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  2. Thematic ETFs

    I have no renewables unless you include Yaskawa inverters. I have only one stock REIT, SBRA, and BOTZ for automation and AI, MJX for marijuana and BLOK for blockchain. Try to keep this setup for a bit. BLOK is blockchain, but no cryptocurrencies at this time. I kind of like it as I am not sure what drives. Between the three T ETFs I have exposure to over 100 companies. So far so good. Not sure about the password problem. You can login and stay login perhaps this will help?
  3. Thematic ETFs

    Very good set up, and like to see your breakdowns. My profile shows %, but only exposure to one stock SBRA, which has picked the pieces up today. BLCN was a bit more expensive for me, but BLOK charges more as it is actively traded, not yearly or quarterly, so it is more than just index follower. I sold KARS as it is too thinly traded at this time.
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  5. Thematic ETFs

    Check out this ETF (they invest in Bitcoin too when it's profitable): https://ark-funds.com/arkk Dydo, I don't post often because every time I login I need to reset my password, but thanks again for hosting this. My only renewable holdings now are SEDG and BEP. Gold miners began a bull run after the December Fed meeting and half my portfolio are in about a dozen of them recommended by SomaBull on SA. Also own AMD and XIN - a GEO pick (see SA article).
  6. Thematic ETFs

    Picked up some blcn this morning. That rounds out my growth/emerging markets plays with appx 7% invested ETF botz - robotics/AI mjx = marijuana/medicine blcn - block chain entry Stock mlnlf = Lithium mining
  7. Thematic ETFs

    Sold KARS too slow. Bought more MJX.
  8. Thematic ETFs

    I sold ILCN this morning at 9.67. Seems lifeless after two days; bought BLOK also reducing SBRA.
  9. Solar News

    I think its peaking. Especially given the wording in the 201, leaving the door open to negotiation if poly tariffs are revisited. I sold all my DQ a week or so ago. I may trade it on big selloffs to try and grab 2-3% here and there, but not holding it.
  10. Solar News

    The latter. The former would be outrageous and unprecedented (at least at such a scale). However I don't think the Chinese are so stupid as to cancel FITs without replacing them by other sort of incentives as there is ample evidence that grid parody is by no means enough to spur PV demand by itself. There are plenty of countries who are deep within grid parody and where PV is nowhere to be seen. Has to do with the fact that you need parody on a dispatchable basis on not only on LCOE. Know sayn?
  11. Thematic ETFs

    A final diversification step ahead, BLOK or BLCN. I am more into BLOK. This is not pure blockchain ETF, but something which can grow to be. I think I would be able to cover all areas of growth and keep one dividend producing REIT for 2018.
  12. Solar News

    Do you read that as all PV projects will have their FIT cancelled or that only new projects as of those dates will have the FIT cancelled?
  13. Solar News

    Poly dropping again on sunsirs. So is poly peaking? Let's all chime in, what do we make of this?
  14. Solar News

    China getting rid of FITs: http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20180122PD201.html
  15. Solar News

    I found the fact sheet for the 201 decision. I'm not 100% certain because of the wording, but it sounds to me like imports from Canada will be taxed as well. Can you guys confirm? https://ustr.gov/sites/default/files/files/Press/fs/201 FactSheet.pdf Do we have the first ASP estimates for the years to come? Need that for my FSLR model.
  16. Solar News

    this is why I like to own ICLN rather than direct stocks. I am going to try to buy more ICLN with SBRA dividends.
  17. Solar News

    "In a statement, the administration said it would now look to open negotiations on existing anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on Chinese solar products and the reciprocal duties placed on US polysilicon by Beijing."
  18. Solar News

    "The U.S. Trade Representative’s office responded to a pv magazine email and indicated there were no countries exempted from the solar tariff decision, although it wasn’t clear if Singapore was included."
  19. Thematic ETFs

    MJX is exploding https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/22/marijuana-etf-manager-sam-masucci-interview-on-fast-money.html?__source=yahoo|finance|headline|headline|story&par=yahoo&doc=104960297&yptr=yahoo
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  21. Solar News

    30% tariffs not sure about Canada.DQ sinks, why?
  22. Daqo (DQ)

    Tax included in the price makes sense. Thanks
  23. Daqo (DQ)

    154 RMB https://pv.energytrend.com/pricequotes.html 154 RMB / 6.4 (USD/CNY) / 1.17 (Tax) = 20.5 $/Kg @ that Price DQ (21,000 tons 2018) would earn $17 EPS But I was talking about the year 2020
  24. Daqo (DQ)

    Thank you for the clarifications on the process. I was under the wrong impression Daqo second phase was a FBR process which is why they had suck low costs. The current 155RMB is >$24/Kg and that is a down price? PvInsights has the max price @$20.60 for PV grade.
  25. Thematic ETFs

    KARS is also getting volume today. I am really hopeful with this one.
  26. Daqo (DQ)

    The Bear Case, 2020 In The Bear Case Polysilicon Price in China for electronic, mono-wafer, n-wafer and heterojunction: $13 DQ ASP: $ 12.5 Polysilicon Price in China for multi-wafer: $ 12 Polysilicon Price in the small international market (pvenergytrend): $10 Polysilicon Price in the small international market (pvinsights): $9.5 In The Bear Case, DQ: $8.5 EPS, $64 Equilty Book Value, 14% RoE The interesting question is that in The Bear Case all the producers are toast, nobody has CashFlow to grow, and DQ (the lowest cost producer) has CashFlow to grow, and maybe in 2030 will be a 90,000 tons gorilla
  27. Daqo (DQ)

    "Does not Daqo make lower quality poly from their FBR process vs the electronics grade poly that is made using Siemens reactors?" FBR ? This is crazy talk Daqo use closed-loop modified Siemens process, and now 40% is electronics grade and in 2020 maybe 80% will be electronics grade Polysilicon Price, What Polysilicon Price January 19, 2018 "As the Lunar New Year approaches, China put several projects on hold (...) https://www.pvinfolink.com/single-post/2018/01/19/Cell-Prices-to-Plummet-as-Off-Peak-Season-Arrives Although the off-peak season has arrived, polysilicon makers are still running at full capacities, leading to continuous tight supply. The average trading price reached RMB 153-158/kg."
  28. Thematic ETFs

    bought ICLN hoping for a mild treatment for tariffs and encouraged by JKS news.
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