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1 hour ago, SCSolar said:

Do you read that as all PV projects will have their FIT cancelled or that only new projects as of those dates will have the FIT cancelled?

The latter.  The former would be outrageous and unprecedented (at least at such a scale).

However I don't think the Chinese are so stupid as to cancel FITs without replacing them by other sort of incentives as there is ample evidence that grid parody is by no means enough to spur PV demand by itself.  There are plenty of countries who are deep within grid parody and where PV is nowhere to be seen.  Has to do with the fact that you need parody on a dispatchable basis on not only on LCOE.  Know sayn?

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2 hours ago, Klothilde said:

Poly dropping again on sunsirs.  So is poly peaking?  Let's all chime in, what do we make of this?

I think its peaking.  Especially given the wording in the 201, leaving the door open to negotiation if poly tariffs are revisited.  I sold all my DQ a week or so ago.  I may trade it on big selloffs to try and grab 2-3% here and there, but not holding it.

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