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  1. It sure seems out of favor compared to JKS, but I think the gap will narrow again.
  2. you can use the profile to show your holdings. That way, you don't have to declare it when it changes and can be tracked by others.
  3. Csiq gives back all of its yesterday's gain. Just added a bit more here.
  4. I thought the JASO taking private offer was lower to $6.8. Johnson still stated standing offer of $9.69. Is he behind on this?
  5. What the heck happened with CSIQ near the close?
  6. Can't help but bought in a little more CSIQ. Comparing to JKS, it seems cheap (Almost $11 gap).
  7. Are you now 100% CSIQ?
  8. Just got some csiq also.
  9. My goodness! What is going on with jks?
  10. I don't know about you, but I plan to buy more tomorrow should the price stay the same or dip.
  11. JKS has almost $9 gap from CSIQ. I think the gap will narrow back to $5. So, either CSIQ will advance or JKS will stall. Sold some DQ and loaded some CSIQ near the close.
  12. Cannot find any news. Often, when the news come out, it it too late. It might actually drops when news come out (like buy on rumors, sell on news).
  13. My goodness. Cannot handle JKS anymore and sold out the rest just now. $25.25 is too rich. Volume is huge. Something must be brewing. I hope I don't regret this.
  14. What prompt you to abandon NYLD? I thought you said that it has not moved much (implying that it has more room to move, no?)
  15. JKS is awesome! What caused it to bounce so hard the last few days? It is now almost $8 above CSIQ. Sold early, again. Might channel that money into CSIQ later.