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  1. First Solar (FSLR)

    wow congrats to the FSLR holders. impressive numbers
  2. TerraForm Global (GLBL)

    Arrgh it seems like this will never close...Friday's 8-k kind hints this could roll into q1 2018!
  3. TerraForm Power, Inc. (TERP)

    but the price is only up ~$1.70, not ~$3.70. Not saying not strong impressive, just not over 33% up
  4. TerraForm Power, Inc. (TERP)

    why are all my quote sources misreporting the TERP price increase today by over ~$1/sh? *edit* Actually closer to $2/sh...
  5. Solar News

    Buy insurance sunnypease, just like you do for every other significant asset.
  6. Solar News

    I remember many years ago (tenish?) FSLR buying an insurance policy (3rd party, prefunded) that covered the cost of reclaiming/recycling old panels. I have no idea if they have kept that up (or frankly if they need to). It is not like they are running a city's drinking water through the interior of the old panels...
  7. Trading Strategy

    If I could, I would swap your return and your volatility figures...
  8. Solar News

    It is speculative. Article does not say how Canadian Solar could be sanctioned. In fact is says very little about CSIQ--almost no numbers which it gives for all the others. It says: (in the body, the "comment" above was part of a summary graphic) "With some plants in Canada, Candian Solar might be able to shift more production there to benefit from NAFTA, though the administration could still choose to punish the company." Article then goes on to discuss SunPower. Everything that I have read about ITC sort of implies that after the ITC recommends a remidy, the president can do whatever he wants. Usually interpreted to mean he can accept ITC recommendations, or impose lighter or heavier remedies. Not sure if he can single out a specific company, but I'm also not sure he can't--usually it is just assumed no one would try... (Obviously CSIQ could then seek to undo through NAFTA courts or WTO or whoever adjudicates NAFTA stuff based on details of the treaty, but damage would already be done--from the current investor perspective.)
  9. Beyond Solar

    Anyone here following the UNIT/WIN drama (over on SA)? UNIT's dividend is looking juicy above 16%, might take a flier if it hits 20% (figure that way I'll do okay even if div is cut 50%).
  10. Solar News

    Barron's coverstory is "The Shadow over Solar" (US ITC tariff). Suggests FSLR is winner and everyone else (CSIQ, JASO, JKS, SPWR, RUN, VSLR) are losers. In comment on CSIQ it says "Canadian products may or may not be targeted by sanctions." Except for CSIQ, the reasoning of the article is basically what folks think.
  11. Trading Solars

    bought some FSLR
  12. Trading Solars

    FSLR down 2x what the chinese solars are down--lol
  13. Trading Solars

    Baffling reaction so far...most solars are green, except JASO which barely sells into US. Even Tesla (solarcity) barely budged... Well, I'm happy to remain on the sidelines since I don't see any good coming of this decision.
  14. Trading Solars

    sold the last of my DQ. zero solar exposure now.
  15. Solar News

    https://www.pv-tech.org/news/brazil-registers-more-than-18gw-of-solar-for-december-auction That is a serious slug of solar to be auctioned in Brazil!