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  1. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    updated index
  2. A lot of events in this industry, but not much capital appreciation. Interest rates steadied or perhaps on a drop side, could change it still over 7% dividend and steadily recovering to 80% pay out. NEP looks good too .
  3. I have reentered the land of renewables with investment in Pattern.
  4. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    updated index
  5. Awesome update from CSIQ. Beat on Q4.
  6. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    My second recommendation is Sangamo Therapeutics, SGMO. By Feb 7, the company will have a delivery of the results in MPS II and MPS I. They are first in the world to edit the human genome in vivo. MPS II results were released in September where the application reduced negative byproduct GAGs. In Feb expectation is to confirm that IDS enzyme is produced therefore GAGs are reduced by patients' production of IDS, a deficit of the enzyme is a sole root-cause of MPS II disease. The stock volatility may be very high. However, for those with risk acceptance, now and next 7 trading days from today, the stock could move 10 to 15%. If something fails a 20 to 30% may be experienced on Feb 7. There are more stories to this company. If I will see that Feb 7 is validated I will offer a bigger summary. Proceed at your own risk and good luck.
  7. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    Hi all, since I recommended this stock the return is 61%, from Dec 26th, at 16.83 to 27.24 today. By Feb 28th EMA will or will not issue a recommendation to approve Andexxa in the EU. Based on this outcome I expect the stock to reach $40s by April. The target is still $70 by Q3, the company continues to be a buyout target, in a range of $70 to $100 per share.
  8. I wonder if there is an announcement pending?
  9. Defying gravity? Seem to take of easily these days.
  10. Thank you MVA and Mark for your kindness. It is a while since I had an article published, and even though I enjoyed the exercise I am out of touch with the industry for an equal amount of time. I reduced myself to a lurker at this point and have no plans to come back to those dear subjects of ours. Interestingly solar is quite strong, especially CSIQ. I think as usual the forecasts and predictions are somewhere in the middle. I think CSIQ is going to do well and I expect them to beat forecast offered thus far offered here. Good luck to you all
  11. The story of Canadian pipeline shrinking was heard loud and clear on this forum since Canadian plants were completed. The company is not only one pure developer still standing, but it is producing more and more business encompassing other arms of managing solar plants. It maintains healthy "sell and/or keep" strategy. There are many markets to go with solar plants. And those markets will expand. We have not seen any victims of the slowdowns with exception of few subs going bankrupt in China. There is plenty of space available. The manufacturing and the decisions made had worked thus far for the company. I am not sure why transformation, when required, would not be as well executed as it has been to date. Not sure why a successful organization would suddenly lose its footing. They are the most capable of a shift. FSLR has zero ability to shift, SPWR is dead, JKS is almost dead and will never be buried if it died, like Yingli, but CSIQ is somehow paralyzed and cannot make a move? I read those scenarios too many times. I argued against them as many, and I am surprised to see them again. Even Snake seems to be seeing Chinese taking FSLR to cleaners now. I do not have a skin in this game, but I think Canadian could surprise few folks here with its share price going forward. Cheers, I am back under the rock.
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