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  1. MVA

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Dr. Qu updating on PV manufacturing cost: "I also gave a cost outlook in 2016. I was pretty accurate through Q4 2017. I was also accurate to predict that the manufacturing cost will go down to 25 cents per Watt, but I did not predict the timing right. Module manufacturing cost is reaching 25 cents per Watt in Q4 2018 for leading manufacturers, literally as we speak, rather than in Q4 of 2020 as I originally predicted." https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/breakaway-hat-trick-solar-dr-shawn-qu/
  2. MVA

    Solar News

    It looks like Trump's tariff stimulates drastic Yuan depreciation vs USD, which helps enormously those PV manufacturers in China, who have substantial share of sales to Export (sales out of China)... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-30/jpmorgan-says-u-s-china-tariffs-to-go-all-out-lowers-yuan-call?srnd=premium
  3. MVA

    JinkoSolar (JKS)

    I think it became obvious to all that 400 mill investment in Florida factory was a bad decision... I didn't see other news on them though... May be something else pops up later today...
  4. MVA

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Sounds logical, especially after TESLA's go private twits with "funding secured" joke... Nobody wants SEC investigation...
  5. MVA

    Solar News

    EU officially ends MIP for Chinese solar imports https://www.pv-magazine.com/2018/08/31/eu-ends-mip-against-chinese/
  6. MVA

    Solar News

    Monday, September 3 is closest catalyst - European MIP (minimum import price) expiration. India is tariff free, and if EU is free and China confirms 10 GW policy - then all solar will explode!
  7. MVA

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Canadian Solar up nearly 4% on buyout interest... https://seekingalpha.com/news/3386435-canadian-solar-nearly-4-percent-buyout-interest?app=1#email_link
  8. MVA

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Looks like FSLR is loosing the crown in favor of CSIQ... 🙂
  9. MVA

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    I've been listening to every Canadian Solar conference call since 2014, and this is the first time so many analysts participated. The interest in Canadian Solar is very high nowadays, it seems to me. I think, tomorrow, we might have a number of positive upgrades, especially after revelation about current Canadian module cost in China: $0.21-0.24/wt, subject to module complexity. I think many interested parties started to understand, that keeping the stock price this low discourages Qu from finalizing buyout quickly, and in order to stimulate him the price have to return to 16-17 level... HQCL's high valued buyout offer is also handy and timely, as a reference, though ownership structure is different... What do you think Robert, are we going to see 16-17 level soon?
  10. MVA

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Did Qu mention anything about buyout schedule?
  11. MVA

    Daqo (DQ)

    Listen to what Qu said himself (start at 2:33 minute): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=fVVZWLpU3Ns
  12. MVA

    Daqo (DQ)

    Poly dropping is very much an issue for FSLR and other thin film guys... Since cost of silicon technology is going down and competitiveness is growing. As for S6 modules, look at competition - Canadian Solar HIKU modules. HiKu is the first poly module (attention Poly, not Mono) exceeding 400 W and thus reaches one of the highest poly module power outputs in the solar industry. Also, If HIKU to convert to bifacial type then we may have module of 680 W capacity, as back side generates 70% of the front, according to Qu (CEO) himself. Same amount of aluminum for frame, savings in land use, etc, etc... Plus, new Indian 25% tariff blocks modules form China and Malaysia, exactly where FSLR and SPWR have facilities. And Vietnam and Thailand are exempt (as developing nations), exactly where CSIQ have production. https://www.canadiansolar.com/en/solar-panels/hiku.html
  13. MVA

    Solar News

    Trina Solar thinks differently... And they are inside the industry, unlike above mentioned ANALysts, who thinks "hypothetically", sitting on the 66-th floor in Manhattan.... https://www.pv-tech.org/news/pv-talk-rongfang-yin-vice-president-of-global-sales-and-marketing-at-trina
  14. MVA

    Solar News

    Vietnam & Thailand are exempt. Canadian solar has production in those countries...