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  1. Hmmm....well if GCL is willing to back that up with a 25 year performance warranty, I might give them a look. Not holding my breath.
  2. My concern with Peroskite is over how long they last. Cheap, cheap, modules but if they crap out in 2, 3 or even 5 years, you will pay 10-20x the module cost installing and replacing (and installing and replacing) them. Not that I am defending FSLR...
  3. GME looks like it wants to run...ridiculous short interest
  4. LEPV123, Having sold JKS in the $25-28/sh range, I am starting to get interested again here around $8/sh. It might get a bounce. But my tendency is to buy too early, so I am planning to watch it for a bit. We could have one more bad quarter before things start to improve, so I'll be watching q results closely.
  5. I am glad you are doing well Explo. But after reading through a lot of your "recent" posts, I have no idea what you are doing... Is this something you developed entirely on your own? or is based on/derived from work by others? (Is there a book or website that would explain the underlying concept/principles?) I have an MBA so I don't need the fundamentals explained--just want to understand what approach(s) you are following. A year or so ago you were mostly invested in funds with some individual stocks. Then in the past ~6 months you shifted to some type of quantitative selection process involving a lot of computation of prior returns that led to investing in a large number of individual stocks across all sectors...where large is ~100. Given your strong returns in a short time period, I assume you are following some sort of momentum approach, but it seems like you are invested in a LOT of stocks for a "normal" momentum approach. Are you trading constantly?
  6. Looks like SPWR dodged a bullet on the tariff exclusion http://newsroom.sunpower.com/2018-09-18-Statement-by-SunPower-Chairman-and-CEO-Tom-Werner-on-the-Companys-Solar-Tariff-Exclusion
  7. Seeking thoughts and advice. I'm building an innovative solar module that uses half as many cells, but generates twice as much power as a standard module that I'd like to license to a company already making solar modules. (Fewer cells b/c I use mirrors, more power because I collect electric as well as thermal power from each cell.) Net result, the module produces 4x as much power output per solar cell. Any thoughts on the best company (or person) to approach in the industry? To date, I've found the module manufacturers very conservative in terms of considering trying something new. I understand this, but I'd still like to see this module get made (at scale). Maybe I've simply been talking to the wrong people... Send me a PM or email with any ideas--thanks.
  8. did JASO buyout just get approved?
  9. My OpenInvest portfolio (~$5,500 in S&P 500 type firms--but minus all fossil fuel, large mining, tobacco, chemical, utility and big banks) just purchased 1 share of FSLR on Friday. Normally solar stocks plummet 25-75% after I first purchase . Fair warning!
  10. At some point along this cost curve demand explodes. By "explode" I mean demand curve goes non-linear compared to history. Already solar is eating nat-gas peaker and coal's lunch. Knock another 20-25% off the cost of solar (lowering total installed cost by 10%)--as china is now doing--and you eat nuclear, and regular nat gas's lunch too. I see storage as the final key to balancing the supply/demand equation in solar's favor. I think the cost of storage will drop by 50% (maybe 65%) over the coming decade. We may be within a decade of the last fossil fuel plant being built. All that said, the next 6 months could be very painful for module makers.
  11. My thoughts on solar currently I have always been surprised/skeptical of big market reactions to US policy changes (US is only 5-10% of market) China is over 50% of the market so I am not surprised by the big market reaction. I think it may be warranted. One thing solar investors learn is to sell quick and ask questions later. There is plenty of time to buy solar companies at a cheap price. In my experience there has always been another shoe to drop. Longer term, the China news brings us a step closer to solar power becoming the default for power generation world wide. Solar will be a TW/yr industry in the 2020s, possibly by 2025
  12. Yeah, bad timing for me also on a (small) purchase of CSIQ Friday. Added a little more today to bring the average price down, but I don't see the quick profit I was hoping for...
  13. closed out my CSIQ position on the pop this morning. good luck
  14. bought a little CSIQ today is buyout offer around $18/sh?
  15. disdaniel

    JA Solar (JASO)

    Sold JASO at $6.81. Quick trade, I'm sure I left some money on the table but the markets look very sloppy today.
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