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  1. Looks like a doubter somewhere installed a massive sell order at 6.60. That is what kept JASO down on Thursday. JASO had quickly reached 6.60 right along with SPWR & CSIQ. Note to that doubter: I sold my JASO at 6.64 Friday. I'll buy it back once everyone dumps after Thursday & Friday's pump session.
  2. Trump mentioned the solar wall Wednesday night. Before that solars were in a slow uptrend. Starting from Thursday... CSIQ & SPWR moved the most. FSLR & JKS didn't move as fast. I think momo / event traders targeted stocks with a high days to cover. (csiq 6, spwr 7, fslr 4, jks 4) I think people following Trump blabber (tweets, speeches) has created lucrative type of trade. Ever since Trump bashed Boeing & Mexico, etc.. people have been making great returns going long & then reversing after a Trump trend has passed. Even I made 10% with EWY after Trump destroyed the peso. So I think those people just hit the solar sector. I think they will be gone soon, probably shorting on the way back down. I'm certainly not going to chase it -- I'm even considering a SPWR short or put. It's up 20% for not much reason. Are we thinking, seriously... that these people will spend the weekend doing their homework to figure out this new industry? Heck no! They have a formula & will be on to the next Trump tweet come Monday.
  3. Do you think an offering will cause the share price to drop?
  4. I tried to read Credit Suisse's "this week in RE" and I found a short note saying that all renewable energy coverage has been cancelled due to the departure of the analyst. Now it's a little more dark in here. Are there other analysts that you all might recommend reading? And how can one get at those reports? Odyd... the Roth capital snapshot was pretty good and seemingly not requiring a subscription. How I get more of these? Thanks!
  5. Kooky! Well if it really was news chasers... then that is a shaky foundation. Probably a good portion of the news chasers would be algorithms. I'm not sure how they decide to sell when chasing news stories.
  6. Nobody around today? I think the lower interest rate theory is my best idea for the solar rally. Not sure how much of this was known yesterday.
  7. OK. How's this for a theory on the recent run up... There seems to be a sentiment that the Fed won't raise rates again this year. Gold is up along with equities & base metals. Lower interest rates great for renewables. JASO now up to nearly the offer price. I just sold mine at 6.64 I'll buy back if / when we tumble again.
  8. That's not great. Maybe you could keep your unedited version & send it to us? I'd rather see the technical data & computations. I was thinking a bit more how ridiculous a solar wall with Mexico would be. Panels on the wall? How well do panels take stones being thrown at them?
  9. SA needs a "trust" system.. you earn the trust & after a few successful reviews, then you publish articles without review. I've read too many SA articles suggesting a long or short to find that the stock has just rocketed or collapsed.
  10. Another theory.. I've been watching RUN. It really started moving a week or so ago with some new markets opening up. Maybe the sentiment just spread from there: big new markets, need some panels to go into those markets. Hope they put it together & realize they need some polysilicon on those panels for those markets (come on back DQ)
  11. Hmm. If it were to do with the wall, then wouldn't JASO be up too? Just so ridiculous that this would be a catalyst. Trump obviously doesn't care about solar.. just trying to get his wall built. Then again, his logic was like this "use solar panels to help pay for a wall"... so solar panels can help pay for things? They aren't an economic drain?
  12. Interesting that the cheaper stocks moved the most. Guess those Trumpers are a little short on money?
  13. america.. home of the free (of mind)
  14. pump & dump bot. Blogger price target reached. Dump mode activated.
  15. It does seem like all the solar stocks have reached some sort of top valuation with the current "approved" multiples. 119 in Phoenix is national news. Maybe people putting 2+ 2 together.
  16. I seriously think that odyd's calculations were the cause for this run! He posted target prices and a day later they both went to the target price. Coincidence?
  17. Just sold all JKS 20.80. Thanks for the PT odyd. No worries if it rises more... it was a small position. Happy to make a bit of profit. (to pay down the JASO debts)
  18. There must be some short squeeze going on here. Not sure what % of CSIQ is short. But back in the winter when I was shorting FSLR, once it went over a certain % jump, it would squeeze & then it would only climb & plateau the rest of the day. On the next day, you'd regain logic. Strange.. the solars are all moving like there is some all of a sudden positive news. I don't see any such news. In fact, this is the time of some uncertainty related to Q3 (post FIT end) demand in China. Was there some news about that? Could that be driving this?
  19. Is this about solar panels on the MOFO wall??
  20. maybe this is just momo trading bots?
  21. My recent experience with adjusting positions shows me that I don't win at it either. I sold off RUN a week or so ago after a burst. Anyhow... does anyone have any idea what is moving the solars so much these days? Heatwave? Antarctica? oil market meltdown? Or maybe a hedge fund is reading this board & reacts with big money when odyd posts his target price for CSIQ.
  22. I wonder if the mid-June heatwave is causing some of the drive into solar stocks? Also I wonder if we'll see a rush into solar stocks when that Antarctic crack finally completes & the Delaware piece of ice starts floating into the ocean.
  23. I find it spiritually uplifting to read articles like that. Thanks for sharing. It's amazing how solar has come down in cost. pulling coal out of the ground, collecting it, transporting it, and then burning it and maintaining the equipment to burn it just sounds expensive. Then again there is a lot of energy locked into those rocks. Solar is so much better. Make it once, install it & pretty much forget about it for 20+ years.
  24. 13.99 was a great price. Maybe tomorrow morning you'll love it. I just remembered there is still this: But it's a few months off.
  25. My vote is for the Saudis. I have no idea really. I'm still hoping I can buy back my RUN for 5.20. Not sure if this sell on peaks strategy works for mere humans. (might do better with a well trained deep neural network)