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5 hours ago, MVA said:

Solar market is expected to rebound in March, after Chinese holidays, and if Qu will be downgrading CSIQ with his mumbling, during ER in March - I will sue him personally, I promise!!!... It looks to me more and more like a ponzi scheme... Every Qu statement always included, Quote: "... to increase the value for our shareholders"... And thus, after promising stars and collecting SH's money and building successful company with a lot of projects for sale (disguised as liabilities on its balance sheet, until sold), he is going to snatch the company, built with my money, and disappear into China... Tell me it is not a modern style ponzi in action...

It is a ponzi scheme the only hope he is willing to pay the price he promised. Otherwise, it will be worse.

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I loaded up on FSLR when our humble leader got bearish on Tuesday.  No correlation, honestly, I had been nibbling before his post.  Looking to sell it on close today, but gonna trade this like a fool next week. Also hold a bunch of shares that I"m not touching until after ER.

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