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  1. Trading Strategy

    I share the same strategy. When selling, I set it at xx.98. When buying, I set it at xx.02, or xx.52, etc...
  2. Trading Strategy

    Great job! I just saw dq almost touched $55, missing by a penny. Great read.
  3. Solar News

    One dying company buying a dead company. How does this news attract people to the tune of 11% increase in stock price?
  4. Trading Strategy

    Fslr rockets this morning. Any news out besides spwr buying SolarWorld? Spwr is also up a lot. I don’t understand the logic for this stock move.
  5. Trading Strategy

    How do you determine the "hold" part? It went past $52.5 a few times today. Did you add? Good luck either way.
  6. Trading Strategy

    Good luck. DQ is so volatile. It can go back to $60 in no time, but also can come down to $46. I don't know which way it will go. One has to be nimble.
  7. Trading Strategy

    Just found that my low ball bid of $50.35 was executed. Just sold all for some profit.
  8. Trading Strategy

    Ok. I also just nibbled a little at $53.
  9. Trading Strategy

    Good job picking up a winner so far. I am just afraid that it is a bit lofty. But, if you think it is a great company, it might get there when/if market rebounces. Good luck.
  10. Solar News

    Pvinsight shows a jump in poly prices this week. This should be good for DQ. Module and cell prices are also stable.
  11. JA Solar (JASO)

    Good job! After I saw your post, I tried to buy, but missed it by a penny. I think you got a good price.
  12. JinkoSolar (JKS)

    I was lucky to have sold out JKS between $20 and $21 during its last surge. Now, it dropped back into $17.5 range. So, I am going in for a dip, for about $3 discount. I am still not comfortable with the market right now, though.
  13. JinkoSolar (JKS)

    Moved some WELL to JKS. Also, bought some BIB.
  14. JinkoSolar (JKS)

    Actions on JKS are amazing today. Bought some this morning, but again sold too early. This must be program trading or someone got bluffed and blinked.
  15. Solar News

    Now, both of your predictions are fulfilled. Great prediction!