, possibly by 2025
  5. disdaniel

    Trading Solars

    Yeah, bad timing for me also on a (small) purchase of CSIQ Friday. Added a little more today to bring the average price down, but I don't see the quick profit I was hoping for...
  6. disdaniel

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    closed out my CSIQ position on the pop this morning. good luck
  7. disdaniel

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    bought a little CSIQ today is buyout offer around $18/sh?
  8. disdaniel

    JA Solar (JASO)

    Sold JASO at $6.81. Quick trade, I'm sure I left some money on the table but the markets look very sloppy today.
  9. disdaniel

    JA Solar (JASO)

    Thanks, it was good! much better than I expected
  10. disdaniel

    JA Solar (JASO)

    bought a few shares at $6.21
  11. nibbled a few shares of PEGI at 17.50
  12. disdaniel

    TerraForm Power, Inc. (TERP)

    I guess this answers my question " TerraForm Power (NASDAQ:TERP) had declared $0.19/share quarterly dividend " https://seekingalpha.com/news/3334129-terraform-power-goes-ex-dividend-tomorrow
  13. disdaniel

    TerraForm Power, Inc. (TERP)

    Is TERP paying a dividend yet?
  14. disdaniel

    Beyond Solar

    I bought a small (tracking) position in BOTZ on friday.
  15. disdaniel

    Daqo (DQ)

    If I had gone short dq on 1/13 when DQ was between 68-70, I would be looking to close that. Unfortunately my order didn't fill and I never went short