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  1. Right, even having a business for the past 20 years, I still stand by my theory that in the end, Uncle Sam gets his cut no matter how much you try and use fancy tax strategy. Well, at least for a business and personal income of our size. The business equipment deductions are sweet though. I do look forward to deducting margin interest this year to go along with the solar tax credit on our personal return and will likely just roll ahead like you do, as an individual trader.
  2. Hey Pete, or anyone else for that matter... re: taxes. I've been trading for about 5 years now and have owned an S-Corp for about 20. My wife and I are winding down the S-Corp this year for various reasons, but I considered keeping it around to convert for use as a trading business, just for our own personal cash, not for any other people. Been doing a lot of reading and also talked to a tax consultant. Do you trade as an individual or are you, or anyone else, setup as a business? Just curious. I'm inclined to close the SCorp and do this as an individual/day trader (over 1200 trades per year).
  3. And then there's this news today: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/trump-approves-first-solar-mega-121904204.html
  4. Barclays double downgrade with a $49 target.
  5. For what it's worth, the options activity here has been very bullish for the past week or so. Lots of volume for mostly strikes over 60. The January 24th $63s are kinda nuts. Maybe its hedging, maybe its someone knowing something, but I'd take 63 for the trash I still hold.
  6. Or maybe they really just wanted to clear this off the radar because Chevron or some oil major is interested in a buyout and didn't want the baggage. 😉
  7. Oh well, they weren't using that money anyway. So between this and predictable lack of Japanese movement (unless their worst in class investor relations/public relations just hasn't said), looks like yet another disappointing quarter and yet another repeat of the 'just wait til next quarter!' mantra.
  8. Yeah, thanks for that folks. I was so close. Now I'm down another 4%... I didn't dump yet, however. Alas, my other bnft play worked out as I'd hoped for now to ease the frustrating pain of being 25 cents from break even this morning on this FSLR junk.
  9. Everyone just hush up with your facts, I’m 50 cents away from breaking even on my remaining shares from before last earnings.
  10. Mark

    Solar News

    In case anyone missed this news yesterday, proposed ITC extension is dead: https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/u-s-lawmakers-hand-clean-energy-tax-credits-a-loss-though-wind-gets-a-win
  11. It's a turnaround play. They're going to be recognizing more revenue from existing and future clients in ways that they were dropping the ball on before. They're revamping their platform and approach to monetizing their client relationships in fairly radical ways (for them) that they should have been doing all along. Margins should improve considerably. 2019 was all about the shift to the new model and re-writing everything, 2020 is about deploying this new strategy and platform and generating profits. I agree, its ugly on paper, but CEO has been cleaning up over the last year and re-approaching things that should transform the nasty numbers starting this quarter. I'm playing some for earnings, but most immediately playing for a pop to 22-23. There are certainly many red flags. In fact, mostly red flags looking back. But forward should reflect a turnaround. Should. Should.
  12. It's a tough play now. The buyback alone could send this to 30 bucks just because. I've been trading it too, but not aggressively at all... just a few thousand shares here and there. Obviously they've all been winners. I'm actually getting aggressive on a non-solar (BNFT) while I wait for some clarity. CSIQ and JKS are too hot to touch, even with the promise of the buyback putting a constant floor in place.
  13. Mark

    Solar News

    Turned in my Jifan Gao fan club card and the polo shirt they sent me (no lie) long ago, so I’m with Klothilde here. I hope he’s right but don’t trust him much.
  14. Mark

    Solar News

    In light of the JKS news this morning and then the trade news, has your opinion changed Klothilde? I mean even if this ends up going FSLR's way in 2020, the tariffs will still be lower and CN will have flooded the market ahead of that decision. Is there any positive spin you can put on this beyond they're sold out til 2021? Not challenging you, just seeking your opinion. I dumped half of my shares today. Contemplating dumping the other half too. Bloodbath for me.
  15. Mark

    Solar News

    Ah, answered my own question, thanks to Bloomberg: The exclusion for bifacial panels will now remain in place for potentially months until the issue is resolved in court.
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