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  1. Trading Solars

    Added some FSLR to get my cost basis down a bit. Looking to unload 1/3 of my position just above 47 later today hopefully.
  2. Trading Solars

    Vishal calling for $110 or whatever is perhaps even more insane than any call Gordon has ever made. That one shocked me.
  3. Trading Solars

    I'm so glad I hedged my CSIQ/JKS positions with FSLR. It's going just amazingly well. Guess I'll hold this FSLR bag for a while longer but this is a joke.
  4. Trading Solars

    Good one, FSLR. Good one.
  5. Trading Solars

    Well, now we move on to trying to figure out a proper resolution to this. Let's go, Mr. Dealmaker. Work something out with Xi re: North Korea, US poly, whatever. You know China will just hammer us back if this actually comes to fruition. It's in his best interest to work out some deal here, rather than just slap the recommended tariffs on, whatever they may be.
  6. Trading Solars

    Jinko holding strong. So perhaps this was all priced in. OR, they're just waiting to tank everyone on Monday and Tuesday. Looking to buy more CSIQ, but not today.
  7. Trading Solars

    The meeting starts at 11am: https://www.usitc.gov/calendarpad/events/usitc_vote_crystalline_silicon_photovoltaic_cells_.htm But during the past hearings, they always announced the vote around 5pm or so. Sometime after market close. However, I can't say for sure when the actual vote will be done and announced today, maybe it'll be before market close? History says after close, but dunno. As for where to monitor, I haven't found a good source in the past and usually end up hitting refresh on their website. If it happens during market hours, best place to get the news first will just be watching FSLR vs. JKS price action.
  8. Trading Solars

    Indeed. Just now finally finished it. Plenty of dry powder to add to CSIQ on Monday/Tuesday if it gets trashed.
  9. Trading Solars

    Yeah, he was saying JKS was worth $28, what a month or two ago? Now its $10. Granted, he also said they'd blow out the bottom line in Q2 and 3, which he was wrong about. But you can't believe anything the guy says. And you also can't trust his math. So he's nothing more than a pumper or basher.
  10. Trading Solars

    I somewhat disgustedly bought FSLR at 47 this morning. Hedging more than anything. I'll look to sell this next week. Shooting for 51.50 or 52 area assuming tariffs are advised and this pops. Feels like a crowded trade, but with all the selling, I'm discounting the crowded trade factor and chalking it up to consolidation before the next leg higher.
  11. Trading Solars

    Sure, if demand is there for their product. This assumes everyone jumps into FSLR products, which I contend they won't.
  12. Trading Solars

    While I don't think FSLR benefits greatly, nevertheless the FSLR move still surprises me. And there's our friend Gordon with a note just now encouraging people to short Chinese solar. A 'great great great opportunity' he says. Yeah. We get it. Thanks, ahole. Would love nothing more than a favorable decision and a big squeeze to muzzle that goon. Until of course he comes back and says margins are still compressing and poly is still expensive and demand is still tepid. Wish he and Trump would step in front of the same bus.
  13. Trading Solars

    Easiest trade in a long time, shorting solar this week. Morally, I would never short solar, so I'm just sitting here watching the bag I'm holding of CSIQ at $20 get more and more heavy. I'm resisting any urge to trade a small bounce. I'm mostly in cash right now, except for that big bag and a smaller bag of SPWR and JKS. I'll get back in on Monday, maybe. I trade solars, but I got into them a few years ago to not just make money, but to be part of something that makes the world a better place and should have great upside in the longterm. Proud to be fighting against the shorting fossil fuel machine, but I'm not so stupid as to step in front of this moving train just yet. Here's hoping the ITC has even a little bit of sense. I don't think they do, but here's hoping. And here's also hoping more money from other socially responsible investors comes into all of these stocks in the aftermath. See you all Friday evening after the decision or on Monday. Good luck to you all, however you decide to handle this nonsense.
  14. Trading Solars

    I agree they don't lose in any scenario, but I think their gains are greatly exaggerated.
  15. Trading Solars

    JASO is insanely cheap. FSLR, I dunno. I don't see them benefitting so greatly from the tariffs. Yeah, I know they'll be exempt, but that doesn't mean that everyone will suddenly switch to their product - nor does it mean they have the capacity to address all this alleged demand. I don't think ANYONE really wins with the tariffs, including FSLR. Maybe it'll boost their bottom line a little from what it would have been otherwise, but I really doubt it'll be much.