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  1. Trading Solars

    any idea why RUN is 7% down today? I can not find any bad news.
  2. Trading Solars

    totally agreed. That is why I re-bought ($15.02) CSIQ after selling it just before earnings. Target is $24-25.
  3. Trading Solars

    I am closely aligned with a few private companies. They could easily go public at nine-figure valuations, but the thought of being public companies is simply abhorrent to their management.
  4. Trading Solars

    $15 CSIQ looks amazingly cheap vs its peers. Unfortunately it means nothing in terms of share price. While JKS made a sizable rally from 17 to 29 CSIQ made almost nothing. I do not see too much downside from 15 unless a general market crashes. But a general market today consists almost out of FANG and related stocks (they are responsible for 75% of general market moves) i.e. totally under control.
  5. TerraForm Power, Inc. (TERP)

    It seems to me this time is too dangerous to hold any stock long. No matter what current and even future fundamentals the stock presents it will be taken down along with others. I see a lot of advantages holding TERP but it won't help the stock now. It is not an appropriate to discuss share price on this valuable site (rather business), nevertheless I'd like to share my view: if a general and especially oil market turmoil is extended for the next several weeks or a couple of months we will get a chance to buy prime solar stocks (CSIQ, JKS, FSLR, TERP) 20-30% below their current level. Since SUNE still has a deep ties with TERP and since SUNE is sooner or later will go under, I expect a certain discount in TERP share price. The only positive momentum can be here if Vivint deal is cancelled. Since SUNE refused to provide access to books I expect that they are cooked to a certain extent. Very interesting development takes place. It looks like a big pressure put on D. Tepper from the WS.
  6. TerraForm Power, Inc. (TERP)

    another proof that something wrong with SUNE. I can confirm that they did not answer emails including my 3 emails. $3 price talks for itself: the stock lost 90% within less than 4 months. We had this kind of debacles only in 2008. When I make DD a quality of management is #1 criterion. A great example is BBRY vs AAPL. BBRY ALREADY had a lion share in smart mobile phone world while AAPL just started this business. We know an outcome and this is entirely due to quality of leaders. If you come back to solars a starting point for LDK and CSIQ was equal. When LDK CEO begun a buying spree, borrowing beyond any reasonable limits, I sold out all my LDK shares in $12-14 range (losing 30%) and forgot about the stock.
  7. TerraForm Power, Inc. (TERP)

    Definitely you are right ODYD. All those "downgraders" are paid for providing their payee "ideas". In reality my only concern is: the same governing in all 3 companies (SUNE, TERP and GLBL). SUNE execs. team proved to be weak and incompetent. Just a simple comparison to CSIQ/FSLR management actions tells the whole story. Probably Mr. Market does not believe in SUNE guys ability to make right decisions despite all the support provided by deep pocket lenders. I exclude from this valuation a fraud as a conspiracy approach though a probability of dirty plan set from the beginning is high enough to put it aside. JMHO: TERP share price is close to the bottom though a further downside is still possible. SUNE eventually will go under. In this case it is an interesting question how SUNE assets will be redistributed among its subsidies.
  8. Solar News

    absolutely right and these companies are: CSIQ, FSLR, TSL and JKS. All others are probably will be out of market within next 2-4 years.