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  1. thejaq

    Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

    I am getting a native English website with & up to date (at least of 12/11 offer) Investor section
  2. thejaq

    Solar News

    Tom Brady sells "electrolytes." I believe his book advocates that water should not be consumed without Tom Brady's electrolytes. $0.75 per serving.
  3. thejaq

    JA Solar (JASO)

    solid analysis, i'm sure his expertise in hotels and online commerce are directly transferable to solar manufacturing.
  4. thejaq

    Trading Solars

    Writing off $20 trillion in fossil fuel assets is painful for everyone, not just fossil fuel co's. It is the foundation of global power and wealth. That said, the process is moving forward at a pace that we will one day look upon as nothing short of miraculous.
  5. thejaq

    Trading Solars

    Like watching paint dry. I really hope to get up and out of here soon
  6. thejaq

    Beyond Solar

    EVs as two-way assets (even one-way, frankly) will fundamentally disrupt the grid (and IMO, enable effectively 100% renewable grids), but utilities and PUCs move at a snail's pace and they dictate the speed here, not silicon valley. The first big grid-connected EV projects are just now underway (due to California's mandate) and they are essentially simple demand response programs. Maybe some frequency regulation is coming soon. There is a lot of time for something else to happen, especially if it is preferred by utilities. Aquion is a conventional battery (often called salt-water battery); some flow batteries do fall in the class of device I was talking about. I am surprised no one has made a big effort in NiFe batteries.
  7. thejaq

    Beyond Solar

    EV battery chemistry & design isn't the optimum solution for stationary storage, but may win by shear scale. I would prefer to safe chemistry, very high cycle count, and deep discharge. Closest I have seen is Aquion, but they haven't seemed to go anywhere in a long time.
  8. thejaq

    Trading Solars

    Same, I've been waiting for an opportunity since announcement of dec 16th meeting. 9.98 is a good one.
  9. BAM floats buying TERP/GLBL or buying shares and taking over as sponsor of independent Terraform companies http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSL8N1DB896
  10. thejaq

    Trading Solars

    Would be great if true, I do feel we are better positioned than most to recognize such an opportunity.
  11. thejaq

    Trading Solars

    Blanket devaluations of the entire sector due to immense uncertainty until Jan-Feb and good dividend paying opportunities? Edit: completely out of solar manufacturers now
  12. thejaq

    Trading Solars

    Dumped FSLR and 80% JKS pre market; they have all walked down too far at this point. I will try for a more favorable open to dump CSIQ and remaining JKS. Will hold TERP & GLBL for now although I've become increasingly anxious on sales I thought would complete in September...
  13. thejaq

    Trading Solars

    Extreme uncertainty on everything economic, international, and environmental. Chinese solar will be the worst place to be
  14. thejaq

    Solar News

    I agree, well if explosion means back to fair value per business model. I am having difficulty trying to decide when to jump from the SUNE yco's to the new yCO's (BEP, NYLD, ???) If one thing can be certain, I will screw it up.