Hello Everyone,

Currently, SPVI articles are indexed under Google News (all) and Google Finance (some). SPVI is hoping to attract value content to the site by utilizing the already-extensive resources and the gathering of minds we have here. If you are eager to express your views to a greater community than just the solar forums here, maybe you will be interested in joining us as a writer.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a writer for SPVI can offer his/her interest by using this form, subject "SPVI Author."

We will give you access to the site, where you can submit articles. Articles must contain a write-up about at least one US-listed solar company (they must include the Google Finance ticker symbol), but can include all kind of topics: technology, markets, operations, global, local and any other background.

SPVI will provide professional proofreading for any article accepted for publication by the committee, consisting of long-term members of the SPVI forum. The material will be reviewed for accuracy and facts. Links to support statements/facts will be also required. Articles will be reviewed within 24 hours of submission.

Normally, our articles have on average around 500 to 1000 unique views (as per Google analytics). SPVI will pay $15 CAD per 500 unique visitors for published articles. This will be based on 30 days running from the date of publication. The committee will verify the statistics and notify authors with data from Google Analytics. Article length should be limited to 1200 words (without charts, tables, etc.)

Articles can be longer, but the additional cost of the proofread above the word limit will be shared. Normally, it costs $1 per 100 words, so a 1500-word article will cost an extra $3.00. If the article has a minimum of 500 unique views, we will deduct the $3.00 from the payout. Payment is made for 500 unique views or more. No payments will be made below 500 unique views for a single article. Each 100 views will pay $3.00 CAD extra. Views under 500 per article will be combined to allow for payment using the same payment schedule. Example: article A with 450 unique views and article B with 340 views will trigger payment of $24.00 CAD ($15 for >500 and $9 for >300).

The author is required to use a first and last name (it can be an alias, but we encourage the use of real names). There will be a disclosure requirement on stock ownership. Articles need to be original and cannot appear in any other publication. Payments would be made only by PayPal.


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