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  1. JKS volume is pretty high today.
  2. fells a bit like short covering to me...any hint at "module prices rising" and I sure as hell would cover. A penny or two more per watt and manufacturers' earnings will certainly look better, even if it is just a one quarter story.
  3. By 2030 I expect the world will be installing 1TW/yr of PV (~22% GAGR) probably more if the module cost falls by over 50%.
  4. Sold a smidge of JASO ($6.41) for a 3% gain and DQ ($22.25) for a 10% gain this afternoon (very small trading positions established in the past ~month)
  5. Yeah I'm really surprised at volume/strength in JKS. I set up a limit sell at $25 for about 20% of the shares I convinced my brother to buy. Looks like I might get a chance to sell another 20% slice higher soon.
  6. Sunny, I think NRG's jump has more to do with plan to cut expenses 50% by 2020 and reducing future expected debt by ~$13B than it does with selling $0.9B-$1.8B worth of NYLD equity (?).
  7. sunny, I think the process is more dynamic than you show in steps 1-6, because as you note buyers can buy your existing project or a new project with a different (even lower) PPA, but maybe a higher overall return.
  8. DQ volume looks rather low recently. Anyone here still follow DQ? If yes what does price seem to track?
  9. Solars seem to be trading as one would expect, although oil got roughed up today.
  10. TERP looks like it is in danger of trading outside its normal range this morning...
  11. I find it frustrating that the solar market often moves without news. Congrats to all the longs (long-suffering) who stuck it out and are benefiting. I basically missed the move (except for some long term/non-trading holdings). I don't trust the recent run-up given what facts and news currently exist. I may change my mind if the facts change or if stocks retreat significantly.
  12. People all say that CSIQ margins on recurrent projects (USA) are low/crummy. But that was well over a year ago...now solar modules cost a lot less. Prices down $0.20/W (or more?) over the past year How should I think about if these project still have low margins?
  13. CSIQ is seeing volume today that it did not see yesterday...
  14. sold my few csiq trading shares 13.55 avg...sold them too soon I see, but I paid ~12.60 in early June so I'm satisfied with the gain. I think we will see CSIQ at 12.80 again this summer but perhaps not 11.80. added a little dq around 19.3. have an order for a bit more at ~19
  15. picked up a few shares of DQ this morning