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  1. ReneSola (SOL)

    Yingli is also reporting in the FSLR zone. That morning. So what, FSLR is gonna buy up both SOL and YGE?
  2. ReneSola (SOL)

    Anyone think there's anything to SOL reporting first this quarter? Are the books just that much easier now that they've spun off, that instead of going in June they're going first, in April? And front-running FSLR earnings?
  3. Daqo (DQ)

    I'm thinking 55 for a while... but this is DQ. What say you?
  4. Daqo (DQ)

    Seems like they should have completed the secondary offering today.
  5. Trading Strategy

    Thanks. Yeah, they must be reading the board and knew to pull up a penny short to keep me around. I think there's more room to run anyway looking at those higher volume buys, so kinda glad my order didn't execute. (Famous last words).
  6. Trading Strategy

    Ok, got my last bit of DQ here... I can't confess the same confidence that i had in FSLR, but do think we'll get back to 55 soon.
  7. Solar News

    And now.. how does SPWR pay for this? Secondary seems like it wouldn't make any sense... convertible debt?
  8. Solar News

    Great news, goodbye Solar World, glad to see you finally go!
  9. Trading Strategy

    I didn't add yet. I was actually dealing with my kids during the first lift to 53, so I missed that, but I wouldn't have bought there anyway as the MACD and RSI weren't looking too promising. I would imagine I'll add this morning though, as I feel pretty good about this heading back toward 55 from here. VERY small position though. I'm all in on FSLR at the moment.
  10. Trading Strategy

    Waiting for DQ to crack 52.50 and hold, then I'll add to my position, ride to 55 and sell.
  11. Trading Strategy

    Congrats! I'm gonna add if we crack 52.50 and look to dump at the close.
  12. Trading Strategy

    Missed my sell spot. Hopefully they're soon done dumping all those new shares on a market that doesn't seem terribly interested in absorbing them. The Chinese ATM.
  13. Trading Strategy

    Bought some DQ (very small amount) at 53.83, looking to just snag a couple bucks.
  14. Trading Strategy

    On a P/E basis, its lofty. But I'm looking at this as an earnings play. Q1 earnings will be lousy, they already told us that. But on the call, I'm thinking they'll have greater vision on the margin expansion moving into 2019 and it'll pop on future earnings growth.