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  1. You have two things going on but price action will dictate if this move is for real. We have better news on new supply being flat and stabilization of prices due to demand rush in China before FIT cuts in Q1 2017. This gives us potential for an exciting short term trade. We could see 50%+ moves from currently depressed prices in names like CSIQ, FSLR, & JKS. Of course we all know those could prove to be much larger if history repeats itself. At least we have a bit of hope for a change. GLTA
  2. CS just came out with new estimates for Chinese solar companies through 2018 that takes into consideration 10-15% ASP reductions in 2H this year and another 10% next year. Demand for 2017 estimated up 6% over 2016 but still oversupply situation. The only Chinese solar expected to be profitable next year is JKS which he keeps at Outperform with reduced target price of $30. JKS estimates for '16, '17, & '18 are now $5.35/.51/$2.24. I am not sure how YGE survives next year. He has estimates of ($6.94) for 2017 then ($4.44) for 2018. He has US demand decreasing to 7.5 GW in 2017 from 10.2 GW. That should prove to be too low if Hilary is elected. I am staying with JKS & have added January deep money '18 call leaps in CSIQ. Also really like SUNW (micro-cap primarily commercial solar system installer mainly in California) for a Hillary play. Profitable & growing by over 100% y/y. GLTA
  3. No. Those should come out after their customers get the chance to buy what they want....
  4. J.P. Morgan upgrade to overweight from neutral... got it on fly-on-the-wall
  5. Good analysis... JKS still has the best ability to catch fire this year if sentiment changes towards the sector.
  6. CS released report this morning on JKS. Still $40 target. Unlike other solar stocks JKS will be able to grow GM through oversupply 2H. This one looks really cheap now.....
  7. Another factor working the other way is JKS shipped just over 10% of its total expected vol. in US in Q1. Those carry high margins (25%). The split will be 35% first half then 65% second half on 1GW total. The concern seems to be them not raising annual guidance & China demand for Q3. They stated on CC that they might raise guidance but not until Q2 is announced. This however does not justify the low current stock price. Should easily be north of $30.....
  8. Weak hands clearing out soon. Improving margins coming with higher US orders as we progress through the year. JKS is well positioned....
  9. Yes indeed. Great margins & no cutback on project development side. If we ever get any good news out of China on FIT payments then this stock will rocket....
  10. I suspect we are going to see a very good quarterly number out of JKS on Friday. Unlike CS; they have low balled an estimate at .79 with consensus at .86 by using a GM of 18.4%. Based on CC from Q4 GM could come in at 20% which puts us in the dollar+ area for EPS. The thing I like to see are large short term call option purchases in front of earnings and have now seen this for the last three days with JKS. In the distant past, TSL was the one to play when you saw similar activity. I have not been following that one since buyout announced. Only juicy pure plays now are JKS, CSIQ, and FSLR......GLTA
  11. That is a little odd. Good day to celebrate? Who knows.....
  12. Decent call buying in June $22 & $23 strikes. JKS in sweet spot right now on US panel business.... Blowout quarter coming?
  13. DJ wire reported SUNE in discussion with creditor groups for bankruptcy filing, it hit 18 minutes ago..
  14. I too don't think this will prove to anything devastating. This is a dividend company with a sound business model. Quality solar and wind projects are not going away. They need homes. This is all about reputation. They have to let the auditors do their work.
  15. Good thoughts. I have been reluctant to move into TERP & GLBL but made that move recently due to much of the analysis that has been put forth on this board. These are both six figure positions now. I still hold out hope for JKS with the main catalyst being China coming through on FIT payments which makes their extensive China assets legit. If those are legit then the realization of earnings being projected will make it at least a double or triple in the later part of this year.