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  2. Right. 🙂 The only problem: I doubt it will go to $22, unless buyout.
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  4. My entry price target was $7.5/share... My bad... I missed the opportunity to enter at $8.5/share... SunTrust Robinson just initiated coverage on the gene therapy specialist with a "buy" rating and a price target of $22 https://www.schaeffersresearch.com/content/news/2020/07/07/gene-therapy-stock-moves-higher-on-analyst-upgrade
  5. i am a idiot, have sold my DQ for nothing
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  7. a news just came across https://finance.yahoo.com/news/esperion-announces-publication-journal-american-151224485.html
  8. new article https://seekingalpha.com/article/4355770-esperion-therapeutics-easy-double-maybe-lot presentation https://seekingalpha.com/article/4348809-esperion-therapeutics-espr-investor-presentation-slideshow
  9. Hello, a new conviction pick, Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. (ESPR), brand new medications for the cholesterol, coming on the market in the US and EU. The company has about 30M shares, worth today $1.4B, sales potential of $1B., Price target $150, trades at $53
  10. Can PLUG pull an ENPH and go from a buck to $10 and beyond??
  11. I think I would agree. Lack of the catalyst, dictates price in this situation. I think $7 is likely. I have folded my position. Own MEIP and SELB.
  12. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    I bought company called MEI Pharma symbol is MEIP, I think it is worth at least $10 but trades around $4.30, good luck.
  13. tupapa

    Beyond Solar

    Today I purchased some VIR Biotech. They have strong backing from the Gates foundation and I believe the world will be spending a lot more money fighting COVID as well as preparing for other pandemics. technicaly it looks very strong, accumulation after an upswing.
  14. Long time holder of PLUG, which is taking off -- I've always though Amazon would buy them out...
  15. Candidly, I"m neither a scientist nor a stock analyst. I came to ELSE through BE forums. I've been a long time investor in Bloom since taking a look at what I perceived to be real long term potential for growth. Anything I might share here can be readily observed and read about at the company site www.bloomenergy.com All the financials are there. What initially attracted me were the minds from NASA that formed the company. Other highly respectable and well known people are on the Board - Colin Powell, to name just one. Lately Jeff Immelt joined. Now, you might be concerned there since his story with General Electric is often criticized. And he appears to have recently influenced the selection of the new CFO (also formerly of GE). It is alternative energy, even when a portion is fossil based. Hydrogen is part of the attractive story. The Clients shown on the web site are just home run names. OMG, these are power players electing Bloom for 'always on' power sourcing. The accounting issues are uncomfortable. However, I think with public pressure and transparency as they raise capital as needed during the next 18 months, the company valuation will grow significantly. There is a group of shorting investors that are putting heavy pressure on the stock, and I think they will lose big, if the capital markets continue to support Bloom.
  16. BABYF release news on production of samples yesterday https://finance.yahoo.com/news/else-nutrition-announces-u-launch-110000651.html
  17. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    Another interesting situation is a company called TAAT Link to a company's website. https://taatusa.com/ It started trading yesterday on CSE. As far as I can tell it does not have US pink sheets symbol. We are talking a grass root start up and entry. I have few shares. It is likely like a BABYF but 6 months ago. Use your own DD.
  18. Spending couple of days studying SGMO, came to conclusion that there is no catalyst in the immediate future to affect price positively... So, I bet on price to move further down to $7 level and then I will enter... Although some good development I see in metal stocks. $1 tril. infrastructure plan can lift them up bigly in the next month or two... Current price of every stock always reflects all known (past/current/future information and news about it). I guess the best way to succeed in the market is to find positive catalysts in the future, which are not known or expected by general public at present time...
  19. Hi Marty, Yes, the result was not what was expected. BioMarin’s median level of the factor at year one was 60. At 28 weeks, Pfizer looks to me like that is patient #10, tracking over 60, then you have week 36, patient #11 is not there, leaving it between #7 and #10. 7 is way up there close to 125, while 10 slipped below 50. It appears to me when all hit a year, the 60 achieved by BioMarin will be better because #10 is becoming a median and has fallen under 50.So the only better is hopefully no bleeds. There is also a tremendous amount of variable. Of course, nobody knows what variable was for BMRN. The ALT episodes seem to drop the activity. If there is steroid use, perhaps it can regulate levels of factor avoiding drops, but if one does not need it, since no bleeds or need for replacement, then why bother.The stock sold on unmet expectations, forgetting it is up to Pfizer, to design phase 3, and come up with perhaps even a higher dose and use of steroids to prevent the reduction of factor activity. Also, the lead-in study could answer questions on what characteristics of a patient the treatment would have the most success. I think, since the AFFINE showed up at the end of April and updated in May, Pfizer/Sangamo knew March results already. The decision to start in July was based on the update we saw Thursday. I think this is positive, as Pfizer can manage the design, and they have trial experience and resources surpassing Sangamo. I imagine September all are over 52 weeks; likely December ASH will be the forum to discuss it. We will not know what Pfizer is doing in phase 3; nobody knows what is happening to hemophilia B, so I see no difference here. Do you see anything else come up between now and then? I assumed all trials would be postponed.I also think that ZFN 2.0 is not happening. Ed Rebar was leaving, and I cannot think of any other reason but everyone focusing on Biogen and moving resources away from MPS II. The indication is missing from the corporate deck. I imagine Sangamo is going after diseases with significant prevalence. So cell edit and gene regulation will be the action. I doubt we will see gene therapy either, beyond Fabry. Gene therapy is not ZFN, and the company is ZFN. It makes sense to focus on those. Small genetic diseases are too expensive to address with the budgets of Sangamo.
  20. not quit guilty, and restraint on third party cells, out of use for 2 years now. "landesgericht" jurisdiction and without any concret statement,"admited". and jinko makes complaint on patent court.
  21. Polysilicon was about 20 prc von wacker,not insignificant.but see chart??? Crazy, daqo is a lagard)))
  22. Junkosolar found guilty of patent infringement: https://ir.jinkosolar.com/news-releases/news-release-details/jinkosolar-receives-determination-german-court-patent-litigation
  23. 2019 Polysilicon EBITDA excluding €112.5M insurance compensation for 2017 Charleston accident is -7%. Q1 2020 Polysilicon EBITDA is -7%: https://www.wacker.com/cms/media/asset/about_wacker/investor_relations_2/publications_1/2020/q1/wacker_q1_2020_presentation.pdf Q1 average mono-grade spot price on PVInfolink = $9.3/kg (73RMB/kg incl. VAT) Current average mono-grade spot price on PVInfolink = $7.4/kg (59RMB/kg incl. VAT) Conclusion: Wacker is SUPER TOAST. Q2 EBITDA will be dismal. Only a matter of time and pride until they get out of the polysilicon industry.
  24. hum, wacker chemie is german, polysilicon producer. with some troubles in 2019:impairement of polysilicon assets 760 m EUR, polysilicon sales 780 m, polysilicon ebidta 57 m, that's 7%. outlook low single digits grow, same?! ebidta marge(03.2020 trading update , polysilicon : lower volumes,sligtly lower prices.
  25. tomorrow's DIRECT competition, or allies:); is not to be underestimated...very clean energy,see plug power too. and without the questionable ecological disadvantages of solar.
  26. I guess they got me at hydrogen,
  27. I remember the launch of "BE" company back in 2010. They use natgas to generate electricity with solid-oxide fuel cell systems. The whole concept is still dependent on fossil fuel consumption (although biogas and hydrogen can be used as well). It is a bit anecdotal to discuss this company on solar forum... :-)))))))
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