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Travis is trying to convince himself that FSLR is not that better off. FSLR CEO perhaps got worried that Trump could freak out and tariff all imports of solar product including cadmium, hence the letter including the difference.  Imagine Trumps sets the tariff on "all imports" of solar, FSLR is done.


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2 hours ago, Mark said:

Running scared is the dumbest description one could make of it. FSLR has been given monopoly and American company is saying it is not right. The only difference between logistics and organization of two is material. I hope that Trump will tariff all imports including cadmium. Now the game is fair. 

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US (TRUMP) is thinking of leaving Nafta.



So if US withdraws from NAFTA, tariffs could revert to WTO levels.  

Article talks about what the US might pay to export goods to US & Canada, but I didn't see anything about what US would charge on imports.

It would probably be at least the export cost, otherwise this procedure wouldn't make much sense.  Those levels are 7% Mexico and 4% Canada.  If that happens, SPWR especially would be hurt & CSIQ too.  

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11 minutes ago, dydo said:

Huge news, Taiwanese three companies consolidate into one, United Renewable Energy, I wonder what Motech will do. It was biggest alone before.


That's a big consolidating M&A action.

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