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  1. why did you get out if you think there will be 15% gain, why do you think its doing so badly today ?
  2. oh hell, I went ahead and sold all my TSL for now as well, no sense temping fate, it was barley down so got a good "get out" price
  3. I sold half yesterday just to hedge myself, and even then I only had TSL and JASO, however its been hard selling the rest of my JASO, I have sold most at 6% loss, but hard trying to sell the rest (its now down almost 12% as I write this however spwr is down 14). I hope my TSL is more stable with the buyout, and Hope the buy out doesnt bust
  4. Im afraid this may not be the case, Trump is on record as saying " wind energy is killing all our birds"...... I must say along with the rest of the world, this is a shocking vote, however as Michael Moore said (a Democrat) , a vote for Trump is the biggest "FU" to the American corrupt politics at the highest levels. people are tired of the corrupt politicians at high levels of government
  5. its so strange to see Gordon raise rating on Chinese solar companies
  6. JKS is said to make over $4 EPS in 2017 as well as this year, so there is profit out there for some, As Solar becomes more main stream line due to not requiring subsidies, perhaps they will be given higher multiples ? presently a multiple of down to the 4 range is a bit ridiculous. just a multiple expansion could lift the PPS
  7. does anyone have at their fingertips the average (manufacturing cost) Module cost/Watt, I understand they vary by company, but in general whats the average these days ? Thanks in advance
  8. sold at 10.95 for quick 5% and relief
  9. I have also noticed strange changes to the box selections in my profile, each time I go in to edit it, I find other boxes selected that I did not
  10. down another 30% after hours, I nibbled at 10.4
  11. I also picked some FSLR up yesterday under 43, what is your sell target ?
  12. amazing how one day a stock is downgraded, then the next upgraded by a different person. yesterday Morgan Stanley down graded CSIQ and liked JKS, today Roth upgraded CSIQ and downgraded JKS...
  13. does anyone remember the buyout price JASO was working with ?
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