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  1. REITs

    I meant the swap yesterday of jks to vtr and hcn is a wash. VTR and hcn went up good, but jks also went up. Yes, jks might go up good one day, but is very volatile. Nobody knows if it will go down big the next day. VTR might be more stable plus dividends if I hold long enough. I also like the business that vtr is in. I want to diversify a little. I was lucky to get both jks and vtr near their bottoms. Thank you both for the introduction of the stock.
  2. REITs

    Thank you. So far, it is a wash since jks also went up. Hopefully, in the long run, VTR will outshine JKS.
  3. REITs

    Just moved some JKS to VTR and HCN
  4. REITs

    Should have bought more VTR .
  5. REITs

    I also think selling is overdone with VTR and just initiated a small position. Good luck.
  6. REITs

    Both HCN and VTR look tempting with today's drop. Any reason not to initiate a position here besides the fear of interest rate hikes? It would be a long term hold if bought here. OHI looks cheap too.
  7. Daqo (DQ)

    Given a large poly price drop this week, Dq is very strong, only down a little. It could have been baked in already, but given the stock volatility, I would be careful. Good luck.
  8. Trading Strategy

    That is pretty darn good for that much leverage. Regular stocks lose much more than that.
  9. Trading Strategy

    Explo, I meant to ask this before, with that much debt (hedges), how does your portfolio hold up on big down days? Is it immune to big market fluctuations? I am sure you think of down days and hedge against them also.
  10. Trading Solars

    At this rate, JKS will reach your target of $15 very soon (50% haircut from its peak, a few months ago). That would mean someone just lost 20% or $7M in a very short time, even when bought at a deep discount at $18.15. With TSL, JASO and CSIQ going private and JKS becoming toxic, what other PVsolar out there to invest in. I might as well give up on solar?
  11. Trading Solars

    Only $2 gap between CSIQ and JKS. just moved some CSIQ to JKS.
  12. Trading Solars

    Thank you for the reminder. I really appreciate your voice of reason. I like PVSolar and that was the reason that I flock to this forum. Among PVSolar, I find CSIQ and JKS worth holding. Nothing against FSLR but I don't understand thin film and I think PVsolar can leverage from semiconductor research that has been around for a while now. Regarding JKS as a company, i thought $30 was high, but around $18, it is cheap for investment. It has $10.66 cash and $32.3 book. Its market cap is around $600M which I think is low. JKS has cutting edge technology and is expanding to US. It has China backing and I think it will survive. Now that CSIQ is taken private, JKS is the only game in town (hopefully, it will not get taken private too). If it does, the offer should be north of $20, giving some profits. One more note, I have been making profit with every JKS trade. Most of JKS and DQ trades make me money. Maybe because of their volatility. Hopefully, this trend continues. I have not been that lucky with CSIQ or JASO. If it gets above $20, which I think it might the next few trading days, I will bail out some. Again, thank you for your reasons against JKS. It has been keeping away from it in the 20's even though I was tempted a few times. Now, near $18, I think I might have a shot.
  13. Trading Solars

    The fat lady might not have sung yet for JKS. So, I have to pace myself or I will not have any finger left when she sings. JKS, like DQ, has a tendency of overshoot and undershoot (even though, I think it is undershooting now). Good luck.
  14. Trading Solars

    For me, it depends on how it behaves the next couple trading days. If it pops above $20, I might get out some to capture some gains. If it stays below $20, I will keep it a while.
  15. Trading Solars

    Grabbed some more near offer price. If someone was willing to buy $35M worth at this price, I am willing to match them with few hundred shares, considering that they got a good deal.