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  1. Thank you we just received $135 minus 5.30 charge or 129.70. 670.7 left, thank you
  2. Hi all, A site update for all the members. August 11, 2020, the current hosting plan expires. I have checked around and the plan with current provider is about $20 per month, including SSL certificate, a $100 value a year. The plan price is a 41% discount for 36 months, as of today. There is also a $70 for backup for the same period. Anyways the total including tax is about $800 Canadian and I am asking for collection today, a year ahead of the deadline. This is about $600 US. Donations button is available and can be used for this purpose I will update sparingly when a donation is received. Sometimes PayPal fails to deliver the message upon deposit, so send me a message or reply to this, if you make one. Thank you for your support and have a great year of trading and enjoyable discussions
  3. Ah Sunpower an accounting gimmick reduces negative equity, and stock is double the market cap of CSIQ. Very good at least everyone else enjoys this on a smaller scale.
  4. Expired SSL certificate caused the security risk message. Site is now restored. Thanks
  5. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    Looks like SGMO got finally their research to yield continuous stable result. Hemophilia A trial with Pfizer got updated last night. Comparable companies have 3 times market value average. If you risk tolerable could be the start of big return.
  6. I like the fact of margin being plus 20% likely now less than 4 cents. The ability to build solar plants and the cost of energy produced is a show of delivery for renewables having this cost. CSIQ is still worth a $1B and so is SPWR. Canadian delivered its business model but the price is really frozen in time. Maybe the next 10 years will be the decade of solar?
  7. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    updated index
  8. A lot of events in this industry, but not much capital appreciation. Interest rates steadied or perhaps on a drop side, could change it still over 7% dividend and steadily recovering to 80% pay out. NEP looks good too .
  9. I have reentered the land of renewables with investment in Pattern.
  10. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    updated index
  11. Awesome update from CSIQ. Beat on Q4.
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