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  1. I need to apologize for this. Due to Google not even crawling the site, I chose to move the article for one more attempt with SA.
  2. Another staple from SPVI , short interest data. this time in the form of the link http://solarpvinvestor.com/database/short-interest-data/short-interest-2012
  3. Let see if momo drivers have gas in it or all they start piling at the exits. The wall is a hoax which will never happen. Suniva is real and will happen. I bet most buying do not know the difference between Suniva and stevia. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  4. I will publish on the website today it will be less price relevant and more detail important. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  5. I cannot if the article is premium. I use the money made on sa to support the site. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  6. They need certain format which requires recommendation. I also put too much technical data and that puts editors off. You have to make it clear, which frequently means superficial. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  7. CSIQ is now beyond my pt JKS has legs to 22.9 Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  8. The wall happened yesterday. Selective fee bought and wildfire like news took over today. It the most silly reason. I am going to come like short when my SA article gets published since last two sitting in editorial limbo Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  9. JA looks like it has very small amount of sales on export, versus their projections. Those sales in Mainland will offset this hopefully.
  10. Streetinsider is confirming Trumps wall as a reason for solar move up why the most stupid thing is responsible for uplift? This industry is hopeless. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  11. Roth has 13 target on CSIQ after Q1 so not sure what is changed. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  12. I am convinced that some naive people went to buy solar because Trump said to built a wall of solar. I can see short selling unleash hell after momo trades lose the floor. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  13. It is rather funny. We spend days tracking paint dry and when the stock goes up 15% in two days we have no clue. I suppose someone who is buying is seeing something I do not. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  14. I cannot think of bottom with Suniva in front of us. CSIQ will only have 2.1gw in third part sales as long as they sell solar plants in H2. This means 3.5b in revenue a drastic drop. 1.55 on my part I is assuming a lot good which may not work. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  15. Is this Trumps solar wall with Mexico reaction? There will be a lot of bagholders left if the case. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  16. CSIQ has almost reached my price target. Too many risks to sustain this value. I missed 1.20 ride I am not buying it. JKS has about 2 left in it but buying on a high day like that is asking for trouble. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  17. New report form this week http://solarpvinvestor.com/spvi-news/350-weekly-solar-market-price-trends-mainland-china-report-10
  18. Explo, I have a question for you on GM from Jinko. At the $0.395 ASP and the internal cost of $0.35, this is about 11.40%. They said they had 30% of 2.068GW as OEM. 5% of m-PERC I put at 22%, so OEM gives me 8.9% is this how you see this? thanks
  19. I found this headline but I am not sure what this is about. Singapore financier joins Canadian Solar. A Singapore-based project financier has joined Canadian.... The stock has moved too well, so it could be a news in the morning.
  20. Canadian Solar Inc. (the "Company" or "Canadian Solar") (NASDAQ: CSIQ), one of the world's largest solar companies, today announced the delivery 26 MW of its high quality and high-performing CS6P-P solar power modules to EPC Contractor TSK Solar for the "San Fermin" solar power plant installation in Puerto Rico, co-developed by firms Uriel Renewables inc. and Coqui Power LLC. The solar power plant is located in the North Eastern town of Loiza, a region that regularly faces adverse weather conditions such as hurricanes, tropical storms and flooding. Due to the specific nature of the project and its location, the project's electrical equipment were installed on structures that elevated them two to four meters above ground, and have also been designed to withstand winds of up to 260 kilometers per hour. http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=196781&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1740448&highlight=
  21. I think tomorrow and Friday will cave, so I hope. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  22. I hate selling at work I went to the meeting and set the sell order for 13.99. Now i have no stock. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  23. Oil is officially out as the influence? Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  24. I agree that we are bottom forming for some time and selling is riskier than holding. I am hopeful to see a drop but I am sure one of those times it will not come down. I hope this is not one of them. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  25. We thought it would JKS taking the credit on this. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk