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  2. WOW Just WOW - Enphase up 37% toady. That $55 price now looks like a forward PE of 30 ish. Congrats if you own it. I got jittery feet when I dipped my toes in it a month or 2 ago at $24 then it pulled back. Solarpete: I presume you house is now being paid off 10 years ahead.
  3. This is BIG: Australia FINALLY introducing a new climate policy. Things are changing for the better you guys!
  4. Love it. So excited for this thing to fly. Gap up tomorrow - 25 million shares short are going to get roasted.
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  6. Just wow... Enphase Energy Q4 EPS $0.39 Beats $0.33 Estimate, Sales $210M Beat $205.27M Estimate 4:17 pm ET February 18, 2020 (Benzinga)
  7. "Canadian Solar expects to recognize the revenue from the transaction in the first quarter of 2020." I guess that's what you wanted to know.
  8. Is this a PR for closing last year or is this a Q1 PR? They had a habit of PRing sales up to 6 weeks after the close of the quarter for the prior quarter
  9. CANADIAN SOLAR COMPLETES SALE OF 56.3 MWP SOLAR POWER PLANT IN JAPAN FOR JPY 22.3 BILLION (USD 205 million). http://investors.canadiansolar.com/news-releases/news-release-details/canadian-solar-completes-sale-563-mwp-solar-power-plant-japan
  10. Last week
  11. Corona derailing 3GW in India: https://www.deccanherald.com/business/business-news/solar-projects-at-risk-of-missing-deadlines-facing-penalties-due-to-coronavirus-outbreakcrisil-805599.html
  12. Yeah, that's a distinct possibility. But if it does, I'll certainly be increasing my trading positions again!
  13. Again, works out well that ENPH built their factory in Mexico to avoid tariffs - printing new highs daily - quite a run from .76 to 42. Earnings on Tuesday - will be interesting to see if it drops like last qtr (even after great numbers).
  14. Head of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association giving more details about how corona is disrupting the supply chain. He's even lowering installation forecast for China to 35-45GW. I don't know about you guys but this guy is giving me bad vibes with what he's saying. Just hope FSLR doesn't use too many CN materials. https://cj.sina.com.cn/articles/view/6187066030/170c722ae01900nrcd?cre=tianyi&mod=pcpager_fin&loc=7&r=9&rfunc=21&tj=none&tr=9
  15. Coronavirus outbreak in China impacting solar industry in Korea, India and Taiwan https://www.pv-tech.org/news/coronavirus-outbreak-in-china-impacting-solar-industry-in-korea-india-and-t
  16. possible to find actuel info about jks-bonds?
  17. Maybe it's because you've been saying the same thing for what--10 years now?
  18. Haven't looked at the article but my instinct tells me there's plenty of wishful thinking in it. Yes yes yes, they've had a nice margin expansion over the last quarters, which resulted from high module ASPs coupled with a drop in upstream component prices and a migration to in-house wafering. However the trend has reversed recently, meaning that module ASPs have come down significantly while upstream has stayed flat. Means they're up for some nasty margin compression in Q1 and Q2. Why am I the only soul on earth to see this? Also keep in mind they are preparing the next secondary, so it's all about hyping up the company at this point.
  19. That would explain the sudden surge in the stock price. Wonder if it will hold, or fall back before earnings. Earnings, of course, should tell the tale.
  20. Some phenominal numbers in their. 150GW global demand 20GW shipments 18-19% GM They could be looking to gross $850-$900M. The extra global shipments should add about 80M in Opex. You are looking at 2019 with Opex at less than $500M 2020 OPEX pushes $570-$600 Interest runs$55-$60M The suggestion is $220M Net before Taxes and adjustments. Those numbers suggest $4 a share in EPS. The only thing holding this back is the impact of the stock run up while they have the convertibles outstanding.
  21. Corona wreaking havoc in the module supply chain: "As logistic hiccups are not going to subside any time soon, components such as junction boxes and aluminum frames take longer than expected to deliver and global module shipments are disrupted." https://en.pvinfolink.com/post-view.php?ID=302 Will this affect Q1 shipments is the question (I'm talking about the CN here of course)
  22. Hi guys, I came across the following recent doc which looks like a summary of the administrative review of the Obama tariffs. If you scroll down you'll see they determine hefty AD tariffs for the CNs. Does this mean that cell and module exports from CN to USA will continue to be tariffed heavily and thus be out of the question? I'm kinda confused because some people here have repeatedly suggested that tariffs are essentially history and that the US will be flooded with bifacial crap in no time. And this applies only to the Obama tariffs, on top you have 201 and 301. Not sure what to make of this all you guys. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/02/10/2020-02563/crystalline-silicon-photovoltaic-cells-whether-or-not-assembled-into-modules-from-the-peoples
  23. jks recomandation... a big one https://finance.sina.com.cn/stock/hkstock/hkstocknews/2020-02-11/doc-iimxyqvz1910503.shtml
  24. all ok, inclusiv first solar
  25. Just an ugly looking company. 9-12% non GAAP margins in Q1. $7-$85M net Loss https://investors.sunpower.com/static-files/c5570216-1361-428d-9e00-16497142ec3a
  26. MVA

    SunPower (SPWR)

    Sunpower is down. Next in line FSLR... SunPower EPS in-line, misses on revenue https://seekingalpha.com/news/3541316-sunpower-eps-in-line-misses-on-revenue?utm_medium=email&utm_source=seeking_alpha&mail_subject=breaking-spwr-earnings&utm_campaign=rta-stock-news&utm_content=link-3
  27. Earlier
  28. I am fully aware of the incentives China gave their manufacturing base. The policies implemented back in 2012 that spurred the massive build outs was put in place to save what would have been a death to their solar manufacturing. They are trying like hell to back out those incentives now. We have seen the impact of pricing when the Government backs out of the protectionism. I just wish the U.S. would get smart and get rid of the protectionism. I mean we do not have a solar industry in this country. First Solar has what 1Gw of production and the rest is in Malaysia. Sunpower is contract manufacturing overseas and have manufacturing over seas. To me the tariff costs does not justify the indusry. The only thing the Tarrifs have done is create at most 1,000 low skilled low level assembly jobs that is only temporary. They will be lost once solar subsidies are removed. it is different if the tariffs were in place to foster an industries growth like China did, but we have zero industrial policies in this contry design to make a thriving industrial base.
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