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  1. Trading Solars

    Interesting thought...
  2. JA Solar (JASO)

    Really on a roll. Still no news.
  3. Solar News

    In solar news, got a photo of my small office roof -- still trying to get it turned on. Second inspection as soon as Friday after some small wiring updates. BTW, Hanwha 300 watt panels.
  4. JA Solar (JASO)

    I'm no expert, but don't shifty analysts usually buy with buy recommendations and sell with sells? I guess not in solar land...
  5. JA Solar (JASO)

    BTW, this run started the same day as Gordo's sell note and $5 price target. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3292466-ja-solar-cut-sell-axiom-johnson-doubles-bearish-bet
  6. JA Solar (JASO)

    Maybe the $6.80 offer was just a smoke screen to make the $9.60 (or something similar) look like a good deal. At this point, I'd be thrilled with $9.60.
  7. JA Solar (JASO)

    JASO has been trading above buyout offer all morning on high volume. Hoping it's off the table or someone knows of a competing, higher bid. Perhaps someone knows the 6.80 is going through and so the shares are being bought up to that point. My basis is in the 7's so hoping for the former. No news anywhere that I can find.
  8. JA Solar (JASO)

    JASO creeping up toward the buyout price, even after Gordo's downgrade. Who knows where things stand with the buyout offer...
  9. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Aug 21 - $14 https://seekingalpha.com/news/3290724-canadian-solar-downgraded-barclays-multiple-near-term-risks
  10. Trading Strategy

  11. Trading Strategy

    He said to "focus on buy-rated FSLR and CSIQ."
  12. JA Solar (JASO)

    I guess on their call, they cried about weak 2H, worry about 201, etc., to try to prop up the idea that the CEO's $6.80 offer is fair. Without that offer on the table, this would likely be a $9 or $10 stock right now.
  13. Solar News

    If this is a trigger, it is likely more related to how Trump might handle Suniva, ITC, etc.., than to dissolving the advisory panel itself.
  14. Solar News

    Maybe swoon also related to this: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/report-trump-dissolves-climate-change-advisory-panel/
  15. Solar News

    Don't know if it is related to bump today, but canning Steve Bannon is good for solar as he is a huge protectionist and wanted to tariff everything from every country, end NAFTA, etc. He was especially outspoken about the China, their influence and goods.