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  1. MVA

    Solar News

    We will see in Energytrend comments tomorrow if it is typo or not...
  2. MVA

    Solar News

    And yet PV module prices jumped big this week... https://www.energytrend.com/solar-price.html
  3. MVA

    Solar News

    Looks like H2/2019 in China will be explosive: with about 15 GW PV installations per quarter... https://www.pv-tech.org/news/chinas-new-subsidy-programme-could-support-up-to-50gw-says-official
  4. MVA

    Solar News

    A little bit more details here... https://www.pv-tech.org/news/china-plans-to-enter-a-subsidy-free-solar-market-beginning-in-2021
  5. MVA

    Solar News

    China enters 18-month transition to subsidy-free solar https://www.pv-magazine.com/2019/04/11/china-enters-18-month-transition-to-subsidy-free-solar/ If this new policy will have similar effect on components cost in China as May 31 policy, then companies like Canadian solar (with 90% of their sales outside of China) will benefit enormously. Margins will be in the 20-25% range again.
  6. MVA

    Solar News

    Components (prices for poly, wafers & cells) are falling faster than modules again, increasing margin for tier 1 producers who contract their sales (with fixed prices) 3 months in advance: CSIQ, JKS.... https://www.energytrend.com/solar-price.html
  7. MVA

    Solar News

    It was always a strong signal to buy, when he (hoium) issued his "articles"... Proved by time.
  8. Oppenheimer analyst Colin Rusch maintained a Buy rating on Canadian Solar Inc (CSIQ) today and set a price target of $22. Rusch observed:
  9. I think their shipment guidance is very conservative (7.4 - 7.8 GW)... Otherwise what is the point to increase module capacity up to 11.2 GW? Obviously shipment will be dramatically increased after Q-1, especially after China ratifies its PV 2019 policy. Also, as per Qu (CEO), their shipment to domestic (China) market planned at the level of 10% only... Module ASPs in foreign markets are mostly higher, and container logistics are very cheap...
  10. MVA

    Solar News

    This news is old, from February 19... http://guangfu.bjx.com.cn/news/20190219/963637.shtml Actual subsidy cut was on May 31/2018... In 2019 - 3 bln help ($448 mln) - is actually increase in subsidies after May 31/2018 disaster... Headline is misleading....
  11. Please make your own analysis and you will see for yourself... But, I think, your objectiveness is seriously impaired by total investment (100%) in FSLR, therefore, whatever conclusions you'll have, it will always be in favor of FSLR... Human mind is prone to self-deception and self-complacency. Good luck with your ER today... Pay attention to S6 factual performance vs planned 🙂
  12. Why do you always pick on Canadian Solar? It is so obvious... 🙂 Are you jealous that FSLR is slowly drifts away into nothingness, with its underdeveloped S6 joke, and "Canadian solar" slowly but surely becomes #1 Solar company in the world? ...🙂
  13. R&D engineers at Canadian Solar have developed proprietary LeTID mitigation technologies through many years of research in materials, processes and production equipment. This has made Canadian Solar one of a few solar cell and module manufacturers who have mastered the technology to mitigate and control LeTID in high volume production. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-should-you-pay-attention-letid-dr-shawn-qu/
  14. Canadian Solar Won 94 MWp of Subsidy-Free Electricity Contracts in Alberta's Public Power Auction http://investors.canadiansolar.com/news-releases/news-release-details/canadian-solar-won-94-mwp-subsidy-free-electricity-contracts
  15. MVA

    Solar News

    Chinese city wants 700 MW of new solar within two years: The announcement from the city authorities comes in the wake of the central government’s call for local authorities, electricity companies and big lenders to remove roadblocks to what it designated ‘grid-parity’ PV projects, by which it meant installations which did not benefit from central subsidies but which could be encouraged by local incentives. https://www.pv-magazine.com/2019/02/14/chinese-city-wants-700-mw-of-new-solar-within-two-years/
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