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    "Comment duplicated on seekingalpha.com" Robert, On the conference call it was stated that SPWR will pay off 300M with 8.3 sale proceeds in order to protect shareholder value . This makes your argument void don't you agree? As per 2021 and 2023, it is a bit premature to talk about SPWR liquidity at that time. The reason why Totals ownership of 200M of the 300M bond became public info is because it is reclassified from LT to Short Term debt. What makes you think TOT is buying debt? And, if TOT was trying to push SPWR private wouldn't Q4 '16 been the perfect time? Instead they supported SPWR with orders of E-Series and liquidity. There has been reshuffling in BofD in 2016 so your argument has merit for sure. Thank you for your research/input. It is greatly appreciated.