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    1. Second half recovery! Everybody's doing it. It's all the rage. (MU, NVDA, AMD).. why not the solar stocks too?
    2. Are mono / poly technologies all that different? Isn't it just a matter of wiring together wafers? Or is a bunch of CSIQ's biz making poly wafers?
    3. Hi Mark - Well I truly am psyched & happy that you have managed some recovery here with CSIQ. You really deserve great rewards for choosing maybe the most important place to put your money. To enable this green revolution that our world desperately needs. Good work! Matt
    4. I'm saying he could have announced the retracting of the offer during the ER, allowing his current holders to benefit. As it was, every body had a panic when it was retracted. I had my mother in the stock, as a green / good investment. And was simply punished. I think I'll go buy some Peabody Coal. (ok not)
    5. What a total Arse Qu was to retract his offer mere days before posting a great quarter.
    6. Good point... Because the extra purchasing next year ( and this year?) will come from the Top Runner & DG programs correct?
    7. Good job. I'm going to wait & see how the day unfolds. Too many news chasing momo algos out there to feel totally confident. Need to go over this announcement as well. Plus we have the earnings coming up, which might temper the rally, though the reason seems more real than solar panels on the Great US Mexican wall!
    8. I can clearly see what I *should have* done. Should have started at least a half position on JKS when people here were thinking it's a good buy.
    9. That certainly seems like market moving news. But CSIQ still down. Who thinks CSIQ is a good buy here? Thank you all..
    10. Well, this is a bummer. I had gotten my mother into CSIQ.. too early after the take private announcement... so paid too much. Hopefully it drops like a rock now and can be bought back on the cheap. Will anyone here be buying and what price is considered good now? Are we assuming that all Chinese solars will be either near zero or losing money now? Thanks- Matt
    11. Also one more nice thing about JKS.. I remember they have a big role in this distributed power program & the poverty alleviation / Top runner program. And didn't we read that new capacity late this year / early next will come from those programs?
    12. I don't follow JKS closely enough to know, but is the bailing out coming from banks? Or from the government? Or is that pretty much the same thing. I remember people saying that JKS has some special treatment due to it's size and the focused importance of cleaner energy (cleaner air). Isn't that one good thing about a centrally planned economy... that they do not need to 100% allow industry to follow the whims of the current, at hand market, but can instead direct funding to what they see as important in the future? China must also be feeling the economic effects of global warming now? Look at Italy with a bridge collapse in Genoa caused by prior flooding. Flooding in Venice and Rome within 1 or 2 weeks of each other. Trees knocked down all over the place. Similar things are probably happening in China too?
    13. If the Dems win the House... maybe we'll see some positive solar stock appreciation (both in nods and in dollars)?
    14. Agreed that it's getting really cheap. No chance they go belly up? Back in the glut / disappointment 1.0 days it went below 3 a share right? not again?
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