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  1. I'm happy with my move as well. JKS ... man they must ecstatic.
  2. Picked up some FSLR ... 44.28 ...
  3. Hopefully the fallout is contained to SUNE only, if SUNE does "go under" ...
  4. Looks like I was a bit early on TSL ...
  5. Just picked up a load of TSL @ $8.00. Hope its a good entry.
  6. ADBE - realize PE multiples look high, but they really are the dominant force in their space. Also multiples in the tech space are traditionally higher than other industries. Transition to cloud should improve their profitability and ROE as time goes on. Subscriber growth to cloud have been strong, as well as earnings growth. Analysts have average target of $90. 19 buys, 13 neutrals and 1 sell. Multi-billion stock buyback is in effect and they really walk the walk and not just talk. Stock is less volatile than CN4.
  7. Yes. Color on Japan and the UK would have been nice. The module shipment miss was a puzzle for me as well. They still hit top and bottom line guidance, but what drove the fewer MWs shipped needs clarification
  8. Hopefully this strategic partner is made known soon. 500 bps of margin impact is really high. They need to fix that. Although they do have a big pile of USA projects that none of the other China solars possess. Still ... Would be nice to see them make more money off of module sales like TSL has proven today. I have so many questions. Hopefully Ed is receptive. Overall I thought it was a decent quarter. They did better than I was projecting. 3Q is as expected with big rev ramp up in 4Q. Definitely would have liked a sales price and margin breakout for their China modules sold.
  9. I stand corrected. Looks like JP Morgan was on the call.
  10. Hopefully the market understands that tomorrow ... based on after hours ... it may be brutal tomorrow.
  11. It seems like something is going on behind the scenes ... Did anyone catch why they shipped less modules than guided? Also, what is this talk about a strategic partners ... for what?
  12. Nomura and JP Morgan reiterated their ratings recently ... would have expected them to be on the call. Perhaps some firms got snubbed or something ...
  13. Seriously ... where was everyone? Vishal, Coster ... etc.?
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