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  1. The NDRC intended point support PV companies LDK Suntech list 2012-09-30 08:44:04 Source: China Financial Network www.fecn.net the keep abreast of 0 On September 25, the China Securities Journal reported that the National Development and Reform Commission recently-intensive organization of various functional departments research to develop support for the photovoltaic industry development views, as one of the most important financial support, the CDB recently completed on further strengthening the financial and credit support photovoltaic The healthy development of industry recommendations, will focus on ensuring the "six six small 12 PV companies credit line, the rest of the photovoltaic business loans will be subject to the strict control. On September 27, an industry's leading corporate finance department official confirmed to reporters that "six six small list of 12 companies," six ", including: LDK Solar LDK, energy, Suntech, Yingli, Trina light and crystalline Australia. "Six" include: Artes Jingke sun power, Sunergy, Xinao and ReneSola. Another investment profession CDB selection principle of the enterprise, the enterprise prior to the depth of cooperation with the CDB, the power game between the provinces also have an impact on the results. According to previous reports, 12 companies recognized by the CDB, "six" is the leading become the size and brand strength, "six" refers to the science and technology enterprises with independent intellectual property. An industry analyst evaluation of the list is "very tricky." In his view, this list basically includes the industry the most advantage of the enterprise, and can be seen, the CDB selected enterprise or outside The listed companies in the main, these enterprises have a high degree of international influence. According to statistics, the shortlisted companies had most of the CDB had the depth of cooperation. Enterprise has shortlisted six "list, Suntech previously obtained the CDB credit line of 50 billion yuan; Yingli the CDB credit line of 36 billion yuan; Trina Solar to obtain the CDB credit line of 30 billion yuan ; JA had obtained the CDB credit line of 30 billion yuan; GCL Jiangsu Zhongneng CDB won $ 6.2 billion and 2.53 billion yuan loans; LDK Solar CDB won 60 billion yuan credit. The list of six small Artes with CDB signed a five-year period of approximately $ 93.8 million loan agreement; Sunergy CDB won a $ 160 million credit support. In this list, the most contentious than the the LDK Solar finalists. LDK Solar PV companies CDB maximum credit, but as of the end of July, liabilities of up to 88.10%, net operating cash flow -10.74 billion, the financial situation is worrying. Together with its January-July 2012, gross margin was -9.16%, -16.05% July monthly gross margin, sales revenue and increased costs upside down. Net loss of 1.349 billion yuan in January-July 2012, single-month net loss in July than in June, an increase of 267 million yuan, a net loss of a tendency to expand. The leading enterprises in the industry insiders told reporters, The CDB current published list is just to show that attitude, follow a clear policy is the key. CDB cooperation with enterprises, or value the quality of the project. The not selected enterprises also does not mean you can not cooperation with the CDB. There are a lot of companies are also in this list, but also with the CDB had cooperation. Industrial Solar has received the CDB behavior period of 10 years 41 million yuan loan; Ultra-day sun CDB € 1 billion credit support; the Hina Group won the CDB 300 billion line of credit; Hareon and overseas wholly owned subsidiary of application does not exceed EUR 48 million loan to the National Development Bank. http://finance.fecn.net/2012/0930/88597.html
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