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  1. Thanks guys. I stepped in around $7.90. At least only a portion.
  2. What does it take to get there? Thanks
  3. So are all solars un-investable? The future is in solar isn’t it? What needs to happen for stocks like JSK, FSLR to rise again? Thanks
  4. Will there ever be a future again for solar like how it used to be when JKS was trading in the $30s?
  5. Thanks Odyd! Well, from one article you hit the nail on the head with prediction of FSLR hitting $30 when at the time it was trading at $35. Nice job. I think my plan in the meantime is to wait for CSIQ to drift down to $10 and then buy and write covered calls against my shares. It will be like getting weekly and monthly dividends while waiting for the turnaround. Anyone here interested in investing in oil stocks? I've been in WLL, CHK, and recently in SWN. If you do the research that you do for solar stocks, man, you guys will make bucks! Then late next year, switch back to solar. At least this is my plan. Still though, writing calls on theses solar stocks in the next month or so will generate some income as well.
  6. Odyd, Thanks! However, I've been away for so long to be in the oil stocks that I have missed those articles. Can you lead me to those articles? Thanks!
  7. Explo, Odyd, and anyone else want to chime in concerning where we see CSIQ and JKS both near and long term, i.e. 6-12 months out? Looking to return to solar soon. As always Thanks for your expertise!
  8. Thanks guys! Explo, kknd, are you guys planning to buy Terp at all? At what price. I'm in at $7.60. I will write a call at $8 to average down.
  9. Why is Terp getting hit so hard and not GLBL?
  10. Thank you Pete. I sold some July 15th PUTS at strike $8.
  11. Link, thanks for the insight. I think TERP will be an opportunity too to pass up as soon as things clear up.
  12. Thank you Pete! Is there a time line we're waiting on for the news?
  13. Is there anybody here that invests in TERP? If so, when would be a good time to enter? Thanks.
  14. oh ok. thanks. Have not been here for a while. Did sneak in a buy on JKS at $21.44. Hopefully this will bounce back in the $22s soon.
  15. Please expound the significance to those dates? Thanks.
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