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  1. Trading Solars

    Thanks, Robert.
  2. Trading Solars

    Thanks for your reply. I feel the same way as you. Just wanted to hear others' opinions.
  3. Trading Solars

    Hello all. It's been a long time since I have posted on these boards, but still recognize a lot of the old names. Looks like there has been a lot of good discussion here lately. I was very lucky to exit my JASO position yesterday at $8.14 (one of the few good moves I have made lately). Owned it since $5, so am very happy with that trade. Now that I am sitting on all cash again, I am considering entering DQ. It is and has been my favorite stock in the solar space. I did not have a chance to listen to the call. Was there anything at all that was said that would indicate that business would be slowed or earnings impacted in the next few quarters? Everything I read was very positive. What would warrant an 8% drop in their stock today? Is it just games being played? Thanks