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  1. Solar News

    this is why I like to own ICLN rather than direct stocks. I am going to try to buy more ICLN with SBRA dividends.
  2. Thematic ETFs

    MJX is exploding https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/22/marijuana-etf-manager-sam-masucci-interview-on-fast-money.html?__source=yahoo|finance|headline|headline|story&par=yahoo&doc=104960297&yptr=yahoo
  3. Solar News

    30% tariffs not sure about Canada.DQ sinks, why?
  4. Thematic ETFs

    KARS is also getting volume today. I am really hopeful with this one.
  5. Thematic ETFs

    bought ICLN hoping for a mild treatment for tariffs and encouraged by JKS news.
  6. REITs

    I was intrigued by it until I saw predatory bond fund going after the only tenant forcing a default condition on bonds and raising talk of bankruptcy. I am on the sidelines at this point due to those conditions.
  7. REITs

    one way to go with REITs is to get into ETF. VNQ or something like SCHH. In this case I am opting for high yield/risk combo with equity appreciation. I agree in most circumstances those are flatliners which need collapse first to become growing equity opportunities. SBRA is this vessel for me. I look at VTR and see significant earnings reduction. SBRA is coming up with it.
  8. Thematic ETFs

    For those interested in renewable ETFs, attached has holdings for each Renewable ETF com.xlsx ICLN is a preference of the choice and has yield due to yieldcos. It appears most globally diversified as well including Chinese names.
  9. REITs

    Hi SCS, To the contrary, this is the most interesting time to be buying REITs and specifically healthcare and for example, the data center ones. My reasons include weakness of the holders of REITs to adapt to the changing environment of the market. REITs stability is gone, holders are very jittery to sell. Healthcare has government pays and weak tenants; this is I picked the middle of the road, looking for private pay locations, tenants company. Of course, you have IR, the killer of bonds, yieldcos, and REITs. SBRA yield is over 9%, and so is OHI, no amount of T-Bills can pay you that, and there is no equity/principal growth in leverage/fixed incomes. In REITs it is. There are risks, brick, and store mortar locations, careful with e-commerce economy and overweight US population. Commercial space, warehousing is the logical offset, and I would know. However one must remember that not necessary new companies come up with e-commerce and old ones would utilize current locations for their e-commerce effort. Nevertheless, warehouse places like GPT, STAG or ILPT could be good to own for years. Residential apartments, not big on it, nor mortgage RETIs seem to have limited equity growth. For healthcare, I would avoid CHN and VTR; they have a higher valuation. For those who can stand the risk, I prefer SBRA over OHI, due to GOV program pay being closer 100% for OHI and about 64% for SBRA. SBRA is more so evolving and did not take full value of the changes to its results yet. However I am not going to lie, it is dropping daily at this time. Then you got DOC, HTA, MPW, HCP.
  10. Trading Strategy

    I like ICLN for the variety and the price. None of those have performed well in last 5 years or from inceptions. I would hold back on buying anything until a decision is made. ICLN has most wind and in the manufacture of turbines which is pretty interesting to me.
  11. Thematic ETFs

    I am looking to discover the best way to cover renewables via ETF, I am aware of following: KGRN, ICLN, GEX, QCLN, PBW, TAN. If anyone is seeking others please add.
  12. Solar News

    I like BOTZ concentration, really focus on Japan. I am looking at the renewable ETFs and will have perhaps a review of those in while. It will be in a section for ETFs
  13. Solar News

    Anyone familiar with this https://solarwindow.com/technology/ WNDW is the ticker
  14. Thematic ETFs

    BOTZ website https://www.globalxfunds.com/funds/botz/ MJX site http://www.mjxetf.com/fund/ and KARS https://kraneshares.com/kars/
  15. REITs

    I have also started buying REITs this year. I have gone through some of those without particular reasoning, but high yield. I had ARI, STWD and received dividends this week. I had also OHI and VTR. Currently, I am holding SBRA. Share your ideas, here. I guess the challenge is not only to get good income but also a growth or value story. Having healthcare REITs beat to pulp I hope for it with SBRA