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Solar Market Price Trends: Mainland China Report 31

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Solarzoom Solar Market Report April 1, 2013 – April 7, 2013

The domestic market price of level-1 material is 140 CNY/kg, and 125 CNY/kg for level-2 ones.  The price of imported level-1 materials is $19.112 /kg while it stands at $17.747 /kg for level-2 ones.

Currently, both the domestic market and overseas market are sluggish, and due to this situation, the price began consolidating at the bottom, and the downtrend is normal. At present, few manufacturers are still active in trading. Considering the sluggish market, some importing silicon material traders choose to transfer those foreign silicon materials from the domestic market and sell them to Taiwan. Now, quotation for importing silicon materials is rare, and the silicon material market will remain slack in the short term.

Solar Wafer

This week, regarding mono-c-Si 125mm*125mm wafer, the price of tier-1 suppliers stood at 5.3 CNY/pc, and at 4.7 CNY/pc for tier-2 ones. As to mono-c-Si 156mm*156mm wafer, the price of tier-1 suppliers arrived at 8.5 CNY/pc, and 7.6 CNY/pc for tier-2 ones. In terms of poly-c-Si 156mm*156mm wafer, the price of tier-1 suppliers reached 6.20 CNY/pc, and 5.7 CNY/pc for tier-2 ones.

With the requests for the efficiency of the products getting higher and higher, the demand for mono-c-Si wafers grows accordingly. Most manufacturers reflect that the order for mono-c-Si 156mm*156mm wafer has increased, and the price is also firm. Some manufacturers increase their quotation slightly, but the market of poly-c-Si wafer is sluggish, and the market price also tends to fluctuate. Considering the market had no improvement, some vendors begin to force the price downward. And, affected by the increasing demands for mono-c-Si wafers, the poly-c-Si market is relatively weak, and the price had a slight movement. Now, the utilization of most wafer manufacturers is satisfactory. The order condition is also favorable, so the production condition will not have too large of a change this month.

Solar Cell

Currently, considering mono-c-Si 125mm*125mm cell, the price of tier-1 suppliers stands at 3.00 CNY/W, and 2.60 CNY/W for tier-2 ones. Regarding mono-c-Si 156mm*156mm cell, the price of tier-1 suppliers is at 3.00 CNY/W, and 2.75 CNY/W for tier-2 ones. In terms of poly-c-Si 156mm*156mm cell, the price of tier-1 suppliers has reached 2.50 CNY/W, and 2.40 CNY/W for tier-2 ones.

Presently, the production of cell centralized in several manufacturers, and the utilization of those manufacturers is high. Since most domestic manufacturers are in the business of finishing power plants, the demand for cell is not enough, and the price of cell is firm. At the moment, the demand for mono-c-Si cells comes mainly from Japan. Now, most vendors have high requests on the efficiency of cells. At present, there are few manufacturers who are still producing mono-c-Si 125mm*125mm cells, and the selling price is firm. In addition, in these months, domestic power plants projects are centralized, and most manufacturers are at full capacity. But, restricted by the technique and capital, some small-scale, shut-down manufacturers will have difficulty recovering their production.

Solar Module

Concerning mono-c-Si 190W module, the price of tier-1 suppliers stands at 4.30 CNY/W, and 3.95 CNY/W for tier-2 ones. As to mono-c-Si 245W module,the price of tier-1 suppliers is at 4.75 CNY/W, and 4.0 CNY/W for tier-2 ones. In terms of poly-c-Si 230W module, the price of tier-1 suppliers has reached 4.00 CNY/W, and 3.45 CNY/W for tier-2 ones. Concerning mono-c-Si 195W module, the price of tier-1 suppliers stands at 4.45 CNY/W, and 4.15 CNY/W for tier-2 ones. As to mono-c-Si 250W module, the price of tier-1 suppliers is at 4.80 CNY/W, and 4.50 CNY/W for tier-2 ones. And, in terms of poly-c-Si 240W module, the price of tier-1 suppliers has reached 4.15 CNY/W, and 3.90 CNY/W for tier-2 ones.

Affected by the AD&CVD investigation in Europe, shipment became stagnant, so most manufacturers chose to give up the European market and transferred their business to the domestic market. During this term, some manufacturers are out of order, and they have difficulty developing their business in the national market. The prospect of these firms remains uncertain. The production condition of large-scale manufacturers is favorable, and they don’t worry about the order in April. The operation of small-scale manufacturers is more flexible; without the pressure of loans, the production condition depends on the order condition. As to the foreign market, other than the European market, the trading condition in other overseas markets also remains stable. Before the new policy for the domestic solar market is published, most market demand is from Golden Sun projects and distributing power projects, so, the market is stable at the moment. Regarding the restriction of the policy in foreign market, some manufacturers can still take measures to protect their own profit. According to such a situation, the subsidy policy will probably be influenced.

Tier-one companies include the U.S. and HK stock market-listed entities, with large capacity and product circulation in the market, like Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (ADR)(NYSE:STP), Yingli Green Energy Hold. Co. Ltd. (ADR) (NYSE: YGE), Canadian Solar Inc. (NASDAQ: CSIQ), Trina Solar Limited (NYSE: TSL), JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. (ADR)(NASDAQ: JASO) and ReneSola Ltd. (ADR)(NYSE: SOL)

Prices quoted in CNY include 17% VAR domestic tax.

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