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  1. What does everyone think of this deal? Will this help SPWR start their path onto better earnings?
  2. No I didn’t. Nice! What price and target are your shooting for?
  3. I see your point. What about trading it? How come you’re not interested in doing that? It seems with your knowledge of the industry, you can do so well going long and short.
  4. May I ask why? You know so much about it and solar seems to be in an undervalued territory and also it’s an undeniable And inevitable future. Thanks
  5. Dydo, are you no longer interested in solar?
  6. ScSolar, do you own ENPH too? If so, do oh think this has any merit? Thanks
  7. Solarpete, what do you make of this news? Any merit to this? Any facts you know of to dispute this news? Thanks
  8. Chapter 11? So you’re negative on FSLR now?
  9. Klothilde, so any prediction for fun on FLSR ER?
  10. Thanks Klothilde and solarpete! Wouldn’t it also be good for SPWR since it does similarly to what FSLR does, especially with what’s going on in California?
  11. Solarpete and Klothilde, it seems like from what I’ve heard and read, I.e. from EIA, the next several years seem to be bright for solars? Is that your consensus too? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the response solarpete. just thought I’d pick your brain on the matter. yeah, SPWR got slammed equally hard! Killed my call options by 50%! Painful day to say the least. SPWR has an investment of 6.2M shares in ENPH. I think that’s why they are tied so closely to price movement. Hope both will do well on their ER.
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