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  1. Hi Kloth, no bad vibes. Just patiently waiting for it to hit 40 before August Remember that in stock speculation the big money is not made by thinking but by sitting.
  2. tupapa

    Solar News

    It is fascinating watching the decoupling between CSIQ and FSLR these days, CSIQ moving up like a rocket whereas FSLR just can't get it up, drowning down into the solar abyss. Is the market starting to price in the end of the trade war, lifting of solar tariffs and the realization of FSLRs noncompetitivess or are other factors at play? We could see huge upswings oin CNsolars if a trade deal is announced.
  3. Hold on my friend, TAN has formed a 9 year accumulation base circa 18 USD. It is unlikely that the sector will revisit the lows again, next hurdle is the 2018 highs at 26 once we clear that level the secular bull trend will be confirmed providing large returns over the coming years. And by large returns I mean 300-500% if we pick the winners. I am betting on the largest returns coming from China and EU players.
  4. I rely on tehnicaly analysis as I explained in one of my my previous posts. What are you relying on for your csiq ending the year in the red estimate? Your forecast already seems unlikely and I have a feeling that it will age embarrassingly off target.
  5. This is the shape of jealousy, to be updated as the year unfolds. The beauty will be seeing AOC elected and the US covered with CSIQ panels 😄
  6. It's taking off folks! Watch out for 40 before August, now is not the time to take a quick buck.
  7. Actually the market seems to be thinking quite the opposite, namely that csiqs earnings are heading north whilst fslr's are heading south. Which is why CSIQ was up 3% yesterday whilst fslr was down 5%. Simple.
  8. Good on you unloading that POS before the close, I would give up the rest today. FSLR targeting 2.5 EPS for 2019 while CSIQ making 3 EPS for 2018. FSLR trading at 20 x Forecasted earnings. CSIQ trading at 7 x current earnings. Why would anybody in their right mind be buying FSLR over CSIQ? And all this without taking into account the end of the Trade War which will make chinese producers even more competitive. If the trade war ends in the near future, I can very easily see CSIQ trading above FSLR's nominal price.
  9. After a 3 year accumulation range between 12-20 minimum upside is 100%. Csiq is also tehnicaly a lot stronger than its peers. It only needs to increase by 100% to return to its 2008 highs whereas fslr would need to go up by 500%. The market is telling us that it is extremely unlikely that fslr will outperform csiq this year.
  10. tupapa

    Solar News

    Hey klothy honest question here, if you don't believe the outlook for the solar industry is positive why have you remained invested for this long?
  11. You are clueless. Went long csiq yesterday, minimum 6 month target 40s
  12. tupapa

    Solar News

    Great news everyone, AOC pushing for U.S. to be Carbon Neutral by 2030: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/07/aoc-just-updated-her-massive-green-new-deal--heres-whats-in-it.html?recirc=taboolainternal This would bring unprecedent growth in Solar PV in the U.S. let's all hope the fat, greedy orangutan is replaced in 2020!
  13. Regarding Daqo I wrote on this forum that I would be closing my possition after the stock collapsed on extraordinary earnings, showing something fishy was going on behind the scenes. Glad to hear that about your profits and I hope you can unload that POS firstsolar at a good price. It will likely fall into the gutter once the trade sanctions are lifted and it is no longer competitive with its chinese peers.
  14. I can see the past year has turned you into a more bitter fellow, which is unsurprising given the poor performance of most solar stocks but this needen't be the case in the coming years. I'm very grateful to this forum, specially Robert and H20 since I learnt a lot from both of these members and had large profits with Daqo in 2018. I just wanted to share my view that I believe it is probable that the solar sector is making another turn to the upside and long term bets could produce ample profits in the future. Solar still only ptovides 0.6% of the world's energy consumption, the growth potential is huge and CSIQ is in a great possition to capitalize it.
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