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Canadian Solar Partners with Sichuan Development to Launch Solar Investment Fund in China


Canadian Solar Inc. (NASDAQ:CSIQ) moves to China project Queue
To me this looks like a good deal. I think they know that China will become a very crowded place to do projects, so I think now they try to get as many feet into doors as possible. Partnering with an investment vehicle that is co-owned by the Sichuan government, it is clear which vehicle will get preferential treatment in this region for future opportunities (sometime ago it was written here that projects mostly get easier permitted to government owned companies). Also, I understand 800m they mean the equity of the fund (??), so leveraging it up you can do a few GW and I assume all EPC will be done by Canadian Solar Inc.
(NASDAQ:CSIQ). So the contribution CSIQ makes is not only for an owned project pie and the FIT income that comes with it, but opens the door for the EPC revenue for the whole pool.

Now is just the time to make the maximum use of capital available through smart capital allocation as for all CNs it is still rather scarce.

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trying to remove misunderstandings and confusion.

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