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  1. I'd like to personally kick Travis' butt. Man to man, fists. Maybe hair pulling too. My whole trip down the rabbit whole started with excellent advice to buy First Solar. In July 2016! Thanks Travis!
  2. Does anyone pay attention to HQCL numbers? I guess not. Last time JASO surprised it was up one day, then down a couple days, then up up & away. Almost 2 weeks until CSIQ & JKS... OPEC meeting tomorrow. The good news (extend cuts) seems priced in. Some say what is needed is deeper cuts, but it seems unlikely Saudi's could convince others of this -- who knows though. FSLR is up because of petition + Series 6. Both seem dreamy. Who here thinks something will come of this petition?
  3. That's good news. Maybe the minor drop in ASP was due to JASO being "fully booked" for the first part of the year? I am pretty sure it was JASO that said that. You prever ET over pvinsights? pvinsights does not show any gain in module price (though it is the first time there is no drop)
  4. OK. Now I see what you mean. I believe that if the Saudis invest, they'll invest in all.. just like we do. The only differences is for us is that we must choose the company we think will survive a downturn. Saudis can just put enough money in so that they don't die in a downturn. Wish that some Silicon valley money was here & doing this. I'd rather see the karma of those involved in oil to mostly go bankrupt for their sins to the world. Blindsided by the rapid advance of technology & their lack of imagination.
  5. I'm trying to understand what you wrote. And you referred to a spot being taken. Not sure who you meant had taken the spot. I'm quite interested in your opinion -- so I'd like to fully understand it. You mean the defense contractors got the spot. Or JKS might be in there? I would imagine that Saudi's have room to invest in several. However, I was thinking today -- that I'm disappointed in the young, technically savvy, rich, surrounded by "green" ideas tech leaders who have plenty of money to be making these solar investments but do not. (any more.. I guess it is now out of fashion?)
  6. Hi Robert- I'm not understanding what you mean about the spot being taken. Taken by who? JKS? Thank you..
  7. I have to eat my words. I just read the Saudi Electric meets JKS CEO and it sounds big. There must be a reason JKS is moving ahead of the others & this is probably it. Oil didn't make this dramatic of a move & when oil fell back, solars kept going up. Last time there was a Saudi mention it was end of February I think. That marked the bottom & since then solars have been only moving up.
  8. Wow, just wow. Short squeezes all around.
  9. Or.. if there is a strong close, then the market could set up for at least a surge on Monday.
  10. hard to say. The opec meeting is on the 25th, Thursday. It's a ways off in market terms. Today's rally is built on selloff rebound & oil spike. Both of those may suffer hangovers Monday. Could be a strong finish, but I bet you see a lot of "order imbalance on the sell side" before close.
  11. Not sure if you guys realize it.. there is the OPEC meeting on the 25th. Here is what is moving our solar stocks today: sad, but true I think.
  12. Do you guys think this is what is going on? Strategic meeting with Saudi electric. Is that what you are referring to? If the Saudi's bought in to JKS, the market would go mad for Chinese solar... But the news is old a few days. Why react now? I think it's more to do with oil & short squeeze. JKS has a 10 days to cover.
  13. Me too. @ 18.10. You? Should have waited.
  14. Good photo update Robert.  I need to do the same.

  15. I'm not 100% sure about that we are decades away. The problem is that our leaders are of the wrong generation to be thinking about forward problems. They are motor heads trying to repeat past success. My hope is a techie President (with a kind heart) who would know how to plaster the country with solar and rapidly convert the power systems. Trouble is he can't be too techie or he'd rather focus on trying to invent something better. The answer now I think is just to roll out current technology and let the scaling process bring costs down. Of course, boost funding for PV & battery research tech as well.