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  1. How to do things in the forum.......

    Before solar, I was invested in biotech. I have bought recently a number of biotech companies. As one running a forum on solar, of course, immediately I thought about running one for biotech. Anyone here interested in biotech, and would you have an interest in such a forum? I looked around did not see a lot. SA and Yahoo have people posting. Feedback anyone?
  2. Solar News

    Nice conclusion.
  3. Trading Strategy

    Sold VTR back in MRK
  4. Trading Strategy

    Added CVS, sold with gains WPC, BRX, LSI.
  5. Trading Strategy

    I was looking at it today for some time but decided to buy ALB and CELG instead of DQ. I am having a hard time holding to REITs, I guess I am more of growth investor than dividend one. I had made nice with MRK, kind sorry I sold it.
  6. Trading Strategy

    I am still smoothing out the 10 stock set. This morning I flipped T for MRK and SPG for CCI.
  7. Trading Strategy

    I have completed my Q1 allocation. My portfolio consists of 10 stocks with equal weight. The yield is 6.01% ABBV, T, BRX, GPT, LSI, PEGI, VTR, WPC, DLR, SPG.
  8. Trading Strategy

    I have reprofiled my portfolio to have 7 positions after doing a bit more soul-searching by end of Q1. It includes 20% each LSI, GPT, VTR, BRX, evenly split D and QTS for a total of 17%, and about 3% PEGI. My goal is to build 10 stock portfolio first, by replacing and/or adding equity which would increase an average yield of 5.84%. I have set the initial objective to sell 20% gains, and reinvest them into additions, or sell the entire stock if the yield is lower than a contender's yield. The best contender would be one with higher than average yield. I am de-consolidating my holdings to eliminate the severity of losses, I have been experiencing in the past. Still, the year has an awful start and I would imagine it will continue to underperform. All the best
  9. Trading Strategy

    Earlier I replaced ups with GPT
  10. Trading Strategy

    Replaced PLD with D
  11. Trading Strategy

    Yes but small volume
  12. Trading Strategy

    Bought UPS and PLD
  13. Trading Strategy

    Bought LSI and QTS
  14. In March, BMO Capital lowered PEGI price to $24 form $26. GS held the view of $22 and buy. Macquarie increased the price to $22 from 17.5. I did not know that someone had such low target. Williams Capital had downgraded PEGI to $19 from buy to hold, while the stock was at $17. I like that they entered Japanese market and the solar plants. I expected a bit more on the tax impact and did not see it. Japanese contribution will be interesting to see as they produce higher rates of course. I do not see changes to dividend size but an increase of CAFD, for now, will be good for the company.
  15. GS upholds $22 for PEGI, and the stock drops, naturally.