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On 6/7/2018 at 11:36 AM, explo said:

I will update more frequently now to keep track of whether TAN is clearly diverging from market.

I’m not comparing against TAN anymore. But the divergence trend keep forming. These trends take time to be well confirmed, but we are getting there.


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I'm breaking out the inflation from the Risk-Free return source to get the full picture of the return breakdown. The risky return sources - Alpha and Beta - are always real. It's very clear then that we are in a risk-on period now with inflation being higher than the Risk-Free return causing the real Risk-Free return to be negative. Risky investments are required now to preserve (and hopefully grow) the purchase power of wealth.


Note that I'm in Europe which is a bit behind and more extreme than US on its monetary policy. Although the (short-term) US Risk-Free rate of return (13 week treasury bills) has been rising quickly (flattening the yield curve) the inflation there is still outpacing it, so the profile of negative real Risk-Free return applies to a USD denominated portfolio too. Due to the rate differential together with the growth differential between the US and the rest of the world capital is flocking to the USD for the purpose of both risk-free and risky investment. Fortunately my portfolio is very positively exposed to that trend and has recently gained a lot on this current state of the world.

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