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  1. Jetmoney

    Trading Strategy

    This sounds like an one-man EXPLO mutual fund. How do you find time and energy to go through them all? Are you starting taking clients?😀 Good luck!
  2. Jetmoney

    Solar News

    I am afraid that without the offer, the stock might drop (short term). I understand your position. Do you consider buying it at this time? It seems that either outcome will benefit you if you buy CSIQ at this current level.
  3. Jetmoney

    Solar News

    I will take $18 right now with no complaint. I just hope the offer is not lowered.
  4. Jetmoney

    Solar News

    Good pop on massive volume. CSIQ is next (one can hope).
  5. Jetmoney

    Solar News

  6. Jetmoney

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    If the offer is removed, it might drop to single digit.
  7. Jetmoney

    Daqo (DQ)

    The cost of poly is roughly half the cost of cells and the cost of cells is roughly half the cost of modules. So, if module prices drop 1%, cell prices drop 2% and poly prices drop 4%, pure cells and modules producers margins would not shrink, but poly makers margin will shrink. This week shows cell prices drop more than 5%, while modules about 1.5%. That is not bad for pure module makers. Most companies like jks and csiq now are vertical with more modules capacity than cells and poly. So, it seems like poly makers will suffer the most while modules makers not so much.
  8. Jetmoney

    Daqo (DQ)

    DQ has dropped a lot from its high a month ago. Granted that the situation has changed, do you see that it is cheap enough now or this is a broken stock and should be avoided? Are you still holding or you had sold out already and moved on to next company? Currently, I don't have the stock but may enter if it drops further (to low $30's maybe).
  9. Jetmoney

    Solar News

    The only question is whether these companies (JKS and CSIQ) will still be there when this happens.
  10. Jetmoney

    Solar News

    Poly price drop 10.6%and thin film module drop less than 1%. You would not know it if you look at FSLR and DQ stocks today. It is possible that DQ has already dropped so much from its high.
  11. Jetmoney

    Solar News

    Thank you for your inputs.
  12. Jetmoney

    Solar News

    CSIQ earning shows the margin on modules was good. The margin on projects was what depressed its overall margin. JKS sold its power business and concentrates mostly on modules. If it has the module margin similar to that of CSIQ, its earning should be good. That is the hope at least. Also, now you can get it $2 less than the bargain someone just got it not too long ago. Also, the poly prices have been coming down quite a bit lately. This should benefit module makers, unless module prices come down faster, which I hope not.
  13. Jetmoney

    Solar News

    Thanks. JKS seems cheap at this price ($2 below the shares just issued not too long ago). I just added some more JKS and dipped my toes in DQ for a quick trade. Good luck.
  14. Jetmoney

    Solar News

    What is wrong with Chinese solar stocks today? I see large drop on high volume on DQ, CSIQ and JKS without any news. Anyone can speculate on this recent drop (besides the usual poly and wafer price drops and potential trade war)?
  15. Jetmoney

    Trading Strategy

    DQ is on fire today, up 13%. I hope you bought back after it dropped a little after you sold it.