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  1. CSIQ is seeing volume today that it did not see yesterday...
  2. sold my few csiq trading shares 13.55 avg...sold them too soon I see, but I paid ~12.60 in early June so I'm satisfied with the gain. I think we will see CSIQ at 12.80 again this summer but perhaps not 11.80. added a little dq around 19.3. have an order for a bit more at ~19
  3. picked up a few shares of DQ this morning
  4. nasdaq hit an unusual speedbump around noon EST...any reason?
  5. Did you guys see https://seekingalpha.com/article/4079499-canadian-solar-2017-looks-cloudy bearish take--I'm actually surprised how bearish
  6. I think it would cause major damage to the share price...
  7. They claim to make their money from the "interest" that they don't pay customers on uninvested funds sitting in the account. I'm using the account to test out investment ideas and play with new strategies. I've only put a few $k into the account, since it does not do everything one can wish. Still I used to way over-invest at specific price points to justify (to myself at least) paying the $5, $7, or $10 commission (or hold on for that extra few cents/share that never happen). Also they probably charge a lot for margin, but I don't use margin so I don't care.
  8. I went ahead and signed up for Robinhood and have been having a blast using it the past ~3 months. Just crazy how different I look at trading when it is commission free. I can use totally different strategies than before. Not all stocks are available on the platform, but most stocks listed on NYSE and Nasdaq appear to be available.
  9. Thanks SCSolar--I was thinking I musta missed something big :D On the Abu Dhabi thing I saw ~$870M loan + ~$200M equity for $1,070M total investment. That puts project over $0.90/watt which seems like not so dire margins.
  10. which saudi project are you talking about SCSolar?
  11. Pure speculation--was the meeting with KSA company last week about new projects? people here were thinking equity stake, but KSA has said it wants to buy many GW of solar. Perhaps this is why JKS was most aggressive company with expanding capacity (projected) this year for next.
  12. The move in JKS isn't exactly low volume either
  13. I've never bought a solar that did not offer multiple additional opportunities to buy more at a lower price in the future...
  14. I added a tiny bit at $12.50 today, will add a bit more at 12. Would love to add a big chunk in mid 11s.
  15. CSIQ is getting a little bloodied this afternoon--more so than other solars