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Beyond Solar

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Just a heads up for all the nerds out there.

Cloudera had an IPO.  They sell software & consulting based around their open source projects:  Hadoop and Spark.  

Hadoop & Spark are big data analysis packages.  I don't know enough about what commercial (non open source) offerings there are.  I know that Google Cloud & AWS offer some type of big data tools.  

Intel bought a bunch of stock based on a $40 stock price.  Now the stock trades for $17.40  

I bought some because technically it looks like a good entry.  But I need to read more about their service & competition & burn rate & ability to grow revenue & profits.


Certainly big data software that parallelizes data access is very important.  Computers hit a speed limit sometime about 20 years ago.  Now it's all about parallel software & running software on thousands of worker cheap hardware nodes.

And that is what Hadoop & Spark does.


There is a lot of software out there that requires a big mainframe to run and even then it hits limits.  Scientific & financial modeling, drug research, maybe even machine learning.

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Anyone here following the UNIT/WIN drama (over on SA)?  UNIT's dividend is looking juicy above 16%, might take a flier if it hits 20% (figure that way I'll do okay even if div is cut 50%).

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SQ just keeps on making Record highs. Still have all my money parked in this one and now has eclipsed my 2013 solar gains of which I gave a chunk back. There is currently 23 Million shorts underwater by a large amount so she could run for awhile. Parabolic growth along with rising margins. Check it out!

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