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  1. I've never bought a solar that did not offer multiple additional opportunities to buy more at a lower price in the future...
  2. I added a tiny bit at $12.50 today, will add a bit more at 12. Would love to add a big chunk in mid 11s.
  3. CSIQ is getting a little bloodied this afternoon--more so than other solars
  4. Gains in solar stocks seem to evaporate so quickly...today seems like many names are marching (down) in lockstep.
  5. Is this Suniva petition against modules only? or modules and cells? Edit. I see it says cells. Second edit: why the focus on CSPV by Suniva?
  6. Who are the nut-jobs shorting 200k shares (to over 1M) of GLBL in first 2 weeks of April? The GLBL buyout is worth over $5/share...isn't it?
  7. Poly really tumbled hard last week per PVInsights. Wonder if that is why some manufacturers are getting a bid recently.
  8. Algeria just became a 4GW market overnight (although it will probably take a few years to install it all). 2018 might just become the first over 100GW year for solar.
  9. Today definitely seems like a bear/short attack on CSIQ--hopefully they don't know something we don't.
  10. I just put in an order to buy 20 shares at $11.01--that should support the stock!
  11. someone was waiting for me to buy another 10 shares and immediately took the stock down another 10c
  12. Got all ten shares I tried for yesterday (but did not get) at 11.77 today :-D
  13. I put in an order to buy 10 shares of CSIQ at $12....yeah I know big spender...lol (it is a "commission free" trade)
  14. Anyone follow any interesting lithium stocks? Probably a bit early to begin buying, but I'd like to begin tracking them and see how they develop...