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  1. Love it. So excited for this thing to fly. Gap up tomorrow - 25 million shares short are going to get roasted.
  2. This is such an exciting time to be an Enphase investor. Everything seems to be falling right into line. Badri is really a great leader and has done a great job executing their long term vision.
  3. Enphase announced 4th Q CC for Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 4:30 PM EST. It is one week earlier than anticipated and is moving strongly today. SPWR also announced their upcoming CC for Wednesday, February 12.
  4. LONGi guides doubling of net profits to new record for 2019 https://www.pv-tech.org/news/longi-guides-doubling-of-net-profits-to-new-record-for-2019
  5. I have absolutely no doubt. Their revenue and earnings growth warrant a much higher share price. I expect earnings of over 2.50 per share in 2020. Analysts are starting to figure it out. This is a volatile sucker, but I do not care. It is going much higher. Surprised more people on this forum do not own Enphase. It really is a gem.
  6. Absolutely love Enphase. I am not sure many solar stock investors, who do not follow it, truly understand it's earnings growth potential over the next year and beyond. I am buying Enphase stock hand over fist on every pullback. I think it is a slam dunk if you can stomach the volatility (which there is a lot of). Best of luck!
  7. Sure it looks tempting. I bet it looked tempting at 40 also. But you never know how far it will drop and is better not to try to catch a falling knife. Wait to see it stabilize first. You will be better off, even if you miss the first 10% from the bottom.
  8. Surprised by the 17% thrashing today. They still earned 40 cents for the quarter and are maintaining full year guidance. Margins will improve rest of year. This trading is very short sited. I do not own any JKS stock but man, this is ridiculous.
  9. Getting slammed the past few days. Comments by Prescience Point Capital Management are tanking it. Such a scam that stuff like that is legal.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I did see the CEO recent comments about their stock price going to the moon. That made me laugh.
  11. Does anyone here own Enphase? I have been following it for a bit and am thinking about a position. I have been hearing lots of good things. Any thoughts about the company and prospects moving forward?
  12. https://www.adrbnymellon.com/files/ad645195.pdf This was filed at the same time as the spike
  13. Hello all. I have big news. I have emailed Ralph Fong from JASO IR a few times in the last couple weeks. He usually replies within a day, but this time I did not hear back from him. I emailed him again today to follow up. He replied and he asked for a phone number that he could reach me. He actually called me back within a few minutes and we talked. I shared my concerns as well as the concerns of everyone here and on the Yahoo board. He advised me not to sell my shares because they were very close to finalizing the deal, just waiting on a few regulatory issues. He said they were very confident that the deal will be closed by the end of May of very early June. If you believe that, might be a great opportunity for you to get a guaranteed 4% after fees in 2-3 weeks.
  14. singular

    JA Solar (JASO)

    You did well. Great trade! I think the buyout will go through and it will get 7.55, but there is still a lot of uncertainty and the markets look very shaky right now. Nicely done, especially considering what the market is doing.
  15. singular

    JA Solar (JASO)

    I must say, you had some great timing on that one. Good job!
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