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December 2013, SPVInvestor Research, Inc., China Export Data Report

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December 2013, SPVInvestor Research, Inc., China Export Data Report

During December, final deliveries were 1.7% higher than November 2013 and around 22% greater than December 2012.  

Solar Modules – General views


During December, final deliveries were 1.7% higher than November 2013 and around 22% greater than December 2012.  


Volume based on the continental distribution shifted in different regions. Europe increased by 71.1%. North America dropped by 26%, and Asia grew by 7.3%. Australia dropped by 40%; Africa increased by 20%. South America had the lowest figure during the fourth quarter, a drop of 66% from the month before. Rest of the world (ROW) volume was 31% lower in December than in November.


Q4 was the lowest global delivery quarter out of 2013. In year-to-year comparison with Q4 2012, the Chinese delivered 27% more modules during 2013. Heavy volume in the domestic market, China, has influenced reduction of global contribution. Yet, we expect Q4 2013 shipments to be at least as high as or higher than Q3 2013 total shipments, followed with overall ASP increase for individual companies.  Q4 is expected to have the highest Chinese shipment component, due to flurry of installations.


In continental distribution, in a year-to-year comparison, North America was the largest growing region at 312%, followed by Africa at 144% and Asia at 132%. Europe was down by 52% in this comparison. In month-to-month comparison for the top 10 countries category, Japan has dominated December with 20% growth. Year over year, Japan grew by 193%. The second largest destination during December was the US, a drop of 28% from October; YoY shipments to the country were 293% larger than during December 2012.


For the first time, the UK (Britain) has become the largest destination on the European continent equal to 420% in growth for MoM and 337% in YoY.


During December, 58% of market share of exports belonged to US-listed companies while overall the quarter had only 55% of market share by US-listed, which is the lowest during the whole year. However, this is not a result of other companies gaining market share, but rather a reduction of the global presence and an increase of the domestic presence by the US-listed. During Q4, “other” Chinese companies had the lowest MW shipment, confirming that US-listed companies are moving into China.  Global deliveries for US-listed companies during 2013 accounted for 58% of total Chinese module exports.


Solar Cells – General views


During December, Canada, Korea and India were the three largest destinations. The largest shippers during the month were Motech (Taiwanese company with Chinese plant), JA Solar and Nicesun-PV.


Top November (one month behind China data) destinations for the Taiwanese cells were China, Japan and Germany.


Solar Wafers – General views


Volume during December was a 5% increase over the prior month. For the quarter, largest destination was Taiwan, Malaysia, and South Korea. The largest wafer shippers during December out of the US-listed were LDK and Canadian Solar. Other Chinese companies include GCL, Longi and Zhong Huan.

US-Listed Chinese Companies (CN7) –General views

Companies observing the increase in deliveries during December were JinkoSolar, JA Solar and Yingli.


The largest poly importers were Yingli Green Energy and Trina Solar. The least amount of polysilicon was imported by Canadian Solar and Hanwha SolarOne, During December, China imported 8,545MT of polysilicon, with the majority coming from Germany, South Korea and USA.


Each Monthly CEDR (China Export Data Report) includes Excel format and PDF commentary. A complete detail of SPVI December 2013 Package:


  • Module, cell and wafer Average Declaration Price (GADP) by country for US-listed companies
  • Module, cells and wafer deliveries by country and company in MW
  • Watt efficiency averages for selected US listed companies
  • Imported polysilicon by volume including source country and a price
  • November Taiwanese cell and module exports in MW by destination, including average price
  • China weekly ASP for polysilicon, wafer, cell and module, during the month of January 2014
  • Exclusive commentary  in PDF format with charts and graphs including Q2 and Q3 data and details for 8 US-listed Chinese companies

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