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  1. JASO is too shy to join the party today. Perhaps there is a hesitation from a possible bad ER tomorrow morning. It seems cheap at this price nonetheless.
  2. Anyone playing JASO for tomorrow morning ER ? It seems cheap and does not jump like others today.
  3. PV module prices still drop but not as much as that of cell, wafer and poly.
  4. Explo, your FSLR position is 3 times that of the JKS position and yet you just bought more of FSLR. Would you please let me know why you think FSLR is a better buy than JKS at this price point? Thank you.
  5. Explo, Good job! I like your approach.
  6. Could this be about the going private buyout?
  7. Pegi and Nyld have been weak lately while manufacturers having good time. Is there a reason for Pegi and nyld recent weakness? Good time to switch some?
  8. i saw an article to sell Fslr and Spwr. But the article also recommends to buy Sedg and this stock drops even worse. So, don't know.
  9. Terp passed Csiq in stock price.
  10. I think it is a delay reaction to Yellen's speech.
  11. PE of 4 is rediculous. I think these companies should start giving dividends. After 4 years, we should get the company for free.
  12. Brazil held its first national energy auction with a dedicated category for solar power in 2014, and eight companies including Renova Energia SA, Rio Alto Energia, Canadian Solar Inc., and Enel SpA won contracts. A group of seven -- all but Enel -- requested the extension in February for their 3 billion reais ($928 million) of planned solar farms. “The idea is to cancel contracts now in a friendly way,” Azevedo told journalists at an event in Sao Paulo. “Thus, we can zero out the liability of default, zero out the list of projects that can generate problems in our planning with indefinite deadline extension requests.”
  13. That is a bit harsh. Can you list out their lies? I see them as adapting to market conditions. You don't want to invest in a company that sticks with a road map when knowing that market conditions have changed that it is no longer sensible.
  14. Thank you. So, I just reduced some exposure to CSIQ and build up more cash. Your selling of FSLR tempers my want to load in more that this price. I will wait for better entry if and when it comes.
  15. The question is: now what should we do about this good jump? Should we move some out into other stocks or should we just stay put? I am tempted to move some out into FSLR. What is your take?