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  1. The return of Gordon Johnson with a bearish note today... "Johnson also highlighted recent comments on weakness in space from First Solar." Have they made some comments about weakness that I missed?
  2. Mark

    Solar News

    Off the topic. Do you sleep Klothilde? Seems like you post all hours of the day or night. It's like 4:30am where you are eh? Kinda making me wonder if you really are who you say you are. Maybe you owe us a selfie with a sign that says "Hi Solar Investors, its 4:15am here in New Zealand"... maybe a kangaroo or wallaby or something in the background. (Inaccurate wildlife reference placed for comedic value, I know that's AUS) 😉
  3. Mark

    Solar News

    Agreed. Let's rip the bandaid off and see what happens. Let the lower tiers sink, let the Tier 1s keep stable pricing. We've been waiting a while for this and while we may not be there just quite yet, its close enough to at least take off the training wheels while the rest of the world is picking up some of the slack.
  4. 1 week til earnings. Let's hear some predictions, number crunchers.
  5. Yeah, that's why I'm not dumping these... unless we lose 50 or something absurd. Too much big money involved to let this crash without getting out a bit higher first is how I see it. Nevertheless, they got me holding this bag of one-trick-pony-poo for a while longer.
  6. 62.89 high on tariff day, down to 54.36 now. Market seems to really believe the bi-facial tariff hype dished out by BS analysts! Thinking they're more in line with Pete here. Traded it a few times on the way down, then decided to hold some. Yet another stupid mistake.
  7. The only way this gets to $82 is if not only does worldwide demand keep improving considerably (which I believe it is), but also only if all those lower tier Chinese companies go belly up to soak up that worthless supply and if FSLR decides to finally get much more geographically diversified. Probably have to expand capacity at some point soon too. And get a Dem POTUS, or at least not a POTUS that's gonna try and do all he can do trash renewables. These stocks aren't loved enough to be cut any slack. So I guess the theory on this trip back to the mid-50s or lower is they're running it down to shake out weak hands and load up for the big ride to $82? I'll ride that ride if it happens. Certainly a sell program has been running for several days.
  8. For the record, I added some today at 55.70. Figure at some point the street will want to run this up toward 60 again.
  9. $82 seems more than laughable, downright criminal to make such a call. What about 7% off the highs since the bi-facial reversal? Once again, analysts are bullish, always means sell!
  10. Mark

    Solar News

    Are there any installers or knowledgeable people in here when it comes to array performance? We have 2 arrays on our house, all get the same amount of unblocked sun, but one panel in the array is producing a fair amount less than the others. 28 panels, all in what seems like a reasonable range, but one is a sore thumb. Our installer told me one thing, but I kinda wanted a second opinion just to be sure I wasn't getting dusted off. If you may have some insights, private message me and I'll give you some production numbers.
  11. Mark

    Solar News

    Take your pick of reasons... - FSLR still at technological and pricing disadvantage in 2021/22 (sooner?) - The market never makes any sense and loves to hate solar - Bifacial hasn't even ramped yet, but when it goes, tariffs won't matter because it'll be a more obvious choice - FSLR can't ramp up capacity quickly. They're sold out. They don't see real benefit and have to hope for safe harbor. - China oversupply I've traded in and out of FSLR 3 times today already. I do think it'll reverse, so bout to buy and hold for a bit longer than 45 seconds.
  12. Mark

    Solar News

    China demand isn't there and the electricity rate adjustment by China won't help either. FSLR would be falling because they're gonna have to compete in a lower ASP environment... well, that's the market theory, despite being sold out for the next couple years. I sold off my remaining CSIQ shares today and am also going to the sidelines. I'll trade a small hand if i see an opportunity (did once today already), but no holding for me. Disgusted, because I think they're positioned best of any of them right now. One thing being totally ignored is EU solar growth and Tiawan's ambitions, not to mention other countries which will soak up a lot of that China shortfall. But with solars and Trump/trade issues, who in their right mind would buy right now is how I see it. We'll need one of the puppets to come out and say selloff is overdone and global demand will make up for China. I don't think this selloff is totally justified, but I get why they're doing it. Wall Street loves trashing the solars. Qu would be best off taking this private now and listing in China. Oh and we're in a manufacturing recession. And Trump seems fine with burning down the castle to make a point or get his family lower interest rates.
  13. Mark

    Solar News

    Eager to hear your thoughts on all this China news lately, Klothilde.
  14. Mark

    Solar News

  15. Mark

    Solar News

    So which analyst will jump in here and say the selloff is overdone and China demand will be picked up by other regions? Someone? Anyone?
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