Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

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45 minutes ago, sunnypease said:

But you must not agree.  You are waiting on the sidelines for this ER?  

Trying to decide if I should sell it all off in the face of this possible market selloff.  

In other words... Seems like solars for the past few quarters have the habit of selling off before going back up after an ER that shows declining margins.

I think those are ballpark GMs. ASP and cost can vary based on product mix (mono/multi) and geographical mix for the sales in the quarter. My problem with CSIQ is not so much that they are behind in control of their blended cost due to their high reliance on outsourcing, since they are changing their investment philosophy this year to invest more in manufacturing capacity. My main problem is with the price of the stock and some uncertainty around how their plan to massively monetize US projects this year will fall out.

They sold 3 projects in Canada in Q1 that will boost their net margin, but not their gross margin. I'm not sure what the market will focus on, but I find the other CN3, DQ and FSLR more risk/reward attractive at these stock prices.


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