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  1. Today definitely seems like a bear/short attack on CSIQ--hopefully they don't know something we don't.
  2. I just put in an order to buy 20 shares at $11.01--that should support the stock!
  3. someone was waiting for me to buy another 10 shares and immediately took the stock down another 10c
  4. Got all ten shares I tried for yesterday (but did not get) at 11.77 today :-D
  5. I put in an order to buy 10 shares of CSIQ at $12....yeah I know big spender...lol (it is a "commission free" trade)
  6. Anyone follow any interesting lithium stocks? Probably a bit early to begin buying, but I'd like to begin tracking them and see how they develop...
  7. It seems strange that panel (and other component) manufacturers and installers of solar are both having trouble with profitability (or is it just the publicly traded ones?). And the yieldcos still appear volatile. Hard to see where the money is being made...
  8. The problem is that the history of the industry shows that companies that "blink" or act rationally become increasingly irrelevant. How are those "rational" European manufacturers doing?, or the Japanese? or the American ones doing? Answer to all three questions is basically, who cares?...
  9. Poly modules cheaper than thin films...? I know PVinsights tends to show average prices a few cents low, but <$0.35/w? gulp! http://pvinsights.com/
  10. Thanks for the writeup odyd--although what I read did not convince me to invest in any yieldco at this point. Maybe I will take another look a couple days after fed raises rates...
  11. Sold half my GLBL at open. Did okay on it, but somehow I'm left feeling a bit cheated...
  12. Wow, even the buyout offer has drama! According to posters on SA, BAM originally offered sponsorship (@$4.25/sh) or 100% buyout (@$4.35sh) to GLBL and there was a side deal with SUNE that effectively boosted those prices to about $5-$5.1/sh. BAM got exclusivity agreement. Then during exclusivity period BAM withdrew sponsorship offer (leaving only buyout), and meanwhile another party made an offer at $4.5/sh (i.e. above BAM). But GLBL stuck with BAM Hence all the lawsuits flying...
  13. Did TSL merger finally go through? bid/ask up in afterhours
  14. Happy to see the offer, but it looks like BAM is paying ~$100M for all assets and debt of GLBL, if you subtract off the reported cash (3Q 2016) from the purchase price... I'd like to see someone *goose* BAM by offering $60M-$70M more for GLBL and see what BAM does...
  15. I have been paying less attention to JASO (and most solars) the last ~6 months. Can anyone remind me is there still a buyout offer (floating somewhere out there) for JASO from a JASO executive? What was the price offered? I assume this offer is to be viewed with skepticism?