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    Beyond Solar

    Portola is purely the revenue growth story. If think of the revenue of $100M in 2019, the PE is about 10. In my opinion there is a potential for recovery beyond 20 but patience would be advisable. Too many shortsellers are crowding the stock. I do not own it for sometime. I am to engaged elsewhere and do not have cash. If I did I likely would buy to see where it goes. Proceed with caution
  2. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    No idea. I think the transparency behind some of the moves are pressing the shares as timelines allow shorts to act.
  3. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    Sangamo 2020 pipeline slide
  4. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    Once again Sangamo got destroyed. Phase 3 for hemophilia confirmed and transferred to Pfizer with IND done in new year.
  5. Hi there, we have received enough contributions to give us additional two years of hosting. Thank you everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Enjoy the holiday season.
  6. Hi all we have received additional $96 CAD (after PayPal tax). Thank you everyone for your contributions.
  7. Hi all, a final request for this year, we are still short $165 CAD before PayPal tax for the two year plan for hosting. In Christmas spirit I hope we can get support from the members, visitors.... We have Google ads as well, but nobody is clicking those....the traffic is really small as well. All the best
  8. I moved PEGI thread into M&A folder. Thanks
  9. I did not read the article so cannot comment on it. I imagine Hobo offers logical and analytical support for his outcomes. My view about Sunpower based on results of the company could not be more accurate, yet the market has kept the zombie intact to prove me wrong. My points in my articles were always logical, but logic is not necessarily mother of success in the market, certainly not in a short term. The emotion is. SPWR is splitting its unprofitable business, which I think allows it to be absorbed into fog of nothing in time. In a short term there is an excitement that parts of zero will produce better result than zero. I do not buy it, and I have not bought SPWR having a future for likely a half a decade. Yet the company is still here. Canadian Solar did pretty much everything right, it is one of most profitable companies in solar universe for period of 10 years, next to FSLR. I am sure someone could do a decade analysis on this to support my off cuff statement. Optics show that under $15 CSIQ is much more attractive than FSLR. Yet the chances are FSLR will be gaining here and FSLR will linger down to $12. CSIQ transitioned every piece of plan into action, modified it but managed. Since the prophecies about Canadian plants sold and disintegration of CSIQ as inevitable soon after, they won in Japan, won in Brazil, won in Mexico. Finally, they won in the US despite another prophecy about leading to bankruptcy acquisition of Recurrent. Still for someone who got up from a decade-long coma and looked at the company today it remains as never fulfilled opportunity. This is the issue for solar as whole. A paradise for traders but nightmare for long term investors.
  10. A pretty good evidence how investing in solar has zero logical predictability. FSLR earning cents with PE of 60s and Canadian with market cap lesser than bankrupt Sunpower.
  11. Hi all, delayed thank you for another contribution received recently, overall we are about $164.50 from achieving our goal for hosting costs' based on my estimate. The renewal is in August 2020, so still plenty of time, to make a donation. All the best
  12. CANADIAN SOLAR SETS A 22.80% CONVERSION EFFICIENCY WORLD RECORD FOR P-TYPE LARGE AREA MULTI-CRYSTALLINE SILICON SOLAR CELL http://investors.canadiansolar.com/news-releases/news-release-details/canadian-solar-sets-2280-conversion-efficiency-world-record-p
  13. We have received additional $121.80 (after fees). The total collected is $587.65, leaving $212.35 for our overall goal. Once again, thank you to all who have donated to the cause.
  14. Hi all, we are looking for the $334 to support 2 years of hosting please consider it, to make us going. Thank you to all who has donated $466 in total.
  15. we have received additional $50, after fees, we have $334.15 left to cover, and total donated is $465.85
  16. We just received a substantial $200 contribution. After fees we have currently $418 donated, and balance of $382 Thank you all for your contributions,
  17. We have collected $225.70 to date, $574.30 ( after PP fees) remains to be collected. Thank you to the contributors for keeping us running.
  18. Thank you we just received $135 minus 5.30 charge or 129.70. 670.7 left, thank you
  19. Hi all, A site update for all the members. August 11, 2020, the current hosting plan expires. I have checked around and the plan with current provider is about $20 per month, including SSL certificate, a $100 value a year. The plan price is a 41% discount for 36 months, as of today. There is also a $70 for backup for the same period. Anyways the total including tax is about $800 Canadian and I am asking for collection today, a year ahead of the deadline. This is about $600 US. Donations button is available and can be used for this purpose I will update sparingly when a donation is received. Sometimes PayPal fails to deliver the message upon deposit, so send me a message or reply to this, if you make one. Thank you for your support and have a great year of trading and enjoyable discussions
  20. Ah Sunpower an accounting gimmick reduces negative equity, and stock is double the market cap of CSIQ. Very good at least everyone else enjoys this on a smaller scale.
  21. Expired SSL certificate caused the security risk message. Site is now restored. Thanks
  22. dydo

    Beyond Solar

    Looks like SGMO got finally their research to yield continuous stable result. Hemophilia A trial with Pfizer got updated last night. Comparable companies have 3 times market value average. If you risk tolerable could be the start of big return.
  23. I like the fact of margin being plus 20% likely now less than 4 cents. The ability to build solar plants and the cost of energy produced is a show of delivery for renewables having this cost. CSIQ is still worth a $1B and so is SPWR. Canadian delivered its business model but the price is really frozen in time. Maybe the next 10 years will be the decade of solar?
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