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  1. Solar News

    They were up over 4% today. I tripled my holdings under $15. They are my largest holding. I am waiting for the buyout now. My price point gets a nice 18% return. If the buyout does not happen, the project sales coming through should get some momentum back towards the buyout offer for a nice gain.
  2. Trading Strategy

    Forex gains? You are located outside of the U.S.? If you were a U.S. investor the portfolio would be down 5.7%(forex+down) for February vs the 7.5% of the overall markets? Is it safe to assume that the volatility target you have would mean you have lower gains in up cycles and in theory lower losses in down cycles? That is to say if the market was to rise 10% you might expect a 7% portfolio gain while if the market was to drop 10% you would have a 7% loss?
  3. Trading Strategy

    I track my portfolio weekly in a SS. YTD down 2.68% while the overall market is down 1.78%(SumPoints DOW+NASD+SnP). 2 Weeks ago my holdings were up 4.93% while the market was up 7.87. In the past 2 weeks, the market has given back 9.65%while my holdings have lost 7.6%. My estimate is that 25% of the portfolio loss was due to timings of adding protective puts vs just leaving the put in place. I did not listen to myself and just left it in place to reduce volatility but I rather a gamble to trade and make gains like past solar trades gone wrong.
  4. Trading Strategy

    Thanks, I like to track others picks to see if there is anything I would like to buy and hold onto. I bought Amazon and quickly disposed of it after a 7% drop. Here is my current holdings ABBV / 8.82% BOTZ / 4.33% CMCSA / 3.49% CSCO / 1.79% CSIQ / 8.09% DUK / 6.89% INTC / 9.95% MLNLF / 1.43% MSFT / 9.98% QID / 11.89% T / 4.08% V / 4.21% JPM / 1.99% MJX / 1.45% SO / 2.01% SQM / 1.23% WGL / 0.77% CASH / 17.59% Total / 100.00%
  5. Trading Strategy

    What is your stock basket and weights? The last I saw was your January 7th post of 12 stocks. That portfolio is down 6.28% in February vs the DJI down 7.49% NASD 7.29% and S&P 7.23%. Explo weighted basket.xlsx For the past week (5 trading days) My trading account was down 4.91%, My static account that I put some protective puts on was down 3.74% and my Ira that sold 3/4 on the first drop 2 weeks ago was down 2.4% and is still positive for the year. The past week the Overall markets was down 5.36%. I figure I am ahead.
  6. Trading Strategy

    I picked up some Southern today. It is down 20% from its highs.
  7. Trading Solars

    JKS has no profits from operations currently. This is primarily due to the reliance on outsourced modules. Once they have capacity ramped and no longer rely on 3rd parties and they get to 12GW production, I can see a couple dollars in earnings. Enough to support $18-$24 a share. That however looks to be 2 years out.
  8. Trading Solars

    I picked up some CSIQ. It is close to 25% below the buyout offer.
  9. CAFD has a promissory note of $50M owed First Solar from the State Line acquisition as well as a $2M short term loan.
  10. Trading Solars

    I can't for the life of me remember a secondary for a pv manufacturer where the stock rose after the placement. I seem to remember that most all went down significantly. Does anyone have that data?
  11. Daqo (DQ)

    Good Grief, look at Longi new long term supply contract with OCI https://www.pv-tech.org/news/longi-signs-major-us1-billion-polysilicon-supply-contract-with-oci
  12. Daqo (DQ)

    Tried to pick up some DQ but my ask was not met.
  13. Trading Strategy

    WOW Dow down 5.5% and 1400 points. I looked at my portfolio with the protective puts and am down 0.2%.
  14. Trading Strategy

    I do not normally short. Until mid 2017, I had sold out when I thought the market would go down. This caused me to have much money sitting on the side and losing out on gains as well as losing out on dividends and potential upswings. I now look at shorting the market as an alternative to selling out, though I may deleverage holdings as well. Consider it a short term trade similar to trying to enter specific stocks for a short term gain. This does not always work out, sometimes the markets do not pull back. In general though the portfolio still makes money as the percentage of short is smaller than holdings at 10-20% If I add a 10-20% short position after a sizeable gain, this limits my downside in case of market retreats. This removes that nervous twitch on market moves that may have you sell out on a bad down day. The flipside is that I reduce the upside near term potential profits. I am comfortable with missing a bit of the gains for the security of knowing the gains will not be wiped out in 1 fell swoop. I am never short the market as a whole rather use this as a protective put in case of the broader market down trend. In my one account, I had 10% cash and 90% market and withdrew to 40% cash. I then went short 20% to protect my 60% invested from more downside risk. As for this past week, the markets have taken out 56% of the years gain in just 1 week. My account I went short on, lost 17% of the years gains. This does not always work out, sometimes the markets do not pull back but it helps me sleep better at nights.
  15. REITs

    The response was to your comment "Different share price is an illusion. Yield is the key. Say investing $10,000 in each stock" I gave you reasons why a lower share price may be the reason of choice when all things are considered equal. I knew an executive head of a company in the 90's that would split the stock when it reached 40 or 50 just for that reason. Roberts own comment in his earlier post supports that thesis. Robert said "However, both PSA and SPG are high priced, and even when returning 4% plus yield, do not offer a lot in case of buying shares with it (for me). I prefer HCN and VTR in those conditions." You can argue that it is the same returns, but the reality is it is an investing mentality and strategy.