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  1. Daqo (DQ)

    Aren't you, DQ holders, concerned about extra 40 000 mt of polysilicon on the market in China in 2018, from GCL-Poly, and fast transition of the PV industry to Diamond Wire Saw technology, which reduces silicon usage considerably?
  2. https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2017/12/13/16768074/tax-bill-renewable-energy-wind-solar-credits
  3. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Energytrend http://pv.energytrend.com/pricequotes.html shows today this: Item High Low Avg Chg Multi-Si Module (Per Watt) 0.40 0.32 0.359 (0 %) Mono-Si Module (Per Watt) 0.41 0.35 0.370 (-0.27 %) Energytrend (0.359/w) versus PV insight (0.31/w)... So who is right? I suggest to read this article: https://www.pv-magazine.com/2017/07/28/taiwan-starts-investigation-on-pvinsights-and-energytrend-for-lowering-prices/ I don't want to continue to argue, it is obvious that prices stopped falling as in 2016, hence the term stabilized...
  4. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    I watch every Wednesday PV price movements in here http://pv.energytrend.com/pricequotes.html And I was talking about PV module prices not components (wafer, cell). And yes PV module prices were stable for the most part of the year, after 2016 collapse. With movements + / - withing 1.5-2%... The rest what you said is true of course... However, this is the end of the year, and real movements starts again after Chinese New Year in February...
  5. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Thanks Robert for your answer, however, JASO offer at $9.69/ADS was made in June 2015, when solar market was still in a good shape, but started to descend into abyss, bit by bit after Q3/2015, reaching the bottom in Nov/2016 - Jun/2017...Since buyout offer wasn't binding, it didn't realized. CEO wasn't dumb, he saw market is deteriorating, so why to pay 9.69? And he made his second offer 6.6 at the bootom of the market (June-2017). Now solar sector is ascending again (ASP stabilization and global installations increase) and JASO adjusted price from 6.6 (solar market bottom) to 7.55 (in Novemebr 2017) reflecting solar market improvement... CSIQ first offer, unlike JASO, is made on the "ascending line" which is not interrupted or started to decline yet. I say this: There is three catalysts on the horizon: 201, GOP tax, CSIQ projects sales, and they all have to be clarified within just 1 month. There is a good chance for 2 out of three to be positive: "201" - Best if rejected or if implemented but leaves Canada & Singapore unaffected, 750 MW US projects sale by the end of December. It may happen... Who knows... and if happens, it means ascending line moved further up and buyout offer have to be adjusted accordingly. I will wait. I don't think "Special committy" will issue recommendation next week. CSIQ is a serious company and will try to do everything correct without hurry, not to be entangled into multiple class actions after going private.
  6. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Robert, with all due respect but, doesn't sound convincing. Can you please explain every of your claims: 1) "not a single soul will offer money for the shares"... Why not? Recent articles (especially in the last 10 days) in here https://www.pv-magazine.com/ show huge transition of every country to PV energy generation...before it was MW in the headlines, now it is mostly GW... 2) "It is very unlikely that board will call the offer inadequate?" Why not? Jaso upgraded offer from 6.8 to 7.55... - If project sales happens, market will be able to assess company value change, not necessary to wait for Q4 ER... - Institutional ownership at CSIQ is 42.13% versus Qu 23.5%. Are they all going to watch silently and make no move...?
  7. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Mining sector (iron ore and stuff ;-)) is interesting at this moment: Vale, CLF, BHP, Rio etc... Also commodities and highly cyclical...but with huge margins (some of them)...
  8. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    I would say more, from now on, after buyout offer, everything out of the ordinary in the way company conducts business can be considered as an attempt to manipulate (darken) value prospects of the company. And it will have cost for them/him.
  9. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Information about CSIQ projects sales often comes from other sources long before official Press Release... One way or another we will know about those sales without delay. Q4 ER is usually March-15, Q1 ER - is always in beginning of May... Long delays will be manipulation...
  10. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    I am studying now the chronology of JASO takeover and what is interesting is that on June 6/2017 second buyout offer was submitted at $6.8/ADS, after previous day closing price of $6.29. Then, was spectacular Q-2/2017 ER report and price jumped 7%, and then started to climb up to the level of $8.44/ADS on September 13/2017. Despite the fact that buyout offer was at $6.8/ADS supposedly capping the stock. Eventually JASO management upgraded and accepted sale price from 6.8 to 7.55 on November 17/2017 = 11% UP or 18.2% up versus June 5/17 closing day price of 6.29. Can the same buyout price reconsideration happen in CSIQ case, especially if Q4/Q1 ER will be spectacular…17.25 + 18% = 20.35?
  11. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Volume today is not impressive and price is quite stable... Having upside potential from current level only 3.5% (until buyout level 18.47), it is strange that holders don't sell and move on... Apparently shareholders are waiting for something better... hope is dying the last...
  12. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Dr. Qu mentioned in his offer "to acquire all of the outstanding common shares ("Common Shares") of the Company not already owned by me and my wife", meaning that he wants to buy ALL shares, and also owned by the Management and Directors of the Board? If so, isn’t it in the Board interest to sell at higher price? Or their shares have different status (preferred), and they will keep them? Does anybody knows ownership structure from this point of view?
  13. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    If management decides to delay projects sales, on purpose, (750 MW in US for instance) not to improve value/attractiveness of the company, especially after they announced it and many people got into this stock based on high expectations, is it a crime? Can they do it? Can it start SEC investigation?
  14. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    JA Solar - first buyout offer was made on June 5/2015 at $9.69/share, does anybody here remember why it took more than 2 years to finalize it?