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  1. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    Digitimes predicts downturn in October in China due to weather and difficulty to obtain permitting for utility scale solar plants.
    Portal quotes unnamed sources stating that rooftop will dominate as permits will slow down, hence the weather impact is greater on roof installations than ground ones.
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  2. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    Sounds like Obama went public against Koch brothers. It could be good for the ITC credit and CSIQ in the long run. I think CSIQ could gap further way from JKS.  I hope that JKS will expand Malaysian factory. this would be the best thing under circumstances of uncertain subsidy inclusion. Money made old fashioned way.
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  3. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    The situation is nothing new, but from perspective of the investment first it came as an embarrassment to explain the delay, than it is made to be a hindrance, and now a focal point why Trina and expect now Jinko will see price target reduction potential. Ultimately it adds risk to a concept of the flagship business and identity of value for the company.
    Of course this where the world is collapsing into a chaos and everything gets sold without merit, the point more less is mute anyway. I am talking about time of recovery. China needs to address it. There is no excuse for this. Now with combination of cooling economy and need for stimulus, government will put money into paying solar companies and carry on with infrastructure for solar energy or do something, which will hinder money supply, holding payments back, and stop development in its tracks?
    Is this part of the strategy to collapse others from even entering this business setting? It maybe the case, we are going to lend money to Trinas and Jinkos and not pay payments on energy sold, so others will avoid the space, dwindle merge or disappear. Then couple years later we send the check. It would be evil , but possible.
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  4. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    I am getting fed up with India suddenly moving with billion dollar deals, Foxconn, again? Give me a break, like a bad penny they are trying to play the hype as years back. I suppose SUNE $4B deal turned into a fairytale, if this article means anything. Adani is also building 200MW with Suntech out of all Chinese companies. I think CN4 are pretty careful not to put any investments, unless paid for modules first.
    1GW by 2018? That sounds like a lot of BS, 
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  5. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    ZnShine is the fourth company kicked out from minimum undertaking
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  6. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    Roth has made FiT, delay in payment and inclusion in the catalog as the caveat about China solar development. Bloomberg has picked this out and I would imagine this will be a sole measurement for the investment criteria in Chinese solars by tomorrow. I am not sure how Chinese government figured out that not paying out the FiT is going to improve the playing field for companies involved. On one hand they have made clear that they want consolidation, strength and R&D, on the other they are not paying for services they asked to create, spreading instability and fear. It is time for China to clean its act. Perhaps if the order and clarity comes from the top down, Chinese companies will get the respect, they deserve. If China is looking for ideas how to support solar in own country, pay the f...king money as you committed to do. 
    If JKS announced they got paid every yuan up to Q2 2015, things would make a lot of people hold to a stock despite the criminals with the torches circling around. 
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  7. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    Doug wrote an article about this article, thinking YGE is going to be merged into another entity
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  8. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    I see a lot of morons, including dummy Benzinga and equally clueless Insider Monkey (finally I get the name), celebrating Canadian's solar drop today. I have advocated restrain from CSIQ, moving to FSLR and now I hold JKS. However, CSIQ is not finished. Its status cannot be dictated by dilettantes not knowing the company strengths and weaknesses, selling in the amok of confusion and desperation. CSIQ is a solid investment and it is at least $6 off the price objective without the yieldco. I hope that by Q4 I will find the way back in. 
    JKS has lost a lot of value today and this month, and we will learn if this loss is going to make the stock a strong candidate  for value or will it be justified if temporarily . I have one message for the forum members. I do not recommend holding or buying but between FLSR, TSL, CSIQ and JKS as long as you can average down, and do not need a money for daily milk, we will prevail. This site has been on the forefront of solar investment and while we are on the bus driven by fools, we know the city route well. Sometimes it is hard to get of at the right stops, but I think we are better off than the most in doing so.
    Cheers and all the best tomorrow. 
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  9. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    Looks like Hareon is firmly planting itself in India.
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  10. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    Sounds like Applied Materials is going to leave solar wafer business and implantation technology.
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  11. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    I am hoping with native speakers we can see what NEA has in mind. The biggest problem as I see it for China is collection of subsidies. If those are enabled in reasonable timeline say 30 to 60 days, I would say consolidation must continue and support should be given to top 10 companies to build solar plants, pay them for it and allow collection, in return giving them opportunity to upgrade their tools. Limit exports to top brands, and encourage foreign customers to buy top brands. Like I said around 5 to 10 companies, is a lot.
    Execute promised reforms by auditing manufacturers, their production practices, tools and ability to compete. Cut regional support to enterprises which are not meeting criteria of national standards.
    They have made all those rules already but they need to deliver on them.
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  12. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    I would like to know more about this NEA initiative. We were saying there were too many companies in China, now it appears CHinese are becoming worried they are losing to India and Malaysia. I hope they will focus on helping handful not everyone to become brands.
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  13. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    Surprising tone of this article leaves interesting reflections
    "China currently still enjoys remarkable technical advantages in the photovoltaic industry. But tight financial chains and heavy financial burdens have made us unable to invest more in R&D projects," said Zhu Zhikuo, CEO of Trina Solar, a leading maker of solar cells and modules in China.
    As of the end of 2014, the average non-performing loan rate recorded by photovoltaics companies hit a high of 7%, far higher than the average NPL rate of 1%. This has discouraged banks from lending more to such enterprises. To counter this, the NEA has kicked off a three-year pioneer project, aiming to help enterprises in the photovoltaic industry upgrade their technologies and product quality as well as drop low-efficiency and low-end production capacity, and build brands.
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  14. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    Shunfeng buys into Suniva
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  15. odyd added a post in a topic Solar News   

    200GW for China PV-Mag summary
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