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  1. solarpete

    Solar News

    Not so horrible, although aggravating. The basic problem is, China can build new solar projects faster than it can connect them to its grid. Generally, that's a good problem to have. The transmission issues will be solved--China has separate initiatives to address those. In the meantime, this is just more proof that the trend is towards more solar, not less.
  2. solarpete

    Daqo (DQ)

    Interesting that their operations in China are seeing greater demand.
  3. solarpete

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    This after the price is already at 20.50 and the company just released positive news on volumes and margins. Yes, nothing like "breaking news" (the headline on the web page) stating the obvious. I keep wondering, who PAYS these guys to do "analysis" like this? Of course, as a former meteorologist (and worse, "space weather" forecaster), I know all about being a paid liar. But the accuracy of my forecasts aside (grin), at least I put them out BEFORE the events in question had already happened....
  4. solarpete

    Solar News

    Maybe. But more likely it's just profit-taking from the huge run we've had over the past few weeks. At least I hope it's just that....
  5. solarpete

    First Solar (FSLR)

    I trust statements from companies and their CEOs as far as I can throw them. I've been burned NUMEROUS times by companies explicitly stating they would NOT do x, y, or z, only to have them turn around and do EXACTLY that, sometimes only a week later! Having said that, there is no doubt something optimistic is afoot in the solar space. (Have you looked at DQ lately?) No reason FSLR shouldn't share in that general optimism.
  6. solarpete

    JinkoSolar (JKS)

    Bite your tongue!! (On that go-private offering....)
  7. solarpete

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Hopefully not for a buyout at 18.60! Chuckle....
  8. solarpete

    Solar News

    SWEET!!!! So prices are expected to rise, while everyone keeps cutting costs. Means margins will inflate. And with over 100 GW being installed worldwide year after year, volume is no problem. Good volume + increasing margins = good profit growth! Could we finally be on the verge of turning the corner--permanently?! The optimism in this article certainly explains the rise in share prices we've seen across the board recently. Think I'll keep my still-underwater positions in CSIQ, JKS, and DQ a bit longer.
  9. solarpete

    Solar News

    And DQ is recovering as well, up day after day on higher than average volume. I haven't seen any news, but it sure looks like someone is building a position.
  10. solarpete

    Solar News

    That's insanely cheap! Let storage (battery) technology keep improving as well, and the end of fossil fuel power generation is in sight. Volume at least should explode. Now let's just hope panel manufacturers can keep at least around 10% margins on their operations. Otherwise, it's more profitless prosperity.
  11. solarpete

    Trading Strategy

    Holy cow!! You ARE your own fund at this point.
  12. solarpete

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Quick follow-up, as I just saw Explo's post in Solar News about the JASO relisting. Looks like they sold out for 360M here, then sold themselves to a new buyer in China for 1.1B. So they're being valued over there more than twice what they were valued here. Hardly "cratering."
  13. solarpete

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Have they? I haven't tried looking up prices on the Chinese market. But it would be good to know the incentive to stiff US shareholders is gone. I still hope both TSL and JASO go belly-up over there. Not that I'm vengeful (chuckle).... If you've been keeping up with the solar sector press, you know the impact of 5/31 isn't nearly as bad as was initially feared. I respect your opinion, but it is just that--your opinion, and one that is not shared by people paid to analyze this sector in detail. (Not that their prognostications are necessarily much better.) And yes, 18 is a good price now. But 2019 is forecast to be BETTER than 2018. So prices should get even better in 2019. All also just in MY opinion, of course.
  14. solarpete

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    The Chairman wanting to take the company private at about this price would seem to disagree with you.
  15. solarpete

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    If your math is correct, they'd be smarter to just shut down their business right now.