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  1. Trading Strategy

    Hi Robert, I am wondering what your current view might be on PEGI post Trump's tariff ? I am having a general rethink about the renewable space vs EV metals etc. Do you think there are any near term catalysts? Worth continuing to hold? Separately I can now access KARS although chart not working looks like $25.20 is the stable offer at NAV. Did you get discount to NAV , not sure how liquid it is? Finally have you looked at direct HKG shares in China EV brands (obviously costs /complexities etc ) as my only niggle about KARS is what looks like low relative holdings exposure to China where most of the main action is in the next few years I think (although EV rising everywhere) based on full holdings ?? What do you think?. Really appreciate your thoughts on PEGI
  2. Solar News

    Really good how you have added etf section. Why just BOTZ? vs ROBO or ROBO + BOTZ??
  3. Solar News

    Had a look , many trying in this space for adding PV capacity to materials , eg old Dyesol, (now greatcell solar asx (perovskites / thin film )looks fairly early stage . What do you think of http://www.raytonsolar.com/technology ??
  4. Trading Strategy

    Thanks Robert great tip, I am also in BOTZ and ROBO and EV metals . ATB
  5. Solar News

    Thanks Tupapa , in that area most of the time and think PL is one of the good options in this space although there are several competing, I think the team is very experienced and trial has gone well. Have you bought POWR as yet? Which exchange did you use/ think is best for this?
  6. Solar News

    Thanks Tupapa, recent days have seen a much better potential entry point (!) , I'm watching the space closely. GLTA
  7. Trading Strategy

    Hi Robert and everyone, I'm wondering if any news/thoughts re the NYLD sale and especially also re NEP and PEGI potential purchases of assets - these deals all seem to have gone quiet based on the little info I can find - anyone else heard anything ? PEGI and NEP been stuck lower and NYLD remains rangebound. I'm wondering if its that the (1) tax cuts have impacted on tax equity financing , (2) Uncertainty re trump decision re suniva outcome and/or (3) they were overvalued and this is the new normal or (4) markets getting edgy generally so a pullback? I would really value others thoughts as I'm thinking through even the utility space . Spent the time viewing this today - lots of themes everyone will be aware of but how they have been put together across sectors I found interesting Tony Seba - disruption https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=2b3ttqYDwF0 All the best.
  8. Solar News

    Thanks Tupapa definitely keen, in Australia household pv is massive and accelerating. Roadmap and whitepaper v impressive and real.
  9. Solar News

    Also is there much of a n initial bump on ico listing which settles or best to get day 1? Thoughts on entry timing?
  10. Solar News

    Thank you for the reply and also agree 're tokens you mentioned as was aware 're the trading trial but not how to invest. Would you mind telling me which exchanges and wallets you think most secure and reliable atm as seems like a lot of choices and want to avoid the scams. Are you paying with eth or other currency and any thoughts 're newer coin currencies? Not sure if there is a pm facility here if you prefer. Have done a bit of reading since my last posting - super interesting.
  11. Solar News

    Agree very interesting. The problem I find is that quite a few interesting technologies are hard to invest in as held privately (eg hydrostor or primus power has great technology although redflow rfx:asx [interest declared] is listed - thinking flow batteries will gain for static applications as the lithium for ev squeeze intensifies). Wanting to invest in blockchain generally but avoiding the coinspace atm as super volatile and lots of issues./hard to value). Any stocks in renewables or more generally you have found to invest in blockchain more fundamentally? OSTK was looking interesting (not renewable per se) but few issues. ??Any thoughts?
  12. Trading Solars

    Agree, I'm holding NEP, PEGI for longterm and NYLD for a sale. Out of renewables or at a tangent some highly speculative lithium/?gold plays for fun that are cheap and hopefully of value! Altura mining and Sayona mining (interest declared).
  13. Solar News

    today 26th BMO is NEP Q3, big drop recently - Florida effect? or buying opportunity?
  14. Trading Solars

    On a different tack noticing that NYLD moving up consistently past few sessions now $19.15 - on increased volume. ?news leaking ahead of imminent sale announcement?
  15. Thanks, I did look at ENB and can see its attraction clearly but too much Bakken etc for me personally. I have been looking at DENERG recently as offshore wind now cheaper than new gas in some markets, also VWS a lot of growth .