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Hello, I am new to this forum. I have several questions for anyone who is willing to answer: first, is it economically viable to purchase land in the american southwest at super cheap prices and build an extremely small PV solar farm on the order of 100kw? What is a guesstimate cost in price per watt of an installation of this size? And what would be income per year? The numbers I've been seeing range between $2.30 and $3.50 per watt (quite a range). And income would be around $9000-$10000 per year? Thanks to anyone who can offer input! 

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On 5/7/2018 at 7:20 AM, Klothilde said:

Hanergy launching its solar umbrella, the Humbrella:


Will this shield the company from future shareholder lawsuits?

Ha ha.  well.. that thing better be strongly protected from the wind.  

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On 3/22/2018 at 6:57 PM, tupapa said:

I´ve read a number of books, most of them have been a waste of money and time. The best book I´ve ever read and the only one I recommend reading is Richard Wyckoffs Method of Trading and Investing in Stocks, published in the early 1930s, pretty much everything I use for trading is found within its pages.

This particular trade is a rather straightforward setup;

42 is approximately the 50% of the most recent long term upwave (20-72), it is holding so buyers are supporting price, hence the probabilities point towards another upwave. If however buyers fail and sellers push prices below this critical 50% ret. level, the stock is in trouble and I don´t wanna be anywhere near it.

A part from all this technical stuff, my favourite confirmation for entering a trade is if a brokerage house or reputable institution issues some form of statement. For instance if JP Morgan downgrades a stock (e.g. DAQO), it means they are probably accumulating shares and they are luring retail investors into selling.

IT wouldn´t surprise me if the most recent 350 M stock issuance was some form of accumulation by some financial sindicate.

1- They bash the stock upon great earnings, retail investors panick and sell, but somebody buys everything at 42.

2- JP Morgan issues the downgrade to get more traders to panick sell.

3- Daqo issues 350 Million of new stock at 42 and hands it over to some sindicate, perhaps even JP Morgan themselves.

4- There is no more supply, price can continue its merry way upward, JP MORGAN and other sindicates now own a stock they purchased at CIRCA 3.5 PE


Im not the type to blow his own trumpet but the most recent price action in daqo shows such a blatant case of outright manipulation that I feel compelled to point it out once more.

Jpmorgan downgrade a 6 PE ratio stock, they then accumulate all the stock issuance, once they are done the stock flies.

Watch out for the buy ratings, next stop 120, of course I remain 100% invested.

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