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  1. My reasoning is that both CSIQ and JKS might have $1 or $2 max on the down side. Both of these may have a huge upside as can be seen yesterday on JASO and JKS. As the ASP continues to come down, solar electricity become competitive to other forms of electricity (coal, gas, fossil fuel ..). At which point, PV solar cost will continue to go down and panel ASP might become stable generating larger profit margins. So, I see silver lining as ASP going down provided CN3 continue to generate profits albeit small. If their costs continue to go down, I see good future for them.
  2. Bought back some CSIQ and JKS. Low enough for me.
  3. What caused such a reversal in Chinese solar stocks today? Both JKS and JASO went up big yesterday and drop hard today. Was there any news out to cause such a drop?
  4. Looking for a reason for DQ drop, I found a good correlation between oil and DQ prices. It is possible that DQ follows the drop in oil prices today.
  5. Just followed you and bought some DQ. Yesterday, after the news of poly spot price increase (first time for a long time), DQ popped up quite a bit. Somehow, it is pressured back down to this level lower than before the news. Why is that?
  6. What is the reason for the rise in FSLR today. I see no news besides the rise spot prices on poly/wafers/cells. I saw DQ popped big this morning but then swoon back down.
  7. Sounds like a good plan. Let's hope the market cooperate. I also sold some CSIQ today.
  8. You are right. However, for the past year or so, the spread was in JKS favor. Now with Explo's PT, and even Odyd's PT (JKS at 20 and CSIQ at 17), if the spread is less than $2, it might be good to make a switch, provided that nothing bad is brewing in JKS.
  9. Solar stocks don't want to participate with the general market rally today. JKS seems to be pressured (hoping no bad news is in the work). If pressured further, it might be good time to move some CSIQ to JKS. A couple of weeks ago the spread was $5, now it is close to $3. Historically, the spread was around $2 to $6.
  10. Another push for FSLR and SPWR from Travis. Got to give it to him on being a fan to both companies.
  11. Odyd, Thank you for guiding us through this tough time. I also followed you and bought some CSIQ a few weeks ago and also just reduced some of its exposure this morning. I still quietly follow your posts and others (especially Explo) on this forum.
  12. Will this affect CSIQ in anyway regarding its potential yieldco?
  13. This is amazing! Your prediction might come true even sooner. A couple of days like today might get it there. What caused it to go down? I don't see any news. It does not seem to affect CN3 too much, however. I read that oil will come down in the near future. I hope that does not affect solar stocks to much.
  14. Interesting! This guy has a completely different view: "Summary Net sales down 30% from the last quarter. Multiple insider Form 4s selling granted stock options. Longs nearing capitulation zone. First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR) is stuck in a long term downtrend that shows no sign of abating. I am sticking with my previous call in November 2016 of $20 a share to the downside. Last quarter's earnings call was a big disappointment. The way the company reports earnings reminds me of Valeant Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:VRX) in the way they sugar coat Gap vs. Non Gap earnings."
  15. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Explo. This certainly tempered my want of getting more CSIQ (but did move some from JASO and JKS to CSIQ earlier today). Your PT on CSIQ is quite low and that scares me. I hope it does not go down that low.