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  1. Yes, 119 here (pool is 95 already). Good for global warming backup but heat really bad for solar performance on my roof.
  2. I don't have a subscription, but this headline looks good:
  3. Promising article:
  4. Bought in to DQ for third time and hope to jump out again at 22-23.
  5. Wasn't TSL trading at 6 or 7 when the 11.60 offer came in? Big difference to JASO's offer or so 60 cents more and well below where the stock traded just days before.
  6. I don't have a subscription, but the headline looks promising.
  7. PLUG on a big run after dropping under a buck. I found here and followed it since. They signed a deal with Amazon and there are whispers of additional deals and some movement in China.
  8. I drive a Tesla. Scenario above does not really work as I rarely make more power than I use, and what I do goes back to the grid at market rates since I'm grandfathered in. The Tesla charges between midnight and 6 am when my utility has special rates for EV owners. (Above conversation is about my office building, however I have a large PV system at my house as well.)
  9. Actually, payoff would be longer if I include the roof costs -- yet, I need one regardless and the ITC saves me 30 percent on that work. I will have final engineering and estimate soon. As good as all this looks, changes to net metering and incentives could change everything in the future. Once batteries catch up, however, the utilities are toast.
  10. After a two year pause, I am gathering estimates on adding solar to the roof of my small office building. It's relevant to a lot of what we discuss here -- ITC and local incentives, utilities and net metering, panel prices, U.S. vs. Chinese modules, payoff periods, etc. Thus far, it is looking like a no-brainer as we race to get grandfathered into utility's current net metering system (that changes in July). I will post the breakdown when I get a little more info, but right now, looks like Hanwha modules, 60-70 percent of energy covered by solar and a 6-8 year payoff. (Other nice thing is that I need a roof job anyway, and if roofing is part of solar install, it is included in the 30 percent ITC - saves me a couple grand right there.)
  11. March 21, 2017 Technology, Top Market News 0 Comments Canadian Solar Inc Receives a Buy from Oppenheimer
  12. I'll take it. Without the buyout, TSL would likley be at 5 or 6. Within this downturn, I've realized gains on TERP, GLBL and TSL during the last couple weeks. It's nice to see that alongside some paper losses on others in the sector. I was also able to add to TSL when it briefly dipped into the 9's. I'd love to know what the deal is with JASO -- obviously that old bid is off the table.
  13. Made great gains on TERP, GLBL and now TSL. Hoping we see momentum on rest of sector as we move through the year -- just nice to see some legit wins from the sector for a change.
  14. Just sold GLBL at $4.40 - will use profits to sprinkle into other yieldcos who are already paying dividends. Still have TERP, waiting to see how that shakes out. I believe it is going down as the outright buyout offer was $11.50 and the exclusive deal means nothing larger coming from Tepper, etc.
  15. GLBL and Brookfield -- agree to negotiate exclusively on several proposed buyout/sponsor scenarios. Stock soared briefly pre-market, but settled quickly.
  16. Looks like GLBL and TERP are close to announcing something. TERP gave a mid-January deadline for additional bids to come in a while back. On yesterday's call, GLBL basically said things are on hold until they decide on "strategic alternatives" and that this month, they "will consider bids received." Pretty clear -- multiple bids on the table. This is the first official word we have heard publicly regarding GLBL and suitors. Makes sense that the stock is jumping yesterday and today. We may get word by the end of this week and certainly before the end of the month (same with TERP).
  17. Really interesting piece -- the idea of solar owners trading excess power with each other instead of selling back to the grid to utilities.
  18. How 'bout TERP and GLBL with offer on the table?
  19. Offer for TERP in at 13
  20. Gotta break through this sort of nonsense.
  21. 400 EU firms call for end of China PV trade measures
  22. FSLR and SEDG downgraded, RUN and VSLR upgraded:
  23. They got upgraded, $10 target
  24. Not sure of this means they are taking themselves out of the bidding. Stock dropped big time on report then recovered quickly.
  25. Headline this morning. I don't have membership to link entire article but apparently explains weakness today: