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  1. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Thank you. Are you moving CSIQ to EIX and PEGI?
  2. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Robert, are you throwing in the towel? I plan to hold around 40%-50% until it either goes past $19 or buyout complete. In the mean time, I will try to trade for $1 (buy in around $17.4 and sell around $18.4). I bought back half what I sold yesterday this morning at $17.45. I think the offer creates a ceiling, but also creates a floor price. It might not go much above $18.47 but should not go much lower than $17.4 (thus the swing trade). If someone come in with a better offer or the board comes up with higher offer, then it will go past $19. Anyway, good luck to all CSIQ holders. The offer might be a blessing creating a floor just in case the market (or solar) collapses.
  3. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    I don't know. I was hoping to hold CSIQ for a long time. Now, that it is going private, the only worthy PVSolar left is JKS. I guess, I have to see if I want to invest in JKS and at what price. What happens if JKS also go private? Does that mean that this site will be dissolved or change title?
  4. JinkoSolar (JKS)

    I share the same thought and was surprised when JKS actually went up big after earnings. What do the street see that I do not see?
  5. JinkoSolar (JKS)

    Why would investors sell if they think someone will buy it? Usually, when the announcement to go private is out, the stocks go up. I have not seen an offer lower than the traded price. OR do you think whoever he/she is depresses the price so he/she can get it cheap (in the case of CSIQ and JASO)? I am a bit surprised at CSIQ going private. It would make more sense for JKS to go private than CSIQ to go private. I am also surprised to see JKS stock drop because now that CSIQ is going private, JKS is the only CN solar stock left out of CN4. JKS should have gone up instead. It is hard to know what the market thinks.
  6. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    I also sold 10% CSIQ at 18.36
  7. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    Is there a chance that the stock will trade above the offer price? I think Jaso Now trades above the offer. Would you still hold if it does without a counter offer?
  8. Trading Solars

    There seems to be no interest in csiq. Accumulations perhaps. All interests are in dq, jks and fslr. Csiq and jaso are moved to second tier?
  9. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    That is a very good news. Let's hope not. CSIQ got some love today. It ended up getting more gain than JKS (% wise).The tide may change any time. The street is fickle.
  10. JinkoSolar (JKS)

    As the cost continues to go down, at some point it will be much cheaper (without subsidizing) than conventional electricity. At that point, more adoption (demand) will take place and ASP will get stabilize. Also, there will be less players. Whoever is left standing may reap the reward. I hope battery and BOS to get cheaper. We have waited for years for this. I think that we are near that point now. I hate to walk away after holding for so long and let new entrants reap the reward. Also, this is good for mother earth. Good luck to all.
  11. Trading Solars

    So, DQ just overshot to above $58. Now, it pulls back below $46. I don't say that it will, but am not surprise if it goes to $40 or below when it undershoots. I might consider getting some DQ under $40, if it gets there.
  12. Trading Solars

    FSLR is so awesome. When one thinks it expensive, it keeps going. It seems that there are a lot of momentum players in the market. The stocks always seem to overshoot and undershoot. I need to adjust to this mentality to make good money.
  13. JinkoSolar (JKS)

    It is up $1.8 or almost 8% on a missed earnings. I also did not think it will be profitable for the next couple of quarters, but somehow the street likes it. Don't know what they see. Solar stocks feel the love today. Perhaps sentimental changes somewhat and JKS is more volatile than others.
  14. JinkoSolar (JKS)

    Jks missed eps and the stock is up almost 5%. What did I miss? Perhaps, it had already dropped so much from high of $30.
  15. Trading Solars

    You never know. JKS might pop tomorrow if there are some good news. It has already dropped quite a bit from the high of $30. Good luck.