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  1. Can PLUG pull an ENPH and go from a buck to $10 and beyond??
  2. Long time holder of PLUG, which is taking off -- I've always though Amazon would buy them out...
  3. Looks like good news for CSIQ's bi-facial modules - staying duty-free.
  4. ENPH 64, and then some...
  5. Thanks, sold more in the 63's and had a sell order in at 64+ that did not fill.
  6. 61, 62... I'm selling every couple bucks, but what a ride.
  7. $60 today... https://seekingalpha.com/article/4346476-enphase-new-industry-powerhouse
  8. ENPH - possible all-time high today...
  9. I agree 100 percent with statement above but know the stock has been up and down within this massive rise and may still return to 30's again. If there is a coming market downtrend, I still feel there might be better opportunities than ENPH at $57 -- perhaps even ENPH at 30 or 35, but more likely something of quality that gets beaten down on a few of those Dow -3000 days that might double or triple or more during a recovery. ENPH is my largest holding, however, and I'm glad I got to see firsthand (on my roof) how much better they are than the company that still has the majority of the market - SEDG.
  10. ENPH within two bucks of 52 week high.
  11. I've been selling ENPH in the 50's before and since the CV crisis and buying into beaten down stocks that seem more likely to double, triple, etc., than ENPH reaching over $100. It's been a crazy ride up from under a buck but Badri has pulled all the right levers and has a product line perfectly suited for the next decade and beyond (if the world starts spinning somewhat normally again...).
  12. SEDG getting crushed after earnings as ENPH continues to rise. Perhaps the market is turning toward ENPH with its superior tech, safety and warranty.
  13. ENPH looks to continue running after good report yesterday AH.
  14. https://www.rechargenews.com/transition/renewables-grow-as-covid-smashes-fossil-demand-in-biggest-energy-shock-since-war-iea/2-1-800619 Great news here, but so much depends on how the world comes out of this. Personally, I don't fully trust this most recent market rally - sold a bit more CSIQ and ENPH yesterday - have a bunch of Covid plays that I got into early in the crash. Astonishing that ENPH is creeping back toward all-time highs again.
  15. Well, at least there is this: https://electrek.co/2020/04/23/germany-uk-record-solar-power-smog-free-skies/
  16. VSLR just upgraded with $21 target - the hits just keep on coming.
  17. I hear ya... SEDG reports in an hour and they'll likely blow it out of the water, which will push ENPH further, or they'll be some indication that they are losing market share to ENPH, which will push ENPH further. (BTW, I rode SEDG from 18-30's a couple times a couple years ago and thought I did great -- it hit 126 today.
  18. Just wow... Enphase Energy Q4 EPS $0.39 Beats $0.33 Estimate, Sales $210M Beat $205.27M Estimate 4:17 pm ET February 18, 2020 (Benzinga)
  19. Again, works out well that ENPH built their factory in Mexico to avoid tariffs - printing new highs daily - quite a run from .76 to 42. Earnings on Tuesday - will be interesting to see if it drops like last qtr (even after great numbers).
  20. Just wondering -- what kind of inverters are used with FSLR systems?
  21. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/canadian-solar-and-lightsource-bp-sign-1-2-gw-module-supply-agreement-300999168.html
  22. ENPH... Just think about when they really push their product line aboard -- also, they have a small market share compared to leader SEDG who has inferior products, terrible warranty issues and even legislation that is working against string inverters.
  23. All good news for ENPH as majority of inverters are made in Asia and they can ramp further their new facility in Mexico.
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