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First Solar (FSLR)

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But there's only one analyst I really wanna hear from, where ya't Gordo?  You have to like the expanding margins in 2019+ with Series 6, project backlog, re-opening of Ohio line... there's a lot to like here.  

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Further proof that when analysts say buy, you really just need to sell.

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Perhaps I'm being too greedy, but it seems like there is still some growth opportunity here not being taken advantage of with all the cash and bookings.  Not saying we need to go the CN4 route of going for volume, but I feel like FSLR could stand to take a little more risk in this environment.  Kinda sad to hear they're booked for the next 2 years.  Kinda limits the PPS until the efficiencies and resulting margin expansion shows up next year.  Just feel like right now, FSLR could safely take a bolder step than they are.  But again, maybe I'm just being greedy.

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3 hours ago, Klothilde said:

Annual report published:

"As of December 31, 2017, we had entered into contracts with customers for the future sale of 6.5 GWDC of solar modules for an aggregate transaction price of $2.3 billion."


That's a long read.  Does it say over what timeframe (how many years), and at what profit margin?  In other words, can we extrapolate an EPS profile over the next few years?

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