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  1. Mark

    Solar News

    Turned in my Jifan Gao fan club card and the polo shirt they sent me (no lie) long ago, so I’m with Klothilde here. I hope he’s right but don’t trust him much.
  2. Mark

    Solar News

    In light of the JKS news this morning and then the trade news, has your opinion changed Klothilde? I mean even if this ends up going FSLR's way in 2020, the tariffs will still be lower and CN will have flooded the market ahead of that decision. Is there any positive spin you can put on this beyond they're sold out til 2021? Not challenging you, just seeking your opinion. I dumped half of my shares today. Contemplating dumping the other half too. Bloodbath for me.
  3. Mark

    Solar News

    Ah, answered my own question, thanks to Bloomberg: The exclusion for bifacial panels will now remain in place for potentially months until the issue is resolved in court.
  4. Mark

    Solar News

    Is this ruling final, final? Or can Trump jump in and just slap a tariff on it anyway by way of it being made in China or some other method? Don't seem to be many checks and balances when it comes to tariffs, but does this ruling stick now?
  5. Mark

    Solar News

    I had bought FSLR looking for a 12 cent move for a quick trade, literally 3 minutes before this news broke. Sold those and just locked in a massive loss. I hated buying CSIQ after the big run, but added a little there, so I expect it to drop significantly now too. One of those days!
  6. Mark

    Solar News

    The only thing I'm sure of is that nobody in here or in analyst world or maybe even in the companies themselves has any clue what 2020 looks like. And we're looking at 2022 now. We're all gambling.
  7. Sold the last of my CSIQ this morning. Pretty much recovered all my earnings losses trading it the last few weeks. I'll keep trading it, but given the experts differing viewpoints here of their financial well-being moving forward, it sure won't be the mountain of shares I'd normally trade.
  8. Mark

    Solar News

    So this is pretty much the same thing reported yesterday. And we aren't down 25%... so is this news baked in? Thoughts?
  9. Mark

    Solar News

    Interesting on the Graham front considering what the State is doing right now. https://www.postandcourier.com/business/sc-solar-industry-warns-rulings-on-power-contracts-will-kill/article_39ef4b4e-0bb4-11ea-8ba8-2f985016e802.html
  10. Hobo doing some more pumping... Project Sales Delays Once Again Offer A Buying Opportunity For Canadian Solar https://seekingalpha.com/article/4308066-project-sales-delays-offer-buying-opportunity-canadian-solar?app=1&isDirectRoadblock=false
  11. Congrats on the earnings trade, SCSolar.
  12. On the JP Morgan front. On June 21, they go from $23 -> $25 On August 15, they go from $25 -> $28 saying they're 'warming to the story' On November 13, they go back down to $22 So yeah, they were warming to the story all the while dumping 527,556 shares on us. Crooks.
  13. The 13Fs thus far in here show strong buying last quarter. Given they're in the past, has everyone changed their minds all of a sudden? Or is this just one big shakeout? Some highlights: Buyers (over 10K shares) Susquehanna +80,412 State Street +10,800 Parallax +114,958 Marshall Wace +318,584 Schonfeld +10,700 Deutsche +14,000 Weld Capital +11,058 Wolverine +37,676 UBS +20,368 Mackenzie +30,799 Logan Capital +52,573 Engineers Gate +70,819 Lion Point +40,323 (6.55% ownership) Invesco +220,818 (2.16% ownership) Oxford Asset +34,692 Prelude Capital +26,000 Dynamic Tech +31,902 Cipher Capital +10,468 Bogle Investment +160,432 Prescott Group +15,000 Laurion Capital +30,700 Bayesian Capital +15,653 Northern Trust +18,726 Wells Fargo +20,515 Todd Asset +143,800 Blueshift +13,088 Quantbot +20,289 Credit Suisse +10,587 Shroeder +160,975 (7.16% ownership) Group One +59,005 Winton Group +18,960 Peak 6 +25,295 Blackrock +131,827 (2.21% ownership) Commonwealth +11,587 CA Public Empl +23,601 Hussman +28,000 Acadian Asset +24,317 KBC +11,576 Kentucky Teachers +143,800 BNP +20,025 Simplex +21,517 Assenagon Asset +233,049 Campbell & Co +13,942 Notable sellers (over 10K) Robeco -23,286 Cutler -11,060 Janney Montgomery -21,241 Systematic Fin -16,810 Clarivest -36,109 Community Cap -12,761 JP Morgan -527,556 (F you guys and your crooked analysts) Natixis -45,000 Boothbay -10,151 Bank of America -223,026 (Also F you guys) Exodus Point -10,700 ART Advisors -19,300 DSAM Partners -23,721
  14. Gutsy! Good luck to you. I sold in the mid-16s real quick, except one batch of shares I dumped in the 15.80s. However, I bought some back near the close to see if I could get a little bounce this morning to hack away at some of those losses I took. I confess, I’m in the Klothilde bearish camp for now. So I’m not going to be patient.
  15. Dumped it all. Losses weren't as bad as feared, but I have no desire to hold this.
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