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  2. How to update your portfolio, simple guide How to update portfolio.docx
  3. Think you are right, especially after today. From previous experiences, it will lag for a while then catch up. But still jks's pop helps big time.
  4. I find it very interesting that JKS is such a favorite. Reading that mono materials are dropping in value and not the cost, could catch few people by surprise. I really think that Canadian will remain in the back until the US portfolio is sold and JREIT is done. It does not appear Q2 will have any updates on this so, "me too"approach can only get you so far.
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  6. It sure seems out of favor compared to JKS, but I think the gap will narrow again.
  7. CSIQ in a dumpster suddenly. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  8. We are not having another topic Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  9. Trina also getting into perovskite. But from what I understand current tech breaks down after time & in light.
  10. just some forward thinking ( i think we need another topic like "strategy / ideas". So if Suniva is a no go, then we are going to see a drop off in demand. Well either way we are going to see a drop off in demand. If everyone is ordering now for the future. Then now we have a FIT cliff meeting a Suniva cliff.
  11. you can use the profile to show your holdings. That way, you don't have to declare it when it changes and can be tracked by others.
  12. Added some CSIQ at 17 as well.
  13. I'm 10%
  14. warning to everyone. I'm in with a 5% CSIQ stake.
  15. Could you find the original from CS? CS is all over the map with valuation methods. This is their JKS valuation from June 6. Just a 7.5 2018 EPS. " Estimates and valuation update: We lower our 2017 non-GAAP EPS estimate to $1.89 (from $2.34) due to lower gross profit in the year. But we increase our 2018/19 non-GAAP EPS estimate to $2.64/$2.77 (from $2.42/2.66) due to lower interest expense as the company has paid down its convertible debt. Our volume, ASP and cost assumptions are unchanged. Our TP of $20 is based on a 7.5x multiple over 2018 EPS (in line with 2014- 15 NTM average multiple), and reflects 1x replacement value. Key risks are potential US tariff, growing oversupply, demand weakness, and cost trajectory. "
  16. good time favorable to buy, have to be patient with it.
  17. Csiq gives back all of its yesterday's gain. Just added a bit more here.
  18. I re-bought CSIQ Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  19. SEDG Q2 2017 Results
  20. seems like 16 PE is gaining traction with CS in CHina
  21. If any new trend becomes at the verge of commercialization foresight to be present for it makes a lot a sense in order to keep the lead. We have a variety of locations, why not have a variety of materials? Companies like FSLR and CSIQ may be tested if they do not take in open-minded, as you call it, attitude. Qu seems to repeat everywhere how "technolg" with the silence "y" is making his company stand out, I hope the substance of this statement does not end on black silicon.
  22. The portfolio and the funds component were printing their 146th drawdown day yesterday. Continuously new record for the portfolio while the existing record for the funds is 163 days which I expect to be broken 2-3 weeks from now. Maybe more interesting the stocks component printed a new all time high yesterday and thus came out of a 498 days long drawdown which of course is a the new record (the portfolio is just a few months older than that). I hope it will stand a while. It will for at least 498 days now.
  23. If this spreads there is a new very solid market segment. The cost and economics of it becomes secondary as the investment is a small mandate part of a very big investment for a home buyer. Importing panels at double price might not be considered as big an issue for this segment as for the utility segment.
  24. After investing in tons of c-Si ingot furnaces and wafer slicing saws they are hedging with bets on next gen TF to give FSLR a match if TF should gain over wafer based cells. I'm not sure how to feel about it. I guess it is good to invest where it makes sense today, but keep an open mind about tomorrow.
  25. Some very important points beyond the installation volume: Distributed solar accounts for almost a third of installations Idled solar capacity falls 5 percentage points in period The growth in distributed solar-power projects stands to help manufacturers led by JinkoSolar Holding Co. and Trina Solar Ltd. weather a slump in demand for bigger projects far from cities, where a lack of grid connections and a flood of new projects has prompted regulators to seek slower growth from that part of the industry. About 7 percent of China’s solar-power generation was idle in the first half, down 5 percentage points from a year earlier, Xing said, signalling that more capacity is linking up to the grid. This indicates that China has sorted out a lot of issues needed for scalable solar deployment. And once something is scalable and lucrative in China it will scale. The smog choking people of the country made it the politically correct thing to do too and politicians seem to have succeeded in adding incentives and eliminating barriers and bottlenecks to unleash the deployment beast.
  26. Jinko evaluating perovskite cell technology, Things are moving at a rapid pace in our solar universe
  27. Yes, that was discussed, not a lot of credibility missing a major point like that. However, the solar stocks moving up strong is a Chinese market phenomenon as well.
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