Jinko CFO forecast 5-7GW PV demand for China in 2012

Jinko CFO forecast 5-7GW PV demand for China in 2012

"2015 15GW may be reached in 2013," Longgen Zhang, JinkoSolar's chief financial officer, at Global Cleantech Conference, expected to add 3GW of solar power per year from 2012, Zhang said the rush to build new projects could mean between 5-7 gigawatts will built this year alone.

Mr. Zhang is the latest one expressing optimism on China's PV demand in 2012. Previously ZhenRong Shi (STP CEO), Gao JiFan (TSL CEO) and XianShou Li (SOL CEO) all gave rosy estimation from 4+ to 7 GW. This is in contrast to ~3GW installed at 2011. One reason for the high estimation is the expected FIT cut next year and the current low module and BOS price.

However, one senior analyst expressed his reservation by saying the CEOs are likely "feeling" the market instead of concrete evidence. But there are indications that China's market is moving as a few EPCs are recruiting heavily.

It should be noted that this year's installation should remain mostly ground-based solar farms as the power grid does not have the infrastructure to handle large number of small roof-top or ground installations.

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