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The Suspension of Application Review by Japanese Utility Does not Affect Canadian Solar


Based on the fragment I quoted , CSIQ has 195MW of projects, which are approved for gird. Out of those, construction permits are required for 150MW and constructing already started on 43MW.
Utility is not responding to new applications but all accepted ones are in place as per quote below

The utility, which supplies power to the southern island of Kyushu, said the restriction begins tomorrow, according to a statement posted on its website. The decision doesn’t affect agreements already in place.

More on Kyocera, which does not have an approval and have not started building the project.

Kyushu Electric’s decision may also affect a 430-megawatt solar station under development on Ukujima, an island off Kyushu in southern Japan. The project, touted by developer Kyocera Corp. and its partners as the largest in the world to be built on agricultural land, has yet to secure grid access from Kyushu Electric.

Canadian looks to me like a winner here. Businessweek and Bloomberg does not mention Canadian. As far as I know, only Trina is interested in Japan on a larger scale, beside Canadian.
Some facts about Japan
Only 15% of 71GW or 11GW are operating. Out of 71GW of applications 96% are solar. The law of six months apply and around 4.5GW have, or will, be cancelled. There are 6 utility companies and some of them followed the move, but not all.
Why there is no honest reporting in media?
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Great points! Also CSIQ IR team has confirmed that the 150MW projects approved for grid connection will have absolutely no problem being connected to grid once completed. They also point out they don't see any issues with recent news for the rest of pipeline. It's the fact that 72GW are already pre approved and need to be worked through. Those already in late stage phase such as Canadian's will have no issues at all.
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